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    How Landlords In Toronto Compete With New Office Towers

    In order to be competitive in an environment of new office towers and high vacancy rates, Canada’s landlords are refreshing their old office spaces with new build-ups to attract small and medium sized companies. Although the concept of office staging is not new, it has become a growing trend for the last 18 months.

    CBRE has recently released a report on office staging and fitouts that have significantly increased across the established markets of Canada. Landlords can compete with co-working spaces by mixing open concept with private office spaces with small vacant rooms to serve the requirements of potential tenants. Tenants are offered with modern amenities like space for their breakout rooms and kitchen layouts.

    Smaller companies and start-ups require more flexible and creative options and if landlords can provide for these needs, they can cultivate partnerships and opportunities along the way. Based on the results of the CBRE Research, at least a third of the users of co-working office spaces expect to move to leased offices or alternative environments. However, these tenants may not be looking forward to signing 10-years leases.

    Efficiency is one of the factors that attract potential tenants. Large companies prefer to invest in their offices whereas start-ups and small businesses are focusing more on company growth. Start-ups do not have adequate time to spend in designing their offices and they prefer a space that has been built at a lower price per square foot.

    In Toronto, the estimated cost for office staging ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot. This is considerably less than what a tenant will spend to improve an office because landlords are more experienced with build-outs and economies of scale. A relationship has been developed with contractors because of previous projects they have worked with. Landlords cannot predict the kind of tenants who will be moving in but there is an open plan to accommodate various requirements.

    Every business has a different need but office fitouts in Canberra is prepared to invest some creativity so that employees will have a little fun while spending time in the space. When the office looks good, it can inspire the employees to be more productive and efficient.

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    How To Secure A Room In A Hotel Near All Seasons Building

    All Seasons building is a landmark structure in Thailand. It is where luxurious shops and restaurants are located and the place where tourists go to when they want to get a first-world shopping experience right in the heart of Bangkok. If you want to get a feel of the modernity of Bangkok while enjoying its ancient, mythical temples situated just along the outskirts of Bangkok, book at a hotel near all seasons building. All Seasons building is right in the middle where Bangkok action is. If you want to shop till you drop, you don’t have to go anywhere far because you can have that in the area. At the same time, if you want to experience the breathtaking beauty of Thailand’s temple’s you can just ride on a bus or train and you can get to these historical places in no time.

    The area is busy and frequently visited by tourists and locals alike so if you want to stay in one of the hotels in the area, you have to book early to save your reservations. The good thing about booking early is that you get an excellent room complete with amenities at a much lesser price. Most hotel near all seasons building have high star ratings but you should not be intimidated with the price that is associated with 4 to 5 stars because you can get an accommodation by looking for deals and by booking early.

    You can also get a room accommodation in a luxury hotel at a much lower price by booking during off peak season. Make a research on which months are considered off peak in central Bangkok and book your accommodation within the period. To get the best hotel near all seasons building, visit different websites. You might also want to check on discussion boards to get recommendations from fellow travellers and previous customers who checked in on your target hotel. You can also refer to travel sites for more information and added recommendations on certain hotels in Bangkok and in Thailand.

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    Increase In Boiler Repair Before The Winter Season

    The weather during the month of October in the United Kingdom was quite mild but it has been predicted by reports that the coming winter season will bring heavy snowfall during the course of several months. There are even predictions that this winter will bring the worst snow that the country has never seen in over 50 years. Though many of the residents will be busy preparing their winter wardrobes as well as preparations for the coming Christmas holiday, there is one thing that should not be forgotten in preparation for the cold and that is the household boiler.

    There is an expected increase in service calls for boiler repairs and inspection before the winter snow hits the ground. It comes as no surprise since homeowners are only preparing months before the cold season. While there are some that may be calling for repairs before the winter starts, there is still a high number of emergency boiler repair situation to be expected as some people are quite confident with their old and trusted boiler without foreseeing its unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter. Repairs will vary from the boiler taking up a longer time to heat up than normally expected to other more pressing yet unnoticeable changes such as emission of carbon monoxide gases.

    In the United Kingdom, carbon monoxide has been branded as the silent killer for many does not have an idea that it is already around them. It is not easy to detect the substance since it has no accompanying taste, smell and it is not visible to the naked eye. There is one way to ensure that this does not happen, especially for boilers that are over a decade, and that is regular servicing to ensure that carbon monoxide poisoning will be prevented over the holidays.

    Another less scary concern is that the boiler will heat up the room longer than it usually takes. This will not cause any fatal harm but will create discomfort for the people inside the home or office building. This issue is quite common during winter thus the many emergency call outs received by various boiler repair companies. To have your boiler checked and serviced before the winter season, contact Capital Plumbing & Heating Sheffield.

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    Historic Storm Hits The US

    A historic storm is set to hit the Northeast region of United States according to the National weather Service.

    Snow is slowly hitting the areas that are in direct path of the storm. The temperatures are almost freezing and the wind gusts are reportedly getting stronger by the hour.

    The mayor of New York City warns the inhabitants of the city to prepare for the worst.

    Storm Warnings

    The National Weather Service cautioned the Americans living in the Northeast coast to that the storm can be life threatening. The weather agency also described the storm to be historic. The worst of the storm will be experienced Monday night to Tuesday.

    It is expected that the storm will bring about 3 feet deep of snow. It will also carry strong gusts of wind possibly reaching to 70mph along with freezing rain.

    Economic impact of the storm

    The blizzard expected to hit the US will leave economic damages to the states affected by it. Retail businesses will take a very big blow of the destructive natural occurrence. It is estimated that retailers will lose at least 85 percent of their business in the worst case scenario. This is a devastating $1 billion impact in the Northeast region.

    Stores will have to close down as well as offices in the private and public sectors. The working population will lose their hourly pay. Slippery and snow covered roads will also increase accidents.

    On the other hand, the storm could potentially bring bigger revenue for some business establishments. People are expected to hit the grocery stores to buy food and necessary provisions during the storm. Supermarket sales are expected to increase as well as sales in gasoline stations and hardware stores. Shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers and gas to run this item are expected to be in demand. Snow removal services will also be cashing in big in the aftermath of the storm.

    Political impact of the storm

    The historic storm is also set to test the leadership skills and ingenuity of the governors in New Jersey and New York. After experiencing the brunt of hurricane Sandy in 2012, these leaders are about to face another nightmare with this life threatening storm.

    Both governors have already declared state of emergency for their respective states as the storm approaches.

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Haven’t Met Hotel Silom to launch with urban hospitality concept

The new, Haven’t Met Hotel Silom Bangkok is set to open its doors to the public sometime in August this year, and is set to offer those looking for 5 star accommodation in Bangkok a new, hip option with its two new room types, the Awesome Room and the Sensational Room, both options giving its customers the comfort of extra-large double beds and ensuite bathrooms.

The new hotel is set to be lead by its Executive Director, Patrick Pratummanee, who will also handle the company’s pre-opening preparations before full operations later in August. The Filipino-Thai hospitality expert already has quite a bit of experience in the Thai hospitality business in the 2 decades he has stayed in the country, having managed some of the country’s most successful hotels and venues.

Included in Mr. Pratummanee’s storied resume is acting as Group General Manager of all of the Absolute Resorts, before moving on and taking the helm as General Manager at Phuket’s Catch Beach Club, which he later continued to work for under a different post, as Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing. Since moving on to other managerial posts, he has since found his way to the role of Group General Manager for Salil Hotels.

According to Mr. Pratummanee, he has teamed up with the young, up-and-coming Haven’t Met Hotel brand because he believes that the new brand is offering a modern, cutting-edge approach to 5 star accommodation in Bangkok, aimed more at being a travel partner and helping visitors experience the most out of the local scene during their stay.

The new Haven’t Met Hotel Silom is located at a brisk walking distance from the Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station, meaning that it is close to Bangkok’s famous nightlife hotspots, as well as the iconic Chao Phraya River, and the more peaceful environs of the Lumpini Park.

The 72-room contemporary hotel offers 24-hour High Lounge services, a rooftop bar dubbed ‘The Moment’, and the aforementioned two room choices. On top of all of that, each room is fitted with a 40″ Samsung Smart TV, plus complimentary Wi-Fi and LAN connections. Every room also has a fully stocked mini-bar for guests to enjoy.

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Rihanna Now A Designer Of Lifestyle Jewellery

Nowadays, almost everyone can design anything that their heart desires. For instance, everyone can now design their very own coffee mugs which they can sell to others thanks to the invention of new technology such as the mug press which enables one to print any given image directly to the outside of the mug. Also, thanks to the introduction of the technology such as the heat press, everyone can now start their own shirt printing businesses and design their own t-shirts and other wearable clothing. In addition to this, majority of the governments around the world are now offering various training programs especially to those who don’t want to get stuck in their daily jobs forever, working for 9 hours and earning the same amount of money on a monthly basis when the prices of everything else continues to rise up. As more technologies are being invented and being introduced to the world, more and more industries around the world are now employing these said technologies and in effect, are now enjoying a huge amount of success. Among the industries which have been booming as of late is the jewellers which are the makers of jewellery such as the lifestyle jewellery.

As mentioned above, everyone can design anything and that includes famous celebrities who are already preparing for a life away from the spotlight. Earlier this year, it was reported that famous singer Rihanna has officially started working with the famous jewellery maker in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in designing her very own line-up of lifestyle jewellery which can be readily purchased at various Chopard boutiques around UAE. The said line-up of fine jewelleries will include a ring, bracelets, earrings and two designs of necklaces. The jewelleries are all inspired mainly by the lush gardens and carnival-like vibe that can be experienced at the town of Barbados, the hometown of Rihanna. In addition to this, some of the jewelleries are said to be made out of ethical Fairmined gold and these jewelleries can be defined by their sharp, clean lines and vivid colours which include the jungle green shade of the ceramic which is personally chosen by the singer herself.

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How Body Pain Is Relieved When You Buy Tens Machine Online

For many decades, this is the most popular form of electrotherapy, which simply means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS.

Tens has been a therapeutic staple in the chronic pain and physical therapy clinics for decades. You can even buy tens machines online if you are a huge believer of this machine. The efficiency of the device is based on individual experience, and it does wonders such as feelings of interesting sensations.

How Does It Work and Why Want It Done?

You simply stick electrodes onto your skin and pump electric current into your tissues. It can tickleyour nerves and offer an interesting sensation and few mild muscle contraction, which relievepain. Simply enhance the frequency and intensity to obtain more muscle contractions. The right settings make the difference. It may sound clear enough that Tens does some miracles. It can relax and gently exercise muscles in rehab. It’s why you need to buy tens machines online if you find it useful in your own home.

The Costs and Safety of Tens

The stimulating device can be yours for around or above $100 depending on the model. There are also those offered at bargaining models. The device ensures safety as the mild shock it provides is less harmful. However, do not overdo the self-treatment, as it may result to skin irritation around the electrodes.

How Scientific Studies Show Tens Really Work for Pain

Few scientific evidence show Tens can indeed relieve pain. A few reviews show that it really can ease out the pain. However, there are those observations that it can be an understatement. However, if you buy tens machines online, it can work out with the right intensity and duration for the right type of pain. It’s good medicine that offers analgesia when used with a strong, painless intensity.

Tens for muscle knots

The most common type of musculoskeletal pain is “trigger point” or “muscle knot”. It is a patch of sensitive tissues which remain unresolved on why there is pain. What you need to do is to simply target the trigger points with Tens, which is the safest and cheapest way for relief.

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Outdoor Team Building Activities Trainer Dies In Fall From Lisle Platform

A Lisle trainer died when she fell from a platform 8 meters high while actively playing a rope obstacle course. This is one of the saddest outdoor team building activities that ever happened in the area.

Lynda Peck endured fatal chest and abdominal injuries from the fall, as reported by the DuPage County investigator’s office.

Lisle authorities said that Peck was a trainer for the Corporate Learning Institute, a company that conductsteam buildingactivities at their site in Summerhill Drive.It’s somehow unfortunate that the outdoor team building activities turned out a nightmare.

This institute operates the business on a property owned by Marriott Conference Center. Peck worked as private contractor for the learning institute.

The investigator’s report said that she was on a platform and working with a “zip line,” which is a wire down that people slide using a metal clip attached to the harness.

Tim Buividas of Wheaton operating the institute said they are grieving for the tragic event. He declined to provide details regarding the incident. Responding paramedics brought Peck to a hospital, where she died of her injuries.

A spokesperson for the federal agency said the investigation may take many months. The spokesman said the facility had no previous investigation. This simply means that the outdoor team building activities done here have to be thoroughly investigated.

The Corporate Learning Institute caters to businesses that send employees to the facility for one to several days of outdoor team building activities, using many forms of outdoor rope obstacle courses.

Peck’s family gathered Wednesday to mourn her lost at her home in Algonquin.

Peck had been teaching these courses using high rope courses for around twenty years, according to her family. They said that Peck was adventurous and even enjoyed bungee jumping and skydiving.

Her sister Sheralyn Peck said that her sister was very confident to do all these things in the proper way, which she often did, until this accident. This outdoor team building activities have really been an unavoidable accident.

Lynda Peck graduated in 1975 from the Downers Grove South High School and also attended the now defunct George Williams College also in this area.

Besides her sister, she was survived by her parents, Alleyne and Howard; a brother, Chris, and another sister, Cathy.

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The Growing Market For Electric Counter top Griddles

Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company released its latest report on the global counter top griddle market. Technavio also made an analysis on the important trends that will impact on the electric griddle market from 2017 to 2021.

According to Manu Gupta the lead analyst of Technavio, manufacturers of counter top griddles offer different kinds of griddle plates in varying thicknesses of ¼ inch, ¾ inch or 1 inch and more. Most end users are rather specific with their choice particularly since some griddles that have very thin plates are very likely to crack or get distorted when frozen food is cooked continuously at very high temperatures.

Most independent food service restaurants as well as premium steakhouses prefer griddle plates of different thicknesses but the thicker one-inch griddle is better suited for food service establishments that handle a large volume of frozen items.

The growth of the market for counter top griddles is influenced by the increase in consumer demand for food that has been prepared in electric griddles. For example, food service establishments are usually required to produce a large volume of quality food and their production efficiency is greatly enhanced when they use the counter top griddles. Besides that, manufacturers of electric griddles are making the effort to improve design and features of their products.

One of the improvements made by electric griddle manufacturers is even heat distribution on the griddle plate so that heat will be distributed on all corners of the griddle. The heating element which is usually installed underneath the griddle plate is placed in such away as to ensure even heat distribution. Induction is a relatively new technology wherein an induction coil is placed underneath the griddle plate.

 Technology in the manufacture of electric griddle is also improving. Consumers have a choice from griddles that are flat, grooved, chrome-finished or double-sided. There is also a choice between gas or electric counter top griddle models.

It is difficult to maintain consistent temperature when cooking large amounts of food. To make sure that you get the best griddle that will cook food efficiently and quickly, read electric griddle reviews by Kitchen Appliances HQ and then refer to the buyer’s guide.

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Things To Consider In Buying Deet Free Mosquito Repellent

If you love going on outdoor adventures or if your home is located in an area with mosquitoes or insects, the best way to protect yourself and your family is to buy a deet free mosquito repellent and use it while around the house. However, with all the mosquito repellents in the market, choosing the right product can be a daunting task. When shopping for mosquito repellent, keep these ideas in mind:

Chose proven safe and effective products

Your family’s safety is of paramount importance. Before you buy a product, check the labels first. Find out what chemicals are included in the product and if there are indications that the product is potentially hazardous. Avoid products that contain deet as it is classified as a type of harsh ingredient that can harm pets and humans due to constant exposure. Choose products that are formulated based on science and proven safe for humans but effective against mosquitos and other types of insects. Aside from lotions, you can find deet free mosquito repellentin the market today.

Eco-friendly repellent

The good thing about buying a deet free mosquito repellent is that it effectively kills mosquitos and insects without harming anyone, not the pets and not even the environment. It does not emit harsh fumes or toxic materials and the production process is conscious enough to ensure that its waste product will not harm the environment when it goes back to the soil or waters.

Affordable product

If you are going to shop for a deet free mosquito repellent, pick one that is easy on your pocket. Avoid unbelievably cheap products because there might be some catch to it. Instead, look for a product in the market that offers the best value for your money or one that is reasonably priced. Check from different suppliers or manufacturers of mosquito repellent on the internet to find out which of the products available is more trusted by consumers. As an alternative, read product reviews and check its ratings to know more about the product. Buy online for the best deal.

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Advantages Of Buying Tools Online

Almost everything nowadays can be accessed and purchased online. This goes for tools such as those that you can find at www.redtools.com.au and similar sites. Although you can find home tools and equipment at your local hardware stores, there are more advantages if you would purchase products online. Here are some of those advantages.


This is one of the top advantages of buying online. You don’t have to go anywhere or spend your time on the road just to get to the nearest hardware store. All you have to do is log in to your gadget or laptop and you can start shopping right away. You don’t have to dress up or look for parking space. You can also do the shopping anytime and anywhere when you feel the need to.

Better variety

With online shopping, you get more choices for tools and equipment. If the online supplier such as,www.redtools.com.audo not have the tools you are looking for, they can easily contact the manufacturer for immediate orders, a thing that may take time for offline hardware to do. You also get more choices since online suppliers can put in more brands and more variety.

Lower prices

Online shops do not spend so much for their overhead such as for their operations, electricity, office space and other utilities. This is the reason why they can afford to offer their supplies at a much lower price. Online suppliers also purchase directly from the manufacturers so they do away with paying to middlemen.

Reduced tendency to buy more

When you shop from offline stores, you see attractive things that may get you to buy more than what you have planned for. With online such as www.redtools.com.auyou go searching directly for the item you need thereby saving you from buying what you have not budgeted on.

No crowd of shoppers

When shopping online, you do away with long queues at the cashier or waiting in line to be entertained by the next available customer service. You can shop without the hassles and without the thick crowd.

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Buy Tens Machines Online May Not Relieve Low Back Pain

Tens machine is a mobile apparatus that invigorates the nerves with small vibrations of electricity. Doctors warn that using these machines will not relieve low back pain. If interested, you can buy tens machines online although it brings no proof that it can heal back pain.

According to a new U.S. guideline, they may be used widely for pain relief, but no scientific evidence shows they actually work.Operated with batteries, the machines are often used for DIY health treatments and by UK pain clinics.

According to Dr. Richard Dubinsky of Kansas University Medical Centre, “A valid proof showed that it brings no benefit for patients using Tens machines for chronic low-back pain.”

For those suffering lowback pain, they may need to approach a physician for proper healing. Doctors too should use their clinical judgment regarding usage of Tens for such discomfort. However, you can buy tens machines online only when advised.

As publicized online in a Neurology journal, it analysed people with unknown causes of back pain, rather than those triggered by obesity, spinal displacement or pinched nerve. Based on the findings, the Tens didn’t help relieve chronic lower back pain.However, evidence show that the Tens machine efficiently treated diabetic nerve pain.

Tens machines have been around for over 30 years, which many Britons use to carry out electrical pulses to the body through anodes placed on the skin.

The machines only cost £20with more pregnant women using it as a drug-free option for pain during labour. It may not be obvious how Tens can provide pain relief, but a theory showed that it stimulates the nerves by confusing the brain and blocking real pain signals from getting through. When you buy tens machines online, it may not be useful if there is no guidance from a physician.

The Tens machine shows no side effects on patients, and therefore, UK pain specialists pursue its usage when medication or other approaches doesn’twork. However, one must avoid using the machine, when the cause of pain hasn’tbeen ruled out.

People with low back pain need to consult doctors first including pregnant women, people with pacemakers, epilepsy or with specific forms of heart disease. They machine is advisable when approved and guided by a doctor. Then you can buy tens machines online if approved.

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How To Enjoy Night Outs In Sydney

If you are a local then you know that the city has one of the most complicated laws when it comes to drinking. One might think that setting up a bar is as simple as buying booze and bar stools online to furnish the place but the fact is that you also have to exert more effort when it comes to attracting customers.

The city is known for its beach culture and many iconic landmarks worth seeing such as the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Many visitors have also acclaimed the city for its great offerings when it comes to night entertainment.

However, in the last couple of years, laws have become a little complicated and it has since affected the nightlife of the city. It started in 2014 when fatal drunken attacks occurred and the government of New South Wales created a new law that imposed a number of new policies when it comes to nightlife in the city.

The Sydney scene has since then been dominated with lower-alcohol offerings and more like spritz style. The closing time is also earlier than before. This does not mean that the people will not be able to enjoy the nightlife in the city, as long as they know where to go.

The first thing that came out is the lockout laws. This stops the patrons from going to the venue once the clock has strikes 1:30 in the morning and alcohol will no longer be served once it is 3 in the morning. The following rules tackle the types of alcohols that are acceptable to be served once it is 12 midnight. This means that whisky sour can be taken before midnight but after that only the acceptable cocktails are going to be served. This goes the same for neat spirits.

If you are planning to open a bar in Sydney then you should not only concern yourself with your decorations and with purchasing bar stools online but it is vital to be well acquainted of these laws. As of writing, there is an organization named Keep Sydney Open that is petitioning for the nightlife in the city to be saved.

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Know The Best Spa In Phuket Introduced At The Andaman Hotelier And Tourism Fair

When you are in the process of planning for your next summer outing either with your family, your friends or, you really prefer to travel all by yourself because you find it more practical in terms of the expenses, you have to think about other things aside from how much you are willing to spend during the entire duration of your trip whether it’s a 2-day 3-night stay at a hotel or you’re probably staying there for a long period of time. You see, traveling can definitely burn a really, disgustingly big hole in someone’s savings account so you need to consider certain things that will help you cut down the total amount that you are about to pay. For example, in choosing a place where you will be spending your vacation, make it a habit to conduct various researches. Choose a city where the tourism industry is booming. Why? Chances are, the prices are surprisingly affordable to help resorts and hotels keep up with the strengthening competition which is actually good for the industry. Also, you must determine what you want to do during your vacation. Fortunately, some of the hotels, especially in the town of Patong in the island of Phuket, offer a wide variety of activities and amenities which guests can enjoy. Among those amenities are the spa amenities which guests can use at the best spa in Phuket which can offer various relaxation mechanisms that can make you rejuvenated again at the end of your stay.

Earlier this month, Phuket, led by its provincial government, held the 2017 Andaman Hotelier and Tourism Fair. The said event, which took place last July 5 to 7, 2017 featured a wide range of booths which were selling tourism-related products such as discounts for hotel accommodations, special packages from the best spa in Phuket and even house and kitchenware as well as other food products which you can only find in the island of Phuket. In addition to this, the event also promoted competitions of other non-tourism items such as flower arrangements that are specifically made for weddings, spa bed decorations, cooking using only the local ingredients in Phuket, among others.

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