3 Things To Do After Sydney Pest Control At Home

Pests and insects around the house are not only eye sores; they can also damage your personal belongings, your furniture and even the structure of your house. More importantly, they can cause health risk to your, your family and even your pets. Because of this, it would be wise for you to set a schedule for Sydney pest control to eliminate the cause of your stress around the house. After they are done with the process, it is important for you to do some measures in order to prevent the re-emergence of rodents and other pests in your area. Here are three of the things that you can do to keep those pests away.

Clean your carpets

Because of its fuzzy material, your carpets can attract and keep those chemicals used during the extermination process in your house. The particles in the solutions can seep through, carpets upholsteries, mops, clothing, curtain and similar materials. You may opt to steam your carpets clean or dry clean them after the session. Steam or dry cleaning is effective ways to disinfect materials and they can also eliminate residual chemicals on your carpets. Wash your clothes, curtains and similar materials that were exposed to chemical during the process.

Disinfect your upholstered furniture

Pest control usually involves the application of pesticides and solutions that may contain strong chemicals that can permeate the air and rest on your upholstered furniture. These chemicals can be health risks if they are accidentally inhaled by your family or pets. Because of this, you may want to consider disinfecting your upholstered furniture after doing Sydney pest control in your house or office premises. You can clean the upholstered furniture by using steam flow.

Mop the floor

To effectively disinfect the house after a Sydney pest control session, make time to mop the entire floor with a pail of water and disinfectant solution. This will eliminate chemical residue and even the remaining foul odour if there were dead rodents found in your premises. Make sure to mop the entire floor including the hard to reach areas and spots that are frequented by the households.