4 Simple Tips For Glass Balustrade Maintenance

Glass balustrades are becoming a common material used for balustrades, panels, fencing and for decorative purposes around houses and commercial establishments. This is not surprising due to the many benefits that one can get out of glass material for balustrade. To keep your glass balustrade in optimum condition and for them to look flawless, take a look at these glass balustrade cleaning tips.

Look for signs of damage or lose fittings

Glass balustrades are made of heavy duty and tempered glass for its durability and safety. They are also tested against breakage before installation especially for glass balustrades designed for external and high rise building purposes. However, glass balustrades can chip along the corners and edges of glass panels. When you start to notice these chips or even slight breakages or cracks, have it immediately repaired by qualified glass fitters before the damage worsens. The fittings and clamps can loosen as well so it would be best to have it repaired right away to prevent further damage.

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep your glass balustrade shiny and presentable, clean it regularly with gentle detergent soap and lint-free wash cloth. You can also make use of glass cleaning solutions found in supermarkets. This will remove hand or fingerprints, dusts and the accumulation of grime and mildew along the corners and edges of the glass panels.

Set heavy and sharp objects aside

To avoid accidental damages, remove heavy and sharp objects around glass balustrades. This is particularly important if you have kids or pets at home that may accidentally bump into heavy objects and have these items fall on glass panels.

Choose reliable installers

Another way to ensure that your glass balustrades will last longer and in optimum shape, only hire reliable glass installers for your project. This will ensure high quality output and your glass balustrades will remain sturdy with fittings in their exact positions. You can ask for cost estimates from different service providers to lower the costs and also to have an idea of the average costs for the service including labor and material requirements.