A Building In Sydney Complaining Of Rat Problems

One will not be able to escape the smell of rats when they visit the block at Neutral Bay. The residents are all angry because of the intolerable smell that is caused by the pests.

According to Greg Pace who is a businessman in the city, they are getting furious due to the overpopulation of the rodents. It is obvious that, aside from rodent control in Sydney, additional action is required in order to solve the problem.

He said that the smell of the rats resembles that of a deceased human body and it is just disgusting to take in everyday.

If one is to visit the site, they will be able to experience the horrendous smell themselves. The smell that is coming out of the bin area is overwhelming and there are loads of rat droppings that are evident on the floor.

Mr. Pace was able to record a video of the rats running around from the bins as they try to scurry away to their nests located in a used toilet meant for public use.

He also told of his close encounter with one of the rodents when it jumped out as he was opening the bin to throw the day’s garbage. In one occasion, he also saw a dead rat left on the floor.

Due to the number of experiences he had with them, he is now afraid to throw garbage at the bins therefore he brings it home to be disposed.

Mr. Pace could not believe that this problem continues to go unsolved and he did not expect rats to thrive in the suburb either because residents consider Neural Bay as a blue-ribbon area.

There are a number of businesses operating in the block but the strata company does not seem to be unfazed by the complaints. Despite the fact that they are putting in place baits once every six months, the effort is not enough.

A spokeswoman from the Stratawide Management, however, said that they are doing the best they can. They have been following the procedure suggested by experts in rodent control in Sydney in order for them to find a solution for the current rat problem.