Advantages Of Booking In Hotel With Pool Bar In Sukhumvit

Hotels usually take pride on its facilities and one of its coveted hotel facilities are its swimming pools.  You can check at any hotel website and you will find a specific page highlighting the best features of their swimming pool. If you want to magnify your holiday experience, book in a hotel with a pool bar in Sukhumvit or in our preferred area in Bangkok. Here are some of the reasons why.

Recreation rolled into one

Swimming and drinking are two of the most relaxing activities that you can do in a hotel, so long as you do not overdo your drinking. A glass of martini or tequila sunrise on hand would not hurt while lounging on a poolside lounger or kiosk by the pool. You can watch the stars while taking sips of refreshing drinks or dine at the poolside patio after taking a few laps at the swimming pool.

Convenient relaxation

The best thing about booking at a hotel with pool bar in Sukhumvit is that you no longer have to dress up and go to the restaurants or bars at a separate area at the hotel when you get hungry or when you want to have a few drinks when you can have all your needs while enjoying at the pool. There’s no need to dry up just to order your favourite dishes when they would be served right where you are.


  • In order to experience dining or lounging in an excellent pool bar, book in a hotel that takes pride of its pool area or pool resto-bar.
  • Read reviews to find out which hotels in the area have an excellent service at their pool bar and poolside restaurant.
  • Engage in forums and discussion boards for recommendations on the best pool bar in Sukhumvit. You can also start topics on these forums to solicit more opinion.
  • When reading reviews focus on the price, the service and hospitality of the waiters and waitresses including the hotel staff and on the quality of food and drinks the pool bar serves.