Amazon Confirms Australian Branch

There have been rumours that the online shopping giant Amazon has plans to set up a shop in the land Down Under, and their recent statements and interviews have just confirmed the standing rumours.

The company has stated its launch date for its upcoming Australian branch, which will allow their Australian customers to finally use the company’s online shopping services to purchase products, up to and including takeaway.

In recent statements and interviews, Amazon has confirmed the recent conjecture about their plans for an Australian chapter. Brittain Ladd, the company’s Global Logistics’ Senior Manager, has made confirmations himself about the plans for Australia, stating that the company will include Australia in their global shopping rollout in due time. This is the first official statement made by the company, which validates recent rumours. Mr. Ladd has stated that the company finds Australia as attractive, and adds that the company would try to make as many of its services and products available for the country as soon as possible.

According to statements made by Mr. Ladd, the company hopes to have its first, and flagship, Australian website established before the end of 2018. Additionally, these statements confirmed a number of other important details about the move of the company.

Firstly, it confirms that there will be an Australian variant of the Prime Now, the company’s premium service which grants numerous perks to members. No word out yet on whether it will use Amazon’s own courier service or whether it will rely on international couriers in Australia.

Secondly, the company’s specialty service for grocery deliveries, AmazonFresh, will launch in Australia. The Fresh website functions like the traditional Amazon site, except that, as the name implies, it will have a focus on fresh products; fruits, foodstuffs, household supplies, and beauty products.

Thirdly, Amazon Go, the company’s new supermarket chain that charges customers’ smartphones without need for physical checkout methods, may follow soon. There has been some discussion, with Ladd stating that if this service were to be implemented in the country, it would only be after the company has already established a foothold in the country.

Amazon will release further details on its plans, but with regardless of what they may or may not reveal, it’s clear that the company’s moves for the Australian market will affect business of all shapes and sizes, from retailers to international couriers in Australia.