Antique Computer Used By LA Sheriff

The communications center of the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County has some serious security. It is located on top of a hill found in Monterey Park. It is hidden behind a tall fence while inside the building the walls are made of thick concrete and there are no windows to be seen. The only problem with the setup is the old antique-like compute system that is older than those listed in the classified ads Los Angeles.

Inside the communication center are dispatchers wearing headsets while they contact around 10,000 deputies all over the Los Angeles County. These deputies are in charge of keeping the peace inside the county spanning 5,000 square miles. The entire center can be quite impressive at first look but the fact is that the technology running behind the center can be disappointing.

There is no noise inside the room but the fans which are used to cool the temperature while there is a clicking sound that is almost present all the time.

According to the director of the technology and support division of the sheriff’s department, Dean Gialamas, the clicking sound is made by the mechanical switches whenever there are radio calls received.

The L.A. sheriff is the largest agency in the United States but the analog dispatch system utilized by their communication system presents to be the biggest technological issue they are yet to overcome. The spare parts used by the dispatch system are no longer available in manufacturing companies thus the department is forced to develop them.

Gialamas added that the antique system is not the only problem but the fact that all of them are not connected in one network. Their IT systems are actually made up of various systems.

He said that some of their records are not saved in the computer but they are filed on paper. The department needs to update their system and match the current technologies of computers found on classified ads Los Angeles in order to improve their serve to the public. Gialamas admitted that upgrading their system is not the priority of the department but over the years they have been slowly making progress.