Asylum Seeker Gets Proper Salary Payment

An individual from Sri Lanka who is also an asylum seeker has experienced being underpaid after working for three months in a furniture removal business operating in Melbourne. With the help of the Fair Work Ombudsman, he was able to recover around $9000.

The furniture removal company, Shelly Removals and Storage Pty Ltd, was accused of underpaying the worker which was hired by the company as a truck driver and removal staff. He was employed starting the month of October 2015 until January of 2016.

Several years ago, the man came to Australia seeking asylum and being hired by the furniture removal company was his first job in the country.

The company was the one who recruited the Sri Lankan who at the time of recruitment was still processing bridging visa with work rights. The company placed a job advert in the centre of Australian Migrant English Service’s notice board.

The worker was hired as a regular employee and he worked for 50 hours every week. The company only paid him for about 30 to 38 hours of his work and he was only paid $18 per hour which is an unlawfully low rate for the country.

According to Natalie James who is the ombudsman at Fair Work, many employers are practicing unacceptable work ethics by recruiting overseas workers and then having them to receive a salary that is below the minimum mandated by Australian law.

Ms James also said that the minimum rates as well as entitlements should be given the same to all workers even overseas one as long as they work in the country. The rates are not in any way negotiable.

Since the asylum seeker was a casual under the Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010, he was supposed to get a base rate of $23.75 for every hour’s work while overtime should be $39.90 per hour. On weekends, the pay rate is $42.75 per hour while public holidays demand that he be paid $52.25.

In the entire three months he was working, he was underpaid by $8711. With the help of the Fair Work Ombudsman, the worker was able to get the money from the company.

If you are looking for furniture removals in Sydney, make sure that you hire a reliable company that treats their workers right.