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3 Ideas For Effective Team Bonding

Aside from having a break from the pressures of work, there are a lot of benefits by having team bonding among members of the organization. You can get ideas from the internet for the activities or you can hire expert facilitators to conduct the activity organization or group. Regardless if you are going to hire the experts to facilitate the activity or you are going to handle the activity with your teammates, you would get more advantages by having the following ideas when you design your activities.

Think about your activity goals

Every activity has its own set of goals. In order for the team building to be effective, the games and activities should be in line with the goals of the activity. For instance, if you want to improve your organization’s productivity, the activities should be designed to boost the team’s individual and overall performance. Before the conduct of team building activity, try to assess the needs of your organization to determine the areas that require improvement. You might also want to check the team’s expectations before the activity so you can design games that will meet the expectations of participants.

With everyone’s participation

Team building activities generally include games and some of them can be physical. Collect medical waivers from the participants to determine if there is anyone who needs special considerations such as those who are pregnant, persons with disabilities, those who recently had medical operations and participants with medical conditions. Offer lighter tasks to those with special considerations but make sure that they would still be a part of yourteam bondingactivities. Have a medical team on standby at the venue.

The essence of good venue

The venue is an essential aspect of any activities including team building. Select a venue that can accommodate the number of participants including the activities intended to be conducted. Make sure that the team can move freely during the event. Conduct an actual inspections for yourteam bonding venue to ensure that it is conducive for the event. For more convenience, include food and drinks when you book for the venue.

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Technology Has Boosted The Creation Of Fake ID

Are you needing laminating sheets, photo paper, and spray glue? Certainly, these are the list of things you need for a school art class. In fact, you need these materials to make a fake ID card. Include Photoshop in your expertise and you’re off to earn £1,000 or $1,500 in a week. This concept is shared by a former vendor, privately educated in a British school, where he sells fake cards for £25 only to his fellow classmates.

This business is even prosperous in America. As the legal age for drinking is 21, there is a higher demand from rich buyers. A former student was able to sell artificial IDs for only $120 each. He also found bar codes and holographs on American driving licenses easy to forge, however, he failed to imitate the magnetic strips. In America, there are states that are now discontinuing the magnetic strips in licenses to favor cheaper kinds with bar codes.

The usage of fake ID is disseminated across the world. China has no restriction against underage drinking, so bar owners seldom check their identity. However, it is indeed difficult for them to get inside an Internet café. In Beijing, a renowned place to get this card is on the east entryway of Renmim University. Vendors say they can earn 100,000 yuan or $16,000 per year.

Technology has provided a boost for the fake ID business.  Today’s printers and software has made good fakes more possible. Forgers never need to produce one document; the latest technology allows them to make mass productions. And since the orders can be received through the Internet, the fabricators never need to be nearby their customers.

Beating technology against technology is now possible through replacements of ID cards using mobile phones. In Britain, they have utilized a new system known as Touch2id, where it encrypts fingerprints and proof of age on a smart sticker which is linked to a smartphone. To be served, the user will have to swipe his phone on a chipreader and have his fingerprints scanned.

According to London School of Economics expert, Edgar Whitley, an overseas forger will find it difficult to trick this system. Besides, the system is to expensive that a Touch2id scanner will cost £200 each. Without mandate from the government or paying cash for installation of such devices, fake ID will remain for as long as it is needed.

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One Step Forward For Argentina With The Approval Of Gender Parity Law

What more do you want from latin wives who are beautiful, devoted, committed and loyal? Many foreign men are attracted to Latin women because they are very gorgeous but aside from that typical description, Latin women are God-fearing, family oriented and friendly by nature. In fact, men who have dated Latin women will tell you why they are perfect partners.

It was totally unexpected but a group of Latin women in the lower house of Argentina Congress demanded for the approval of a stalled bill on gender parity in political representation. During the long parliamentary session, there were lots of arguments and resistance but the initiative was finally approved to become a law by the greater majority.

It was a historic step for Argentina politics. On the next legislative elections that will be held in 2019, all lists of candidates for Congress must specifically alternate the names of male and female candidates for equal participation in both houses. According to the law, women must be present in half the lists of candidates for national positions of political parties although in this case, alternation of men and women is not required.

It was an intelligent strategy to revive an issue that has always been put off. Once the agreement to vote was reached, almost everyone was in favor of the measure. After all, there was no justification for lawmakers to vote against the gender parity law. ELA was one of the many civil society organizations that demanded for the approval of the gender parity bill which was stalled for more than 10 years.

The approval of the gender parity law is one step forward for Argentina. It became the 5th country to regulate parity in parliamentary representation. Ecuador was the first Latin American country that gave constitutional status to gender parity in elective posts.

Thousands of men the world over are seriously looking for latin wives because behind the evident beauty is warm, loving and compassionate heart. Many Latin women are intelligent and well educated. They play important roles in society and politics. However, like all other women, Latin women also seek for a serious and stable relationship with foreign men.

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Student From IUP Did Volunteer Work In The Kingdom Of Thailand

Devin McClain, a student from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania spent three weeks of her summer this year in Thailand. She is originally from Clymer and decided to travel to the Kingdom in order to do some volunteer work which aims to help the marine conservation in one of the islands in Thailand, Koh Tao. She was able to see the Koh Tao villas an experience the wilderness which the country has to offer.

With the help of Chiang Mai University, the student was also able to be a part of a project in restoring the forest.

McClain’s parents are Daniel and Sally McClain both living in Clymer. She is currently a senior in the University majoring in environmental ecology conservation biology.

McClain went to Thailand along with her team and they stayed in Koh Tao to do some volunteer works in collaboration with an organization called Loop Abroad that supports study abroad. They also became a part of the organization’s project referred to as New Heaven Marine Conservation.

During her stay in Koh Tao, she volunteered to monitor the marine life in the island by surveying which is done through free diving and snorkeling. She also participated in efforts to restore the coral reefs found in the coast of the country by being a part of a team that created artificial reef structures.

Through studying the island of Koh Tao, she was able to learn about their marine life not just on it but those surrounding it. She also became acquainted with projects that are currently going on in a measure to observe the marine life and conserve them as much as possible.

McClain said that the most rewarding part of her trip in Thailand was to be given a chance to be involved in projects that will benefit another nation. She said that Loop Abroad’s project where they fly students and fully involve them to experience the culture. They were able to show the real beauty of the country, which is different when you visit as a tourist. She admitted that she has been to different mission trips but the island and Koh Tao villas are something different and she was able to see Thailand in a different light.

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Organization Wants Colorado Springs To Implement Cardboard Disposal Ban

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming particularly if you have collected lots stuff over the years. The first step is to buy packing boxes online because it is more convenient. Make sure you buy the more sturdy boxes for heavier packing. Next you have to organize all your stuff and decide what you will pack, what you will throw away and what you will donate to charity.

Where will the cardboard boxes go after you have unpacked all your stuff? According to North East Recycling Council, the second most recycled item is the cardboard box. Instead of dumping the corrugated boxes on your porch, drop it off at recycling centres so that they can be transformed to new products.

The Colorado Association for recycling hopes to change the way that people think about the cardboard box. There are local folks who are collecting the corrugated boxes that were thrown in landfills not only for economic reasons but for the sake of the environment. Recycling creates a lot of jobs for a community.

Laurie Johnson, the association’s executive director is working with the city council of Colorado Springs so that a cardboard disposal ban can be implemented in the city.22 states in the US are enforcing cardboard disposal box ban and Colorado Springs is not one of them. This means that corrugated boxes can no longer be thrown in the trash. People should know that there is a lot of money in corrugated boxes. A bale of cardboard boxes is worth $100 and about $200 per ton which is more than the worth of metal.

Businesses must reinforce the importance of cardboard recycling. If there is less trash, businesses have more money to spend as incentive to their workers. The money from rebates can be used to fund company picnics to boost the morale of employees.

Packing boxes are generally the same weight and quality like the ones used for shipping. If you are going to buy packing boxes online, make sure they can be used for heavy stuff. You do not want your stuff to be damaged because you pinched pennies and opted for used boxes.

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Spare Tyres No Longer A Priority For Car Manufacturers

There are many things we no longer see in the latest range of cars such as vent windows that can be swung open, ashtray and a metal ignition key. Add to this list is the possibility of not seeing spare tyre anymore. Though many car owners prefer to have spare second hand tyres in Brisbane, not many are willing to carry them around in their cars while on the road.

In the latest study that was conducted by the American Automobile Association, about one third of the car models launched in 2017 that were sold in the United States market no longer have a spare tyre that is outfitted with the car. It used to be a standard design.

The fact is that spare tyres are starting to face extinction and it has been happening in the last few years without consumers noticing because it was only gradually happening and was not eliminated at one. Spares in full size are no longer common and were changed into the doughnut-like versions that space saves in the vehicle.

Car manufacturers are eliminating spare tyres not because they are trying to save cost or they lost their common sense but rather they think that this decision will be beneficial to car owners. The main reason why spare tyres are removed is because the weight is greatly reduced. When this happens, fuel economy is being considered.

Industry experts said that the spare tyre which is composed of rubber and steel could weigh a maximum of 40 pounds. When a spare is available, the driver must also have a lug wrench and jack in hand which is an additional weight. Car engineers are happy to be able to reduce the weight of the vehicles that they are designing.

While this is good news for car makers, it is a headache for roadside assistance as majority of the drivers do not have spare when they meet an accident on the road. In the future, spare tyres may no longer be deemed necessary as innovations are moving forward in terms of tyre manufacturing. There are now available second hand tyres in Brisbane for car owners that wanted to have a spare tyre but cannot afford to buy a new one at the time.

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Tips To Find Interior Painters In Sydney

Whether you are planning to repaint an office or residential interiors, you would need interior painters in Sydney to do the job for you. Aside from that, you should also prepare your budget and consider the season before implementing the painting project. Pick dry or summer season to have the project to ensure that the paint will stick properly to your wall and to have an overall appealing result for the painting job. If you still do not have an interior painter in mind, here are some tips to hire the right service provider.

Check from online sources

One of the best sources of information is the internet. Aside from finding countless links of painter’s websites, you can also find a directory of specific service providers in your area. You can also check on organizations for interior painters in Sydney for painters that you can contact or when checking the background of a painter that you consider to hire. The good thing about getting online sources is that you can get more information about the contractor such as the testimonials of their customers, their services, the rates, their contact information and you can also view their previous projects at their gallery.

Check the yellow pages

You can also do search for reputable interior painters the old fashion way. The yellow pages and classified ads are good sources of information since most of the painters that you will find therein are community contractors. Some of them are working individually or with a small team so you can really more on the quality and dedication that they put in on their projects. The only thing about looking for information from such sources is you only get limited details because the advertisement space is paid and limited too.

Ask for referrals

Another way to find reliable interior painters in Sydney is by asking your friends or neighbours who may have had a painting project in their house or business establishment recently. The good thing about doing this method is you can be sure that you will get honest and unadulterated feedback from your sources because they are mainly your family or friends.

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3 Tips To Reduce Costs On Cremation Urns 

Losing a loved one can be devastating. There are those who are paralyzed by pain and their decision-making functions can be affected. However, there are things that the family has to do such as the preparation of the ceremonies, signing of documents and even as menial as shopping for cremation urns that will be used after the deceased is cremated. To get high quality and durable urns without going beyond your budget, here are some ideas.

Search for discount urns

The key to getting affordable urns is doing a little research on the internet. By doing so, you will easily find a lot of urns that are offered on sale. You can start your search from websites, toe-commerce sites and online suppliers that offer various merchandise including cremation urns at affordable price. Another option is to check from funeral homes in your area although online sources generally offer cheaper items because they have less overhead expenses and almost zero utility bills. If possible, choose a supplier that is located in your area for a possibility of getting cremation urns that are delivered for free or with less delivery cost.

Check for ways to save money                   

In relation to the mentioned point, look for a supplier of cremation urns that offer free shipping or delivery. Free deliveries mean automatic savings on your part which can be used for other purposes. Choose a supplier that is reputed to deliver on time and dispatches the ordered urns at least twice a day. This will ensure that the urns will get to buyers or the family of the deceased in time. Make it a point to read customer feedback and testimonials for a more reliable service.

Check from different sources

Although you can find several urns in the market, you can be wrong to think that all urns are offered at the same price. Even if you found a surprisingly low priced urn, try to search for other cremation urns to determine which is the cheapest but remains to be sturdy and with high quality. Always opt for high quality urn especially if it would be kept inside your house.

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How To Choose A Company For Liveaboard Diving In Thailand

If you are planning to spend some time in a houseboat this summer, then you must be thinking about liveaboarding. To fulfil your dream holiday, look for a company that offers liveaboard diving in Thailand for that diving adventure of a lifetime. With a little search on the internet, you will find a lot of liveaboarding companies in Thailand. The only thing that can be daunting is which of them offers the best value for your money without compromising the quality of your trip. To help you find the right company, take a look at these ideas.

Check the company’s expertise

One of the things to check in a liveaboarding company is the diving and marine expertise of its staff and crew. Keep in mind that you will spend a few days alone with the crew at the sea. Thus, you would want to be with the experts who will not only make the trip a comfortable one but a safe and secure trip. Choose a company forliveaboard diving in Thailand that has professionaldivers and diving instructors to go with you to the sea. This will ensure that you will be with experts who are familiar with Thailand’s sea conditions and will keep you safe all throughout.

Boat safety and modernfacilities

Choose a company that offers luxurious amenities so you can rest comfortably after a long day diving at the sea. It would also be wise for you to ensure that the boats are sea-worthy and in excellent condition. Make it a point to read customer testimonials from the company’s website and also from third-party sites such as discussion boards or forums. Find out if the houseboat has advanced communication system especially life- saving equipment.


An enjoyable experience doing liveaboard diving in Thailand doesn’t have to be utterly expensive. You can find budget-friendly packages that will suit your budget with a little research. There are available budget packages that offer multiple dives with basic yet comfortable accommodation. The package also include sumptuous local cuisine while there are packages with high-end services that include a hostess, in-door or outdoor dining options and many others.

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Thai Developers Embracing Hotel Brands

Property developers across Thailand have devised a clever way to raise their projects’ pricing as well as increase buyer demand. Projects across the country are now branded with hotel brands, as part of the developers’ effort to stimulate demand and growth in the market.

As a result, there are several dozen new hotel residence projects across the country, with the vast majority, at 90%, located in resort areas, which is good news for people looking for a Pattaya residence hotel or a Phuket residence hotel.

Real estate consultancy group C9 Hotelworks, there are three hotspots where residential hotel projects are in exceptional demand. Their Southeast Asia Hotel Residences Market Trends report detail these three hotspots, and they are:

  • Phuket, with 26 properties;
  • Pattaya, with 10, and;
  • Bangkok, with 9.

Thailand has 41 completed hotel residence projects, amounting to 21,000 units, to date, accounting for 41% of the region’s supply, making it the top area for these developments, which is then followed by Indonesia. Vietnam, in particular the area of Dananghas also been noted as an up-and-coming favourite for developers and investors.

In the country, Phuket leads in developments, with 13 completed projects, to be followed by an additional 13. Fitting, as the area has a notable history of hospitality-led residences located in notable ultra-luxury resorts such as Banyan Tree or Amanpuri. The capital, however, have been making some waves, with the Chao Phraya River attracting several marquee branded projects, associated with global brands such as Mandarin Oriental. As a result, the capital’s average pricing currently sits at Bt315,000/m2, which is more than three times that of the national average, which is only Bt101,000/m2. These recent developments have been good not just for those looking for a Pattaya residence hotel, but also for those looking for residences in other areas.

According to C9 Hotelworks’ Bill Barnett, the group’s research showed that brand premiums lead to a price increase averaging around 15-20%, with 92% of the current supply being brand affiliated. With profits only increasing with such practices, C9 has predicted that this particular trend will only continue in the foreseeable future.

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