Bangkok Launched Their Own Biennial Event

While biannual events might be common in Bangkok and the reason why accommodations in contemporary hotel in Bangkok are fully booked, the country has never held a biennial event before – until now. The capital city will be launching its first biennial event in 2018, a contemporary art offering spearheaded by the former culture minister of Thailand, ApinanPoshyananda, together with ThapanaSirivadhanabhakdi, the drinks tycoon. The first edition of the contemporary art will be displayed from November 2018 until February 2019.

Poshyananda is also known to be an artist as well as the curator thus, he will serve as the artistic director of the event. He was also appointed as the chief executive. He shared how they attempted to launch a biennial before but it did not happen because of the lack in support from the government and the political unrest that disturb the country for a while. They are now launching the event because of the support they received from various groups such as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thai Tourism Authority, corporate support and Ministry of Tourism. The event will be happening right at the centre of the City of Angels. He referred to it as the right time because guests and tourists will be able to experience not just contemporary arts but heritage of the country as well.

With the increasing number of biennials happening in Asia, the one Bangkok will be offering is a unique because of the interactions to be organized with the energetic street life of the country. The Bangkok Art Biennial 2018 will be a new dimension for tourists from contemporary hotel in Bangkok to experience contemporary spaces, temples, public parks and heritage sites while playing with their creative imagination. There will be over 70 artists, both local and international, that will be coming together and create art works that will centre in the biennial’s theme – Beyond Bliss. Poshyananda said that the theme was chosen because of the broad category and the philosophical nature. We are now living in an age where there are a lot of chaos and confusion and it is up to us to look for our very own bliss.