Banned Commercial From Diet Chef

There is a new television commercial that shows a woman in tears after seeing another version of her, with slimmer body and happier look. Advertising Standards Authority recently banned the advert. According to the organization, the advert is irresponsible because it shows that happiness as well as self-confidence can only be achieved if one goes through weight loss. The advert comes from Diet Chef, a meal delivery service company.

The commercial showed a woman named Cheryl with versions of herself before and after subscribing to the meal service. Diet Chef is a company based in Edinburgh and the firm has given their comment about the advert which showed a woman with a send of accomplishment after taking control of her life and the lifestyle she is in.

According to the company, the actor who played the role of Cheryl in the two versions, have a body mass index or BMI of 27.4 during the earlier version of herself. The specific BMI is said to fall under the overweight category.

In the commercial, the after version of Cheryl can be seen telling her former version that she knows how she feels and she will be able to look good again. She went on saying she bought a bikini for the first time after having the said picture.

The former version exclaimed that the new Cheryl looks amazing and that she never thought she can be slim once more.

There were 26 viewers who sent their complaints to the ASA or Advertising Standards Authority. According to them, the commercial was irresponsible because it exploited the insecurities in the body of a woman by saying that they have to be thin in order to achieve happiness.

The complainants added that the advert made it look like overweight women do not know how to take care of themselves or do not care how they look. The before Cheryl was donning a baggy shirt and her hair is messy while new Cheryl looks well groomed.

Because of these implications, the Advertising Standards Authority decided to ban the ad and advised the company Diet Chef to create more socially responsible commercials.

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