Basic Information About Luxury Rehab

Before you get into a luxury rehab, take some time to think about the different aspects that may affect your decision. A rehabilitation program is important especially if your source of addiction is already getting in the way of your normal functions and if it is already creating a dent on your personal relationships. However, while treatment and rehabilitation is important, you need to know that going through the process is never a walk in the park. Here are some things that you need to check on.

The costs

Although you can get into a standard treatment center, you will find more value if you would admit to luxurious rehab where you will enjoy better accommodation and gourmet food, among others. However, a luxury rehab can be costly. An exclusive rehabilitation center can cost from $10,000 to $20,000 a month and this could go up to $180,000 per month for rehab facilities that are designed for celebrities. Although there are more affordable and even free rehabilitation centers, the comfort and quality of care that you will get from a luxury rehab center is way much better.

Duration of the treatment          

The duration of treatment can vary from 30 days to 60 days, 90 or even longer, depending on the substance and the degree of addiction. Your therapist will assess you and will recommend the most suitable rehabilitation program suited to your condition.

Treatment methods

The treatment method varies depending on the type of addiction you have and the degree on its effect on you. However, all treatments involve detoxification and with this, withdrawal syndrome will be experienced by the patient and this can be a very difficult part. Treatment and rehabilitation methods differ from one center to another and it would be best to check on this to find out if the method they use is amenable to you.

License and accreditation

Although most of the time, a luxury rehab comes with license and accreditation, you can never be sure so take time to verify the information found on the treatment’s website to ensure that you are getting into a qualified facility.