Bathroom Renovations From The Perspective Of The Potential Home Buyer

If you are planning on bathroom renovations to add value to the home, it is important to approach the renovation from the perspective of a potential home buyer. Bathroom renovations also need to be practical and should cost between $20,000 and $40,000. These are a few of the tips from Frank Valentic, The Block’s buyer’s advocate.

A separate bath and toilet with tiles all way up to the ceiling is the preference of most demographics. Families with small kids will want to bath while most women will prefer relaxing on it. Incorporating a separate bath and shower particularly with good quality and high level finishes are something that most investors in Melbourne’s inner suburbs will like to look at. Investing in a separate toilet is practical and convenient once allowed in the floor plan.

Areas of storage are very crucial in bathrooms so that there will be space to stow toiletries and bathroom essentials. There must be a countertop where the makeup and hairdryer can be placed with a large mirror and good natural light while doing the face and hair. Small splashes of luxury would be appreciated by potential home buyers because it adds an ambience of sophistication and class. It also shows that the bathroom renovations haven’t been “skimped on”. Luxury is something home buyers will expect in a high end apartment.

Good quality tiles on the floor and ceiling are important and they should be consistent. Nobody wants nice European taps on a cheap countertop. There must also be a balance between classic styling with the design and aesthetics of the room. Neutral colors like gray, black and white are popular but will they still be the trend after a few years?

According to Valentic, 80% of property decisions are made by women and a kitchen renovation is one of the biggest drawing cards. However, it is important not to overinvest in renovations and you should only spend about 10% of the property value. It is also crucial to research on the demographics of the area to determine what kind of renovations is actually being done. If the renovations are for the benefit of a resale, then getting an agent involved will make the process easier.