Benefits Of Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

Touch screen technology was in use since forty years, but the high costs of the technology has restricted its use to highly expensive applications. The advanced technologies, which led to the introduction of low cost touch screens resulted in an upward demand for these touch screen monitors.

Touch screen monitors are used for many commercial and industrial purposes. They are seen everywhere from ATMS, ticket vending machines and consumer information points to complex industrial uses. The usage of industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand provides a lot of advantages to its users when compared to the conventional industrial computers, which has led to a surge in their demand.

Some of the benefits of industrial touch screen monitors in Thailand are

  • The touch screen monitors act as both input and output devices. Devices using a touch screen do not require separate monitor, keyboard and mouse for operation. The graphic user interface in the industrial touch screen monitorsenables them to function as both an input and output device.
  • The industrial touch screen monitors are more robust than the CRT and LCD monitors.
  • One of the main reasons for the popularity of the industrial touch screen monitors is their durability. They are resistant to contaminations like oil, water, dust and petrochemicals. They also do not contaminate the surroundings and are ideal for use in food processing industries and healthcare sector.
  • Touch screen monitors are the best choice for limited spaces. They can be easily mounted on walls and on heavy machines. Since they do not require any heavy peripherals, the industrial touch screen monitors are ideal choice for machines in restricted areas. They are easily portable and hence are also suitable for mining and other industries.
  • The touch screen monitors can be sealed off for security reasons to avoid tampering and theft of data.
  • The usage of touch screen monitors is also useful when the machines are left unattended or placed outside. Such placement is not suitable for standard computer equipment and hence an industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand is preferred.

There are many technologies available for touch screen monitors. Some of the commonly used industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand are resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screen systems, infrared system and surface acoustic wave system. Industries should choose the most compatible and cost effective system for their operations.