Big Durians: Find Out Why it’s an Attraction

With the ever-stressful and hectic lifestyle that most of the human population are living right now, it’s no surprise that some of us have been neglecting their overall health. You see, with the latest technology that aims to make our lives easier and more comfortable, we are almost forgetting one thing that not even the most powerful smartphone can ever provide to us: a decent health especially for those who now in the advanced years of their lives. Fortunately, some of the traditional ways to stay healthy have managed to stay alive even during these continuously changing times. Among these ways which even younger individuals are keen on employing is the regular intake of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Fruits to be more specific, are considered as among the healthiest food one cannot survive with. They contain the highest percentage of Vitamin C which is helpful in maintaining a strong immune system that will help the human body fight various sickness on a daily basis. In the tourism industry, fruits have been playing a small but meaningful role in continuously luring more and more tourists into vising the place where the fruits are being grown. Find out here what the fruit that is making a tremendous amount of noise in the tourism industry of Thailand.


Earlier this week, news about the massive sizes of a couple of Durians that have been farmed in the farmlands of the district of Wang Nam Khieo. According to the owner of the said orchard, the pair of durians weighed 12 kilograms and 13 kilograms respectively. Aside from the hotels and parks in the urbanized areas like Bangkok, the tourism industry in Thailand is more than just luxurious style of taking a vacation. In fact, it’s in the Wang Nam Khieo district where tourists find out here that fruits can be a  reason for a huge number of tourists to visit the said district of Thailand because let’s face it, it’s not every day that you see durians of those weights. You see, the couple of Durians is heavier than the average-sized ones which weigh only around 5 kilograms to 6 kilograms. In fact, people are now ling-up to take pictures of the big and heavy Durians.