Blue Ribbon Project To Support Police Officers

It is very rare for communities to support their police officers but in Hammond, the Community/Crime Watch groups made an effort to their honor their policemen. What they did was to hang blue ribbons on trees, light poles, telephone poles, fences and mail boxes all over the city so that the police officers will know that their efforts are appreciated.

Police officers have been through a lot of national criticism but the community felt they owe the police officers a lot for the protection they provide. The blue ribbons that the community used came from blue rectangular table cloths that they cut into strips. Some of the strips were long enough to be fashioned into bows and they are durable enough to withstand different elements. The Blue Ribbon Project used the strips of ribbons to tie around 58 light poles in and around the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

According to Anne Herbert of East Hammond Pullman neighborhood, the park at Highland Street and Columbia Avenue was the scene of a lot of criminal activity five years ago but increased police visibility made a big difference. Anne appreciates the fact that the policemen department sent more patrol cars and stationed police vehicles at the park to discourage criminals.

Community support for the police officers was also evident along Indianapolis Boulevard and 199th Street on the Robertsdale neighborhood. After the Super Bowl snow storm people started hanging the blue ribbons. Motorists started honking since they appreciated the efforts. Even the Mayor of Hammond, Thomas M. McDermott Jr. as well as the Mayor of Whiting Joseph Stahura were supportive of the efforts and gave the permission for hanging blue ribbons on city property.

The police officers were also honored at the Robertsdale Community Crime Watch meeting with a large blue bow adorning the podium with the attendees given blue ribbons to take home as their show of support for their police officers. Every resident was encouraged to tie the blue ribbons around trees and telephone poles.

Communities owe police officers a lot because they ensure that there is always peace and order. It is effortless to tie blue ribbons but it is a project that is certainly very significant for police officers.