Booking In A Hotel Near In Korean Town

We were heading for Bangkok! There was heavy traffic and we noticed the enclosing area was flooded from recent storm and rain that caused prevalent evacuations just out of the city. The strong winds and heavy rains resulted in deaths of nearly a thousand people and almost all in Thailand were affected by the monsoon. There wasn’t a problem with us, but we knew we would have a crazy adventure here in Bangkok. It’s nice to know that we were in a hotel near in Korean Town, and we were safe.

We were searching for a hotel on the GPS while we still had a bit of battery life left. Just nearby was the Best Western, which is currently the Siam Square, another busy place in Bangkok. Thailand had the largest building, which was calledBiayoke Tower located in Siam Square and we stopped to check the nightly price. People were buzzing around the area near the hotel, and a street market was blocking the road. We travelled our way to the tower and Shelly stayed with the bikes outside while I went up to the 18th floor reception desk just to check how the price of the room would be. Turns out it was pretty expensive for our budget. Price range vary in a hotel near in Korean Town, so we had to search carefully.

We continued our search and found another hotel on the same block. We smelled Indian food in the hotel lobby and it was calling us. In our travel to Laos, we were able to taste Indian food and we really liked it. After thorough scrutiny of the room and the tempting smell of the food, we decided to stay for the night and feed ourselves. The room offered a nice and affordable accommodation and it had lots of amenities to enjoy. A big screen HD TV, air conditioning and mini-fridge. We were lucky we stayed in a hotel near in Korean Town for accommodation.

The next morning was a move to search for a hotel in a less congested part of the city, it was just too busy for us. The Bangkok City Hotel was our next stop and it was few blocks away from the sky train station. We were met by friendly staff and the hotel had free buffet breakfast. The room were immaculately styled with all the benefits.