CanvasPop A New Trend In Canvas Prints

There is good news for those who love taking photographs in their smartphone while making sure it will be appreciated by anyone other than themselves. There is a venture called CanvasPop wherein users will have the options to make any picture a work of art by transforming it into a canvas. It can either be a photo from Instagram or Prisma or just any picture that you want to use.

CanvasPop is not a new comer in the industry because it has been making display worthy canvases from photos on Facebook as well Instagram for a number of years already. The only difference now is that the company recently started a discussion with Prisma – a new application used because of the art filters which are now the hype among online users.

According to the co-founder of CanvasPop, Adrian Salamunovic, they were flooded with orders after the launch of Prisma and many of those orders are photographs that have been improved using the effects from Prisma. CanvasPop then decided to discuss with Prisma a possible integration of the company’s API in the current applications of Prisma in both Android and iOS.

The details of the new partnership are still under work. For the meantime, users will be able to enhance their photographs using Prisma and then submit them to the website of CanvasPop where they have created a new section especially for Prisma.

As of writing, CanvasPop has already created over 450,000 canvas prints with a lifetime guarantee. This is better than just storing all your memories and vacation snaps inside your smartphone or storage devices. Every canvas made is handcrafted in their headquarters in North America. According to CanvasPop, it is their mission to surprise and give delight to their customers. Contact a local artist in your area if you want to have custom canvas prints without paying for shipping.