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Young Students In Scotland Developing Content For New Tourism App

Digital technology is very important for classic in Inverness Hotel because potential guests prefer to use their mobile devices from the time they search and make reservations for accommodations up to the time of checkout. Today, a hotel that has no online presence is not relevant to internet users. However, having a website is not enough; a hotel must be updated with all the new trends in the hospitality industry.

It is the Year of Young People so it isn’t surprising for primary and secondary students to be at the forefront of content development for a new tourism phone app to assist visitors in exploring the hidden treasures of A9. Napier University students as well as graduate engineers from 3 consultancies and joint ventures are designing an A9 Dualling program and producing content for the phone app.

The Highland Discovery app will provide information on small community facilities and businesses along the A9. It also includes in-car audio channel that will offer traditional Scottish stories and songs that were recorded by 100 school children from Pitlochry High School choir. The app which is already available on both Android and iPhone has been tested last year in Beta mode. It was downloaded for 500 times with nearly 20% of users that are mostly based overseas.

The A9 Dualling Programme is actually about road building but they are taking advantage of the opportunity to improve the experience of people who are travelling on A9. The new Highland Discovery App will help visitors explore some of the hidden treasures that can be found on or near the iconic road. Through the app, visitors will gain a glimpse of the local culture of Scotland. Visitors will feel that they belong to Scottish Highlands allowing them to connect to local places, people and culture. The app will be the first of the series of experiences that will make local culture across Scotland accessible to tourists.

One of the benefits of classic in Inverness Hotel is its convenient location in a quiet but central location in the city. Main attractions are close by like the Inverness Castle, the Museum and Art Gallery, the Cathedral and the Eden Court Theatre. The bus and train stations are just a few minutes away.

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Mac App Store Apps Can Now Spy On People

AApple Macintosh computers have a reputation for being immune to assaults from viruses, and, for a long while, it wasn’t entirely unfounded, if somewhat exaggerated. But Apple users might soon head for computer repairs in Perth or anywhere else, as it’s revealed that Macs everywhere are now vulnerable to viruses, same as other PCs.

Felix Krause, a notable privacy expert and software developer, reveals that the Mac App Store is now a security risk, as the third-party apps on the shop can now spy on people via their Macintosh OS devices, even if they’re just sitting pretty in the background.

This reveal, shared by Krause via a report he publish back in February 10, saying that any Mac app can now use features in Macintosh OS, which allows for screen capture of computers whenever desired. Not only that, but when an app utilizes that function, there’s no alert, no warning, and no limitation: as long as the app’s online, it doesn’t matter if it’s the primary app running, it can take pictures.

The real danger about this is the fact that Krause has learned that these screenshots are crisp enough to be used alongside Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in order to read the text in them, which can then be used to steal passwords, read e-mails, and the like. Krause reportedly informed Apple directly of the issue sometime in late 2017, but there were no patches or actions taken to deal with it.

Which is problematic, as not even heading straight for a store to handle computer repairs in Perth or anywhere else will fix or block this problem: Apple itself is the only one capable of really dealing with the issue. Part of Krause’s report on the issue had suggestions on how to deal with the issue without removing the ability of third-party apps to take screenshots entirely.

For now, users can only work on what they have. For those looking to circumvent this weakness, should forego third-party apps completely. If that isn’t an option, apps from trusted companies should be the ones used, and users should ensure that they manually quit apps when they’re finished with them, preventing them from running in the background. Hopefully, users will stay safe while Apple works on an actual fix.