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Star Wars Memorabilia Collection Of George Lucas Finally Finds A Home

After years of searching, a permanent home was finally found for Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in LA’s Exposition Park. The Los Angeles council has finally approved the construction of the museum that will house the extensive art and memorabilia collection of the Star Wars director and creator George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson.

The museum that will be designed by the MAD architects will also contain paintings by impressionist masters in the likes of Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir including various items from the Star Wars franchise like Luke Skywalker’s original light-saber and the mask of Darth Vader.

The proposed museum will occupy 290,000 square feet, one-third of which will be dedicated to gallery space. To be spread on the 5-story building will be a movie theatre, lecture hall, library, offices, restaurant and several digital classroom spaces. The green-roof terrace will be accessible to the public while a 2,425 space will be dedicated to parking. An 11-acre park will surround the spaceship-like structure and can be explored by visitors.

No taxpayer money will spent on the development of the museum because it will be privately funded. The museum is scheduled to break ground next year with an expected opening date in 2021. New renderings gave people an idea on how the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts will look like. The design made by the MAD architects was presented to the LA planning commission.

An expansive collection of artworks, illustrations and artefacts will showcase visual storytelling. The new renderings show a slightly compact version of the original design with more of the museum program moved to the ground floor along Exposition Road. Other new elements include a clove-like area with a waterfall. The museum will be built on what used to be the site two existing parking lots that are owned by the city and will span over a pedestrian walkway.

Star Wars Art can be printed on canvas so that you will a unique décor hanging on the wall. Printing on canvas is the latest trend nowadays to add personality to a room. Canvas prints are a more affordable alternative to traditional framed artwork.

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Art In Fabric Exhibit

Art is a form of expression of a person’s creativity. It may come in different forms and in different kinds. People have their own ways of expressing their art. They can create their music, their poetry, and even their designs. A simple drawing can be a form of one’s art, it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, it’s crooked, as long as it shows the creator’s personality and emotions.

Clothes are in fact part of the art. It is being designed by people showing their creativity through their designs where one important thing to check is the fabric. Fabric is not just used in clothes though. They can be used in so much more like decorations and furniture upholstery. People who design and create these fabrics put their heart and soul into each piece taking it as their important personalized art. It showcases the depth of how creative and intricate they can. Each piece of woven or knitted cloth expresses their personality and shows their own brand.

India is full of natural resources to create fabrics thus it is not surprising that beautiful fabrics can be seen and touched in most of India. It is one of the most popular items in the country as also around the world. They are able to give great fabric quality and designs from India which is why it is not a surprise that they are not ashamed to show off their own personalised art via the fabrics in exhibits and fairs.

Just last 13th of April, 2017, an exhibit showcasing 64 exhibitors famous for their personalized collection of fabric was inaugurated, the BRAND IN STYLE Season 2 exhibit. The opening was done by Mrs. India International 2017, Sharon Fernandes, and the founder of Bina Singh Foundation, Bina Singh herself. The exhibit’s location is at Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Sri Nagar Colony. This is an economical exhibit and it supports social causes thus it also caught the interest of other designers from countries such as Malaysia. It’s the designer’s version of personalised art in the form of fabrics. It might not hurt to check it out to see beauty in the pieces displayed.

The fabric used in the clothes worn, the upholstery at home, it can show off who a person is. Make it count and ensure that it really is the person inside.