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Residential Supply For New Properties Is Declining

The supply of new residential properties in the greater Bangkok is expected to decrease by 10 per cent for this year compared to last year. The decline will result to less than 100,000 available units and it is the lowest decline it has even seen since the worst flooding that happened in 2011. This is because of the fact that many real estate developers are planning to launch next year instead of the end of this year.

According to the Real Estate Information Center’s director general, Samma Kitsin, this year there will be less than 100,000 new residential units available and this is the lowest since 2011 for the Greater Bangkok area when it comes to supply of new residential properties.

Kitsin said that final quarter of this year will be softer for the property market. They are expecting that mane of the developers will postponed their launch for next year instead of this year.

Back in 2011, the total available units coming from new residential properties have declined by 31 per cent. There were 82,600 units left from the previous number of 2010 which is at 120,200 units. In between 2012 and 2015, the number increased to more than 100,000 units every year. There are 102,600 units in 2012, 130,200 units for 2013, 118,280 units back in 2014 while 2015 showed that there are 104,870 units.

For the first three quarters of 2016, the total number of new residential units that are available in Greater Bangkok is only 70,200 units coming from 313 projects that were launched. This has declined by 8.7 per cent compared to the 76,900 units provided by 318 projects of the same period in 2015.

Of the total number, 37,200 of which are condo units which experienced a decrease of 17 per cent from the previous 44,900 units while the other 33,000 are low-rise properties that also experienced a decline though very slight at 3 per cent.

Despite the decline of the number of new residential properties available in Bangkok, many are still able to easily find condo in Bangkok that is for rent.

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Rent A Condo In Phuket With Seven Seas

Phuket, Thailand has always been the ideal getaway vacation of many people. It’s definitely enviable that their locals are able to indulge in the greatness of their beaches every day. If you’re feeling the same, then visiting Phuket and staying will definitely be a great and memorable experience for you. Whether you’re looking to rent a condo in Phuket, or seeking a long-term investment and home that would get you closer to the place, it’s definitely wiser to pick Seven Seas condo to be your partner.

Just as the year entered, a new condo in Phuket, Seven Seas, has been planned to enter the market this year. This luxurious and epic condominium will give you a modern, chic style resembling a resort which will strike Phuket’s heart and its people. The project is said to amount 2.5 Million in Baht Currency.

This condo is located near Phuket’s Bangkok Hospital. It will encompass about four different buildings that would tower to eight floors. This will house over 975 units available for rent or own. This will also entitle you to a grand view of enticing scenery of hills and such.

Universal Group, working hand-in-hand with the renowned, Porchland group guarantees that this project of theirs will end up in a success that will deliver happiness to all tourists of Phutek. The Executive Director of Porchland also shared that the Island Phutek, is one of the greatest tourist spot and market today that’s continuously stepping up the ladder and improving.

If you rent a condo in Phutek or buy one from Seven Seas, you’ll be able to choose from various design rooms they set up. They have studio types, 1 BR Unit and a 2 BR unit. Buying a condo will leave you with a starting price of about Baht 1.5 Million.

The name of the Condo comes from its effort of resembling seven various, gorgeous and epic islands throughout the world such as Jeju, Bali and many more. It also serves customers with different amenities to indulge upon which will definitely complete your vacation.

Buying a condo from them would definitely be a great investment or if you’re looking to rent a condo in Phutek just for a day or two vacation, then certainly feel free to come by and revel on what this group can offer you with.

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Experts Reveal Why Web Designers Should Refrain From Using Fake Text

The importance of web design is determined by how it can successfully build a website and makes it easily accessible and usable to consumers and viewers. The entire web design must go hand in hand with each other so that they could provide a worthwhile experience not only for those who view the website, but to those who made the website itself.

Just recently, we had met up with the experts at PWD or During our brief meeting, they shared with us a valuable tip in web design and now, we want to share it with you.

According to the experts of PWD, web designers should refrain from using fake text, or the so-called ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text.

They explained to us how content should be prioritized in the early stages of web design because it is the backbone and the foundation of the website that should be compatible with the visuals.

The lorem ipsum text is sure convenient especially when you need to fill a space but using it would only give you the impression that content is only secondary when it should have come first. By using fake text, you are giving away an opportunity to further enhance your website and its content.
Although the idea may be insignificant to some, avoiding fake text could greatly benefit ones website.

You should know that a website that is simple but with great content can perform much better than one that is visually attractive but lacking in important information. Remember, your content is the one you use to communicate with the viewers. It is the foundation of all interaction in the online world.

The design is considered as the packaging of the content. Now, if you do not have a proper and organized content, it is difficult to create a design that would fit the content of the website. This is probably why many people use fake text, so that they would be able to focus on the design and the templates first.

According to PWD, it is better to modify the design around the content than the other way around.

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Southern Philippine Encounter With Rebels Kills At Least 30 Police Commandos

On Sunday, at least 30 police commanders were reported to be killed during a clash of the Muslim rebels and the government troops. It is one of the biggest single combat losses that the Philippine military has experienced in years.

A surprise attack

According to an insider, the commandos were set to enter a village to capture a high profile terrorist. However, the group did not expect to encounter the ferocious gang of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and other rebels in the area. A fierce battle took place. The exchange of gunshots left at least 30 of the well trained commandos dead.

Mayor Ampatuan and military officials said that the commandos did not coordinate with them their plan of entering the village. They were outnumbered by the rebel force which led in the bloodshed of many of the elites. The mayor said that if the group had coordinated with them, it would not have resulted in a bloody combat.

Ampatuan told the media that the battle on the swampy village stopped upon the intervention of a cease-fire committee and when the village leaders persuaded both camps to stop the battle.

The target of the supposedly ambush attack

Philippine officials who asked not to be named told the media that the target of the commandos’ attack was Zulkifli bin Hir. Marwan, as he is commonly known, is a Malaysian terrorist responsible for a number of deadly attacks.

According to intelligence reports he has been hiding in southern Philippines since 2003.

Marwan may have been killed during the battle or wounded. Either way, this story was not yet confirmed.

Rebel activities in the Philippines

The southern Philippines have been known as a breeding ground for insurgents and a place of refuge for international terrorists. Thousands of Philippine military have been deployed in the area to fight terrorism. Foreign military also had their share in the fight against insurgents in the Philippines. The battle has been going on for several decades.

Political leaders have already conducted several peace talks but have never really reached common grounds with the rebels. If not addressed sooner, this problem will continue to threaten the lives of soldiers and citizens living in the area.