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Organization Wants Colorado Springs To Implement Cardboard Disposal Ban

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming particularly if you have collected lots stuff over the years. The first step is to buy packing boxes online because it is more convenient. Make sure you buy the more sturdy boxes for heavier packing. Next you have to organize all your stuff and decide what you will pack, what you will throw away and what you will donate to charity.

Where will the cardboard boxes go after you have unpacked all your stuff? According to North East Recycling Council, the second most recycled item is the cardboard box. Instead of dumping the corrugated boxes on your porch, drop it off at recycling centres so that they can be transformed to new products.

The Colorado Association for recycling hopes to change the way that people think about the cardboard box. There are local folks who are collecting the corrugated boxes that were thrown in landfills not only for economic reasons but for the sake of the environment. Recycling creates a lot of jobs for a community.

Laurie Johnson, the association’s executive director is working with the city council of Colorado Springs so that a cardboard disposal ban can be implemented in the city.22 states in the US are enforcing cardboard disposal box ban and Colorado Springs is not one of them. This means that corrugated boxes can no longer be thrown in the trash. People should know that there is a lot of money in corrugated boxes. A bale of cardboard boxes is worth $100 and about $200 per ton which is more than the worth of metal.

Businesses must reinforce the importance of cardboard recycling. If there is less trash, businesses have more money to spend as incentive to their workers. The money from rebates can be used to fund company picnics to boost the morale of employees.

Packing boxes are generally the same weight and quality like the ones used for shipping. If you are going to buy packing boxes online, make sure they can be used for heavy stuff. You do not want your stuff to be damaged because you pinched pennies and opted for used boxes.