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Virtual Currency Exchange Operator To Accept US Dollars

For big shot investors including Leonardo González Dellán, getting their hand on cryptocurrencies is an easy feat. For individuals who want to try their hand with digital currency trading, the process might be a little bit complicated unless there is an exchange operator that will directly accept cash in exchange for cryptocurrency coins. This is now made possible by a cryptocurrency exchange company based in Seattle, Bittrex.

They now accept payment of American dollars for investors wishing to purchase digital currencies. Before this announcement, the only coins that can be purchased with US dollars are those that are under the trading platform Coinbase. The problem is that it only covers a small part of the entire amount of cryptocurrency available in the market, around 1500 digital coins to be exact.

In order for investors to purchase coins more than that number, they are required to convert USD to bitcoin. This is now a process they can skip, thanks to Bittrex. Bill Shihara is the founder and CEO who shared that the main aim of the platform is to be able to reach as many markets through the use ofBittrex. It is also their goal to be able to cater to customers that wish to purchase digital coins using their US dollar as a form of trade.

With the launch of Bittrex, there is a big possibility that the market might encounter a big change. Before, majority of the cryptocurrencies can only be purchased when bitcoin is used as an exchange. This is because bitcoin is considered to be the standard value that links all other currencies. Shihara said that the introduction of Bittrex could change this setup as other currencies can now move away from bitcoin as investors will have a direct access.

As of writing, there are almost 200 various cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged on the Bittrex platform. The CEO expressed that the options are still limited because they are still on the stress-testing phase. This will give investors including Leonardo González Dellán a change to test their system before they roll out more digital coins to be available for exchange.

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French Cuisine Vs. Mc Donald’s In France

When you want something that is different from traditional Thai cuisine, an interesting option is best French restaurant in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Thailand. Aside from French food that has been prepared from the freshest ingredients, there are also creative cocktails that can cap off the meal. The stunning scenery around the restaurant will allow you to relax in style.

It goes without saying that the home of French cuisine is France; however, the country is also literally crowded with fast food centres like Mc Donald’s. Aside from the United States, no other country is home to so many Mc Donald’s as France even if a good number of the population still prefers traditional French cuisine.

In the Oleron Island, off Western France, the mayor refused to permit the building of a Mc Donald’s restaurant in the municipality of Dolus-d’Oleron. His argument was the building of Mc Donald’s was out of step with his ecological transition program that helped in his election four years ago.

Mayor Gregory Gendre prefers to create a sustainable food zone for the locals. In a 4-hectare area, the most advanced healthy food ideas will be implemented to defend local produce against the American fast food giant. As an alternative to Mc Donald’s, French media called the food zone “McDolus” after the town’s name.

However, even if the name resembles Mc Donald’s, Mc Dolus will be an open-air laboratory with food workshops and tasting. The main idea behind Mc Dolus is to show that food-related projects with the support of industry leaders can create sustainable economic models.

However, Mc Donald’s supporters that number more than 2,000 argue that the mayor is wrong in refusing permit to the giant fast food chain. At least 40 staff jobs and 30 temporary jobs will be lost. No ecological analysis has been made to determine whether local restaurants will lose if a Mc Donald’s store is opened in the municipality.

Compared to other cuisines all over the world, French cuisine has gained a global following. The influence of French cuisine is very apparent in Thailand with the best French restaurant in Chiang Mai that offers a diverse range of sophisticatedly cooked French dishes.

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Let A Bus From Bangkok To Krabi Take You To A Beautiful Destination

Thailand is one beautiful destination in the whole world. If you want to see Krabi, you can travel by bus from Bangkok to Krabi and enjoy sightseeing. As one of Thailand’s best islands, Krabi is situated in the tranquility of Phi Phi Island, the soothing beach resorts of Koh Lanta, and the amazing panorama of Ao Nang and Railay Beach. Include day trips to Ao Nang and Railay to complete your visit.

Kabri is definitely a must-see destination. You can spend a day trip to the mainland and do several sightseeing activities. You can wander through Krabi Town and get to understand Thai culture and its lively morning market. It’s actually the largest in southern Thailand, where you see hundreds of small shops and the amazing riverside walk. You can also get to taste authentic southern cuisines.

As you have travelled by bus from Bangkok to Krabi, ensure that you make the most of the island. You can spend a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands. You can also check out the islands of KohLanta and KohRok, where it’s famed for crystal clear seawaters and an unforgettable snorkelling experience. You can hire a speedboat to get there and watch the amazing small limestone islands. There are also the neighbouring parks which take pride of its crystal pools and hot springs.

Religious Sites

See the magnificent temples and mosques in Krabi, situated at the centre of the local community. They provide education and guidance to their members, and is a social centre for charitable events, ceremonies and festivals.

Historical Buildings

Lanta Old Town is a small village on the east side of KohLanta. Here you’ll find various cultural Chinese retailers, ancient sea gypsy communities, and the original Thai fishing families. Some 100 years ago, the town served as the port and commercial centre of the island.

Natural Attractions

To reach Krabi,travellers can travel by plane, train or bus from Bangkok to Krabi, whichever is convenient. The island makes a perfect escapade to experience the pristine white sandy beaches, attractive coral reefs, countless islands, and evergreen forests along with waterfalls and caves. In Krabi, you have a plethora of things to see and do, so ensure you are planning a visit to the island.

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The Importance Of Cyber Insurance For Accountants

The IRS has urged accountants and tax preparation firms to strengthen their cyber security measures this year because most identity thieves and hackers are targeting the accounting practice to gain information on their client’s personal and financial data. It is important for accountants to be prepared in the face of threats by having insurance accountant as protection.

Last month, a New Jersey-based CPA was compromised by malware which resulted to identity theft and fake tax refund requests that were filed on behalf of the client. KrebsOnSecurity was alerted by Alex Holden; a security expert of Hold Security that there is a malware gang whose focus is on CPA’s. The culprits are using a web-based keylogger that has the ability to record every keystroke that is typed on the target’s computer. It also records uploaded screenshots of whatever is being displayed on the computer screen of the target.

A keylogger is not particularly sophisticated but it is very effective. Aside from being able to grab data that the victim submits in web-based forms, it can capture typing including backspaces and typos. The individuals behind the scheme can capture the victim’s information that was uploaded in the website that was protected from data scraping by search engines. The site itself does not require any type of authentication in order to view data that was captured from the victim’s computer.

Nothing is clear on what methods were used by the culprits to place malware on the computer of the CPA from New Jersey. Based on the screenshots of his account, he has routinely ignored Microsoft messages and other 3rd party Windows-based programs to apply critical security updates.

It is very likely for a computer to be compromised through an email attachment or link that has been inadvertently clicked on. Phishing attacks are also used by cybercriminals to compromise computers of accountants.

Accountants are very vulnerable to cyber attacks because they are managing other’s people money. It is important for accountants to be protected by insurance accountant to ensure the best possible outcome in the face of these threats. The accountant may be innocent but proving so may require substantial legal fees.

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Sydney Property Owners Raking In Profit For Minimum Effort

Real estate experts in Sydney are claiming that the city’s property boom has passed, and are forecasting that prices in the city have a high likelihood of dropping by 10% for 2018, the high pricing in the market which has led to lots of removals in Sydney seems to be here to stay.

The Sydney property market’s high value was proven to some via the weekend sale of a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Paddington, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The property was owned by notable Aussie architect, Alexander Tzannes and his wife, Margaret Noonan, who acquired the property sometime before Christmas of 2017 for $3.66 million.

Reportedly, the couple was deliberating whether or not to stay at their current residence in Surry Hills, and opted not to go through the trouble of moving, calling for removals in Sydney, and decided to just test their luck in reselling the terrace, a mere few months after acquiring it.

Tzannes says that, even though the market showed a few signs of cooling down, he believed that the house would fetch a good price, as it was a product of good design, which he considers as being able to hold up well, regardless of market conditions.

The property went under the hammer on the 21st of April, where two bidders fought over it, with the winning bid amounting to $3.96 million, an extra $300,000 from the price that Tzannes bought it, without any additional renovations, upgrades or alterations. With stamp duty for the home costing about $196,000 this means that the couple managed to make a $100,000 profit on the property.

Currently, the median house price in Sydney clocks in at about $1,058,306, whilst the median for apartments is at $774,124.

The property market in Australia’s capital cities, have stayed flat over the recent months, and are now dropping by more than 1% on average in 2018, thanks to the Sydney market slowing down, according to data from CoreLogic.

Compared to 2017’s numbers, the home values of Sydney has dropped by 3%, with Perth dropping by 2.5%. Meanwhile, in other places in the country, prices are going the other way. Melbourne’s up by 4.3%, Brisbane by 1.1%, Adelaide by 1.2%.

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When’s The Right Time To Purchase Automotive Parts

Do you want to be always prepared, especially when it comes to buying automotive parts for your vehicle? Anything can happen in between and will need you to purchase items that best fit your vehicle. Sometimes, you plan and go ahead with the purchase just to be ready in times of emergency. There are other times where you wait till something happens. But remember, you can actually save more when you have car parts ready for your needs. Sometimes, you can even get special deals or discounts from obtaining one. Here are helpful tips that save you on parts and labor and keep your vehicle on the go:

Motor Oil

The best time to buy and change motor oil is before Black Friday or after Labor Day. It is at this period when notable retailers push their unsold inventory, especially with the cold season fast approaching. Actual retailers will compete with online offers of automotive parts and make you avoid possible delivery expenses. For rebates, you can make purchases for motor oil and get online rebates from prominent oil companies. There are also third-party discount providers that can lower down the price of high quality synthetic oil.


You should try to look for tire holidays and get manufacturer rebates from one of the retailers. If you do it on special holidays, you get a set of tires that cost less and for a discount. What makes this offer great is having to get the high quality ones. You can actually buy in advance and use old tires as your spare.


Can you change your own battery by yourself? For some cars, it can be really difficult. If you can’t do it, try to order some battery online and have the supplier change it when you reach their store. There are stores that offer discounts and where services are free. So get high quality battery and avoid spending a day at the repair shop.

Wiper Blades, Filters and Belts

There are some online stores who specialize on these items and can have it delivered to your doorsteps immediately. However, you need to ensure that you buy a two-year supply to ensure safety. You don’t need to hoard products for your car. Ensure that you look on a long term basis and see if your car can keep these auto parts for two years.

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Information You Need To Know About Colorado Tax ID

EIN and state Tax ID

EIN and State Tax ID are two legally required Tax Id numbers for different types of business organizations. EIN stands for Employee Identification number and is issued by the IRS. State Tax ID is issued by the State where the business operates and is only applicable to the State. If a business has operations in multiple states and hires employees, it has to obtain State Tax ID in each state. It is issued by the State Revenue Department.

Who needs to apply for Tax ID?

All types of business organizations like sole proprietorship, partnerships, Trusts, Estate of Deceased, Limited Liability Company, Corporation, not for profit organisations and Church, need to apply for a Colorado Tax ID number.

Uses of Tax ID

Business organisations need Colorado Tax ID number to carry on the regular functioning of their business. It is required for

  • Hiring employees and withholding the payroll tax
  • Getting all other permits and licenses to carry on the business
  • Opening bank accounts for the business
  • Getting a line of credit approved by the banks
  • Filing of tax returns and payment of taxes
  • For taking over of new business and restricting the existing business

How to Get Colorado Tax ID number?

Business organizations can file for the tax id numbers directly on the website of IRS. There are different methods of filing for EIN. Business owners can apply for EIN through telephone, fax, mail or online. Applying for a Tax ID through telephone needs the business owners to attend for a telephonic interview with the representative of IRS and answer all the questions regarding the business. Business owners need to download the application form and send it through mail or fax. It is the longest method and requires around 4 weeks to obtain the number. The fast and easiest way to apply for a Tax ID number is through online application. Business owners need to visit the IRS website and fill in the EIN registration form. They will receive the EIN within an hour of submitting the form; provide all the details in the form are correct.

Business owners can also hire the services of consultants to get a Colorado Tax ID number. The consultants charge a small fee for providing the service. They are experienced in the process and can handle the communication with IRS easily on your behalf.

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New Technology That Can Make Smart Windows Cheaper

The installation of building window tinting in Sydney has a huge effect on heat, UV rays and glare. Heat and glare are cut down by at least 80% and privacy is created for the employees, visitors and clients. Many employees complain about the glare on their eyes, computer screens and televisions. Window tinting will cut down the glare and provide 99% UV protection.

Chemistry researchers from UBC have developed a technique that is simple and cost effective in creating smart windows that are known for conserving building energy when they are switched from clear to tinted. The energy saving technology can dynamically control heat and light from the sun according to the needs of the building occupants.

According to Curtis Berlinguette, a professor of chemistry, chemical and biological engineering smart window technology offers the opportunity to reduce energy losses. When conventional window glass is used, it wastes one-third of the energy that is used to heat, ventilate and condition buildings. However, the main challenge in the use of smart windows is to make it more affordable.

Wei Cheng, the leader of the project at UBC found a new way to make glass materials that will change its colours in response to electricity. Cheng’s technique will deposit a liquid solution that contains metal ion into glass. With the use of ultraviolet light, the liquid solution will be transformed into a film that will coat glass. The film is completely transparent but it turns to blue when electricity passes through it. This will create an active component for a smart window.

The advantage of the technique is the creation of a uniform dynamic coating that does not need any specialized instruments. It is also compatible with different types of metals. Because the technique is scalable, it can be used to make larger windows that are stable for long-term use.

Instead of closing the blinds on a sunny day, businesses have the option of building window tinting in Sydney to dramatically reduce heat and the harmful UV rays from the sun. Aside from a being a decorative enhancement for buildings, window tints can reduce energy bills and make the workplace more comfortable and relaxing.

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Reasons To Invest In Seat Covers For Your Car

A more viable option to upholstering your car seats is to get custom made seat covers. The affordable solution costs less to upholstering the interior of your old car. They help to reduce the damage caused to the original seat and change the entire look of the interior. They cover up the stained and torn car seats and give a fresh new look to the car. The seat covers are also best option to spruce up the interior as they are available in a variety of designs and prints. The seat covers are made in a lot of different materials to suit the requirements of the clients.

The price of the seat covers depends on their material and the manufacturer’s brand image. For example, faux leather seat covers cost less than the genuine leather covers but provide the same luxurious look to the interiors. Other materials used in making seat covers are Neoprene, Canvas, Polyester, Suede, Mesh, Vinyl, Genuine leather, faux leather, genuine sheepskin and faux sheepskin and many others. Each material has its pros and cons and is suitable for specific requirements. The cleaning requirements of each material are also different. While some materials need just a wipe or vacuum, others need specific cleaning products for a sparkling finish and extended durability.

Seat covers also come to the rescue of vehicle owners who purchased used car. They can spruce up the interiors and give a brand new look to the car by investing in some good custom made seat covers. Choose seat covers depending your budget constraints and requirements. If you want to give a brand new makeover for your used car and are short on funds, opt for faux leather seat covers. They are priced less when compared to the genuine leather covers but offer matching looks and quality.

Investing in seat covers is also a best option for new car owners. The original seats can be protected from wear and tear by installing seat covers on them. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the interior of your car but also helps you to maintain its resale value for years to come by protecting the original seat fabric from wear and tear caused due to continuous regular use. No matter what material you opt for, faux leather seat covers or vinyl, or fabric seat covers, all of them serve the purpose of protecting the car’s original seat fabric and giving a new look to car’s interiors.

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New Beryllium Series Pickups That Use Alnico II Magnets

Some of the most common components of an electric guitar that shapes the character of pickup sound are Alnico magnets and ceramics. It is very difficult to tell the difference whether Alnico magnets are better than ceramics except for the guitar players themselves. The differences are subtle and can only be determined by using the same guitar and amp settings. However, if you are looking for Alnico magnets in Brisbane, you can easily access online vendors through their website.

Kiesel Custom Shop has recently introduced its newest pickups, the Beryllium Series that is available in bridge and neck humbucker or single coil version. These pickups are now the standard equipment you will find in all the SH Series of semi-hollow guitars, all CT and CS Series California Curved Top Guitars, the AE185 and AE185-12 acoustic and electric guitars including the bridge position of the Frank Gambale Signature FG1.

Mark Kissel has personally designed the Passive Beryllium Series through the use of Alnico II magnets and vintage style windings that can produce a classic guitar tone that is less modern sounding. You can expect a smooth output that has a bit of warmth from the Alnico II magnets.

The Custom Shop also offers metal pickup covers with Lithium or Beryllium pickups on the standard scale 6 and 7 string guitars. The covers have the classic “exposed pole” look for preserving the adjustability of individual pole pieces. Metal covers are also available for replacement pickups.

Kiesel Custom Shop that has been in existence for 70 years still designs and builds high quality custom guitars. In recent years, the offerings have expanded to include headless guitars, multi-scale guitars, 24-fret bolt neck guitars, carved top guitars and many more. The Custom Shop also customized guitars according to your requirements and taste.

Physical stores generally have a limited stock of magnets that you may need for your project. Online stores are the best sources for Alnico magnets in Brisbane that are made from an alloy of samarium, cobalt and iron. Online stores offer a range of sizes, grades and shapes of one of the strongest magnets in the world.

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