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Haven’t Met Hotel Silom to launch with urban hospitality concept

The new, Haven’t Met Hotel Silom Bangkok is set to open its doors to the public sometime in August this year, and is set to offer those looking for 5 star accommodation in Bangkok a new, hip option with its two new room types, the Awesome Room and the Sensational Room, both options giving its customers the comfort of extra-large double beds and ensuite bathrooms.

The new hotel is set to be lead by its Executive Director, Patrick Pratummanee, who will also handle the company’s pre-opening preparations before full operations later in August. The Filipino-Thai hospitality expert already has quite a bit of experience in the Thai hospitality business in the 2 decades he has stayed in the country, having managed some of the country’s most successful hotels and venues.

Included in Mr. Pratummanee’s storied resume is acting as Group General Manager of all of the Absolute Resorts, before moving on and taking the helm as General Manager at Phuket’s Catch Beach Club, which he later continued to work for under a different post, as Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing. Since moving on to other managerial posts, he has since found his way to the role of Group General Manager for Salil Hotels.

According to Mr. Pratummanee, he has teamed up with the young, up-and-coming Haven’t Met Hotel brand because he believes that the new brand is offering a modern, cutting-edge approach to 5 star accommodation in Bangkok, aimed more at being a travel partner and helping visitors experience the most out of the local scene during their stay.

The new Haven’t Met Hotel Silom is located at a brisk walking distance from the Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station, meaning that it is close to Bangkok’s famous nightlife hotspots, as well as the iconic Chao Phraya River, and the more peaceful environs of the Lumpini Park.

The 72-room contemporary hotel offers 24-hour High Lounge services, a rooftop bar dubbed ‘The Moment’, and the aforementioned two room choices. On top of all of that, each room is fitted with a 40″ Samsung Smart TV, plus complimentary Wi-Fi and LAN connections. Every room also has a fully stocked mini-bar for guests to enjoy.

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Outdoor Team Building Activities Trainer Dies In Fall From Lisle Platform

A Lisle trainer died when she fell from a platform 8 meters high while actively playing a rope obstacle course. This is one of the saddest outdoor team building activities that ever happened in the area.

Lynda Peck endured fatal chest and abdominal injuries from the fall, as reported by the DuPage County investigator’s office.

Lisle authorities said that Peck was a trainer for the Corporate Learning Institute, a company that conductsteam buildingactivities at their site in Summerhill Drive.It’s somehow unfortunate that the outdoor team building activities turned out a nightmare.

This institute operates the business on a property owned by Marriott Conference Center. Peck worked as private contractor for the learning institute.

The investigator’s report said that she was on a platform and working with a “zip line,” which is a wire down that people slide using a metal clip attached to the harness.

Tim Buividas of Wheaton operating the institute said they are grieving for the tragic event. He declined to provide details regarding the incident. Responding paramedics brought Peck to a hospital, where she died of her injuries.

A spokesperson for the federal agency said the investigation may take many months. The spokesman said the facility had no previous investigation. This simply means that the outdoor team building activities done here have to be thoroughly investigated.

The Corporate Learning Institute caters to businesses that send employees to the facility for one to several days of outdoor team building activities, using many forms of outdoor rope obstacle courses.

Peck’s family gathered Wednesday to mourn her lost at her home in Algonquin.

Peck had been teaching these courses using high rope courses for around twenty years, according to her family. They said that Peck was adventurous and even enjoyed bungee jumping and skydiving.

Her sister Sheralyn Peck said that her sister was very confident to do all these things in the proper way, which she often did, until this accident. This outdoor team building activities have really been an unavoidable accident.

Lynda Peck graduated in 1975 from the Downers Grove South High School and also attended the now defunct George Williams College also in this area.

Besides her sister, she was survived by her parents, Alleyne and Howard; a brother, Chris, and another sister, Cathy.

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The Growing Market For Electric Counter top Griddles

Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company released its latest report on the global counter top griddle market. Technavio also made an analysis on the important trends that will impact on the electric griddle market from 2017 to 2021.

According to Manu Gupta the lead analyst of Technavio, manufacturers of counter top griddles offer different kinds of griddle plates in varying thicknesses of ¼ inch, ¾ inch or 1 inch and more. Most end users are rather specific with their choice particularly since some griddles that have very thin plates are very likely to crack or get distorted when frozen food is cooked continuously at very high temperatures.

Most independent food service restaurants as well as premium steakhouses prefer griddle plates of different thicknesses but the thicker one-inch griddle is better suited for food service establishments that handle a large volume of frozen items.

The growth of the market for counter top griddles is influenced by the increase in consumer demand for food that has been prepared in electric griddles. For example, food service establishments are usually required to produce a large volume of quality food and their production efficiency is greatly enhanced when they use the counter top griddles. Besides that, manufacturers of electric griddles are making the effort to improve design and features of their products.

One of the improvements made by electric griddle manufacturers is even heat distribution on the griddle plate so that heat will be distributed on all corners of the griddle. The heating element which is usually installed underneath the griddle plate is placed in such away as to ensure even heat distribution. Induction is a relatively new technology wherein an induction coil is placed underneath the griddle plate.

 Technology in the manufacture of electric griddle is also improving. Consumers have a choice from griddles that are flat, grooved, chrome-finished or double-sided. There is also a choice between gas or electric counter top griddle models.

It is difficult to maintain consistent temperature when cooking large amounts of food. To make sure that you get the best griddle that will cook food efficiently and quickly, read electric griddle reviews by Kitchen Appliances HQ and then refer to the buyer’s guide.

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How To Enjoy Night Outs In Sydney

If you are a local then you know that the city has one of the most complicated laws when it comes to drinking. One might think that setting up a bar is as simple as buying booze and bar stools online to furnish the place but the fact is that you also have to exert more effort when it comes to attracting customers.

The city is known for its beach culture and many iconic landmarks worth seeing such as the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Many visitors have also acclaimed the city for its great offerings when it comes to night entertainment.

However, in the last couple of years, laws have become a little complicated and it has since affected the nightlife of the city. It started in 2014 when fatal drunken attacks occurred and the government of New South Wales created a new law that imposed a number of new policies when it comes to nightlife in the city.

The Sydney scene has since then been dominated with lower-alcohol offerings and more like spritz style. The closing time is also earlier than before. This does not mean that the people will not be able to enjoy the nightlife in the city, as long as they know where to go.

The first thing that came out is the lockout laws. This stops the patrons from going to the venue once the clock has strikes 1:30 in the morning and alcohol will no longer be served once it is 3 in the morning. The following rules tackle the types of alcohols that are acceptable to be served once it is 12 midnight. This means that whisky sour can be taken before midnight but after that only the acceptable cocktails are going to be served. This goes the same for neat spirits.

If you are planning to open a bar in Sydney then you should not only concern yourself with your decorations and with purchasing bar stools online but it is vital to be well acquainted of these laws. As of writing, there is an organization named Keep Sydney Open that is petitioning for the nightlife in the city to be saved.

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Foreign Investors Head For Myanmar’s Thilawa SEZ

The Thilawa Special Economic Zone is a mid-development joint venture, conceptualized and headed by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETO) and the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). The project started out with $3.28B, and was launched three years ago, on May of 2014.

According to official media reports released last Monday, July 17, foreign investors have analysed the Thilawa SEZ and decided it, and the idea of a hotel near Myanmar centre, to be a favourable investment, with investments to the SEZ from foreign sources having hit US$1.7B .

When analyzed and divided into their respective source sectors, the data shows that the manufacturing sector led the foreign investment buzz, accounting for US$773M of the investment, followed by the import-export sector at US$126M. The logistics sector trails third with US$77M, followed by the service sector at $56M, and, finally, showing some reception to the idea of a hotel near Myanmar centre, the real estate and the hotel sectors with US$30M and US$12M, respectively.

The Thilawa SEZ is composed of 2,400 hectares of land. Out of all this, 400 hectares, representing Zone A, have already been in operation since September of 2015. Zone B, composed of 101 hectares of land, will be leased sometime this year, if schedule holds. If all proceeds as planned, Zone B’s development will be completed sometime next year.

The official reports stated that Myanmar is seeing at least 150 foreign companies from over 17 countries across the world taking interest and investing in the Thilawa SEZ, which, according to calculations, will create approximately 40,000 job opportunities in the area.

The Thilawa SEZ is the first development of its kind anywhere in Myanmar, with two additional SEZ’s being developed after it: the Dawei and Kyakphyu SEZ’s, which are currently in progress.

The agreement between the UMFCCI, representing Myanmar, and the JETO, representing Japan, was signed on the 29th of October, 2013. This agreement led to the introduction of the Thilawa SEZ, which is operated by the joint Myanmar-Japan Thilawa Development Company, a venture between the two countries, composed of two Myanmar-based companies and two Japan-based companies, with a share ratio of 51:49, slightly in favour of Myanmar.

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3 Essential Tips In Choosing Vanity Units In The UK

There are numerous vanity units in the UK with various sink designs. Most of these ideas can be found on the internet and with their number and availability, you might end up confused. To help you decide on the vanity unit that you are going to pick, take a look at these ideas:

Factor in your bathroom space

When shopping for basin vanity units, one of the things that you should consider is the floor size of your bathroom. Buying an oversized vanity sink will eat up your bathroom space although this should not be an issue if you have a large bathroom. If you have limited space, determine the measurement of the vanity unit to ensure that it will fit in your bathroom. The vanity unit should not be too big or too small for your bathroom space.

Consider the unit’s functionality

There are two main reasons of having basin vanity units in the bathroom. One is to store bathroom items such as soap, towels, tissue paper and the likes while the other purpose is to increase your bathroom’s aesthetic value. There are single sink vanity units and you can also find double sinkvanity units in the UK for more utility and storage space. There are also the type that has more drawers and extra space for toiletries. Look for discounted vanity units to get more savings and another option is to find a supplier that offers free delivery within your area.

Check the design

Another consideration in choosingvanity units in the UK is its physical appearance or aesthetic value. Think about your bathroom theme then choose a vanity sink that will complement your overall design. Another consideration is your bathroom’s wall paint colour. If your wall paint is light in shade, choose a dark coloured vanity unit. There are different designs of bathroom vanity unit. There are Victorian, contemporary, rustic, industrial and other designs and materials for the units. No matter what type of vanity unit you choose, make sure that it will be in harmony with the rest of the items and furnishings in your bathroom.

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Father’s Disappearance Leads To The Start Of An Undertaking Business

Funerals are sombre affairs, for the simple reason that losing a loved one is a tragedy that deeply affects everyone. People grieve for the dearly departed, and look for the best funeral services, making sure that the tiniest detail of the service and after is well taken care of, even searching for the best funeral urns in Perth, in order to properly honour those that they’ve lost, and to ensure closure for the ones left behind.

One man in Fairfield, Australia, Mr. Adriano Coluccio, never got the closure of being able to hold a funeral service for his father, Mr. Collucio Sr., who simply disappeared on the 24th of June, 1990, after taking a taxi from Merrylands to Cronulia. Adriano turned his lack of closure into his motivation, shifting his career from a fruit and vegetables salesman into an undertaker.

He now runs the eponymous Adriano Coluccio Funeral Services in NSW,  wherein he gives families the closure they need after losing a loved one. Closure, he says, that he never got. According to Mr. Coluccio, he imagines how he would say his final farewell to his disappeared father every time he does a funeral service.

Coluccio has stated that he knows that, when a loved one has recently passed, that’s one of the lowest points in people’s lives, which makes making decisions, such as looking for funeral urns in Perth or anywhere else, difficult. He says he helps people deal with the loss, and that his experiences, both before and after he decided to go into the funeral service business, have changed his perspective.

Mr. Coluccio says that he’s done funerals for people who never woke from bed, he says he’s done funerals for children, among other things. He says that it reminds him to enjoy his life, and his time with his loved ones as much as possible; he knows full well that loved ones can simply go away when people least expect it.

He says that, having been raised Catholic, says that he still prays for his father, hoping that he might come home, or that, wherever he is, God makes sure that he is happy.

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Farmers Now Among People Looking For Insurance

The agriculture industry is considered as one of the busiest industries and also one of the commonly neglected industries in the world. You see, without this specific industry, what are we going to eat on a daily basis? The agriculture industry, specifically the farmers, fishermen, hog raisers among others, is the very reason why we, human beings, are able to eat all sort of edible food because this industry is the producing them and making sure that the planet is well-fed with healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. Now, farming, growing fruits, vegetables and other farmable crops is not an easy thing to even begin with. You have to consider various things aside from which crops can be easily be farmed during a specific season. You have to worry about the weather in your area and also take into serious consideration of the possible threat of pest infestation which can cause massive damage to your crops and can reduce your monthly income significantly. In addition to this, when you accidently sold fruits and vegetables that have been infested by pests, it can also cause serious health problems to the ones who will consume the goods. Nowadays, the list of people looking for insurance now includes farmers and other workers who belong in the industry of agriculture.

Recently, July 1 was declared as Crop Insurance Day as a part of the initiative to provide insurance coverage for main crops that only requires paying a relatively affordable premium. Due to the fact that farmers and animal raisers alike among the first victims of natural calamities such destructive storms and powerful earthquakes, such calamities can instantly cause damage to crops that are yet to be sowed. Other extremely-damaging catastrophes such as drought and even lightning hits can cause equally life-threatening damages especially to these workers. The good news is, people looking for insurance who are from the agriculture industry will be given compensation to cover the expenses that were done by the said calamities. Farmers are now being encouraged to take full advantage of the small premium because the amount of compensation one can receive has been increased by up to 10 times.

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Advantages Of Booking In Hotel With Pool Bar In Sukhumvit

Hotels usually take pride on its facilities and one of its coveted hotel facilities are its swimming pools.  You can check at any hotel website and you will find a specific page highlighting the best features of their swimming pool. If you want to magnify your holiday experience, book in a hotel with a pool bar in Sukhumvit or in our preferred area in Bangkok. Here are some of the reasons why.

Recreation rolled into one

Swimming and drinking are two of the most relaxing activities that you can do in a hotel, so long as you do not overdo your drinking. A glass of martini or tequila sunrise on hand would not hurt while lounging on a poolside lounger or kiosk by the pool. You can watch the stars while taking sips of refreshing drinks or dine at the poolside patio after taking a few laps at the swimming pool.

Convenient relaxation

The best thing about booking at a hotel with pool bar in Sukhumvit is that you no longer have to dress up and go to the restaurants or bars at a separate area at the hotel when you get hungry or when you want to have a few drinks when you can have all your needs while enjoying at the pool. There’s no need to dry up just to order your favourite dishes when they would be served right where you are.


  • In order to experience dining or lounging in an excellent pool bar, book in a hotel that takes pride of its pool area or pool resto-bar.
  • Read reviews to find out which hotels in the area have an excellent service at their pool bar and poolside restaurant.
  • Engage in forums and discussion boards for recommendations on the best pool bar in Sukhumvit. You can also start topics on these forums to solicit more opinion.
  • When reading reviews focus on the price, the service and hospitality of the waiters and waitresses including the hotel staff and on the quality of food and drinks the pool bar serves.

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Darwin Attacked By Fake Removalist

It is common to see furniture removalists in Sydney but there have been scary news circulating in the past few months in the northern part of Darwin that created fear on the residents. It is that an organized gang composed of thieves is pretending to be removalists.

In the most recent incident, the gang targeted a property located in Nightcliff white it is servicing for open home. The group returned to steal the items inside the empty house. They were posing removalists and were able to take away $15,000 worth of belongings in the house. They were able to clear a number of household items such as paintings and pot for the plants.

They positioned a removal truck outside of the property and they loaded all the heavy furniture such as lounges. They also took with them the fridges and television sets.

The homeowner decided to remain anonymous for the interview. He shared that his friendly neighbor might have alerted the gang while they were doing their operation on broad daylight.

His neighbor contacted him the following day when he saw that his electronic main gate as well as the front door of the house was left opened.

The owner said that he arrived to the open house and half of the property was ransacked while the other half is already organized to be moved away. All the belongings are already arranged for the fake removalist. The job was done professionally and not a single window was damaged during the heist.

He shared that the police discovered his locks were drilled out but there was no fingerprint or DNA traces left inside the house.

The neighbor talked to him and admitted that he saw a group of people working as removalists. He even talked to them briefly as they appeared to be doing a legitimate operation.

The gang seemed to be eyeing furnished properties and look for their floor plans as well as open homes schedule online. This is why residents are warned and make sure to ask if the people working are legitimate furniture removalists in Sydney.

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