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Benefits Of Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

Touch screen technology was in use since forty years, but the high costs of the technology has restricted its use to highly expensive applications. The advanced technologies, which led to the introduction of low cost touch screens resulted in an upward demand for these touch screen monitors.

Touch screen monitors are used for many commercial and industrial purposes. They are seen everywhere from ATMS, ticket vending machines and consumer information points to complex industrial uses. The usage of industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand provides a lot of advantages to its users when compared to the conventional industrial computers, which has led to a surge in their demand.

Some of the benefits of industrial touch screen monitors in Thailand are

  • The touch screen monitors act as both input and output devices. Devices using a touch screen do not require separate monitor, keyboard and mouse for operation. The graphic user interface in the industrial touch screen monitorsenables them to function as both an input and output device.
  • The industrial touch screen monitors are more robust than the CRT and LCD monitors.
  • One of the main reasons for the popularity of the industrial touch screen monitors is their durability. They are resistant to contaminations like oil, water, dust and petrochemicals. They also do not contaminate the surroundings and are ideal for use in food processing industries and healthcare sector.
  • Touch screen monitors are the best choice for limited spaces. They can be easily mounted on walls and on heavy machines. Since they do not require any heavy peripherals, the industrial touch screen monitors are ideal choice for machines in restricted areas. They are easily portable and hence are also suitable for mining and other industries.
  • The touch screen monitors can be sealed off for security reasons to avoid tampering and theft of data.
  • The usage of touch screen monitors is also useful when the machines are left unattended or placed outside. Such placement is not suitable for standard computer equipment and hence an industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand is preferred.

There are many technologies available for touch screen monitors. Some of the commonly used industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand are resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screen systems, infrared system and surface acoustic wave system. Industries should choose the most compatible and cost effective system for their operations.

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What Students Get From An International School in Bangkok

Parents aspire their children to have high quality education. When they are paying for a six-digit fee on international school in Bangkok, they long to see the very best in their kids. But it’s never easy to choose a school where their kids can attain the best academic experience and be a great shot when entering top-calibre university. As with any other product, parents want to know they’re really getting the value of their money.

Students from international schools often graduate with globally recognized certificates like the International Baccalaureate, US high school diploma, Cambridge IGSCE, or A-levels for the British curriculum. These cannot be earnedfrom a national system and will be enticing for globally accepted universities like Cambridge or Harvard.

The fluency in the English language is now required with the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community to encourage cross border business activities. Many affluent and middle-class parents are now preparing the next generation with skills that they need in the future.

“The global study programs will guide students on a realistic level in terms of doing rather than remembering the Thai education system which is somewhat outdated,” said one Thai mother whose daughter went to an international school in Bangkok for education.

“They are often offered the capacity to practice English all the time and become familiar with the language. Culturally, the students come in various nationalities. They can learn and adapt to various cultures and nationalities, which is helpful in leading to their future careers.”

Some international schools permit their local students to make up 60% or more of the total enrolment, but others choose lower caps for diversity.

While a considerable fee is a concern for some, most parents choose to make a financial commitment, with the concern that their children will learn from the curriculum, facilities and their teachers’ qualifications.

Another thing about an international school in Bangkok is having their students engage in more extracurricular activities. What parents find here are swimming facilities, tennis courts, indoor theatre and orchestra rehearsal rooms.

At lower level schools, the facilities may not be that extravagant, and they also can’t pay more salaries that top schools are paying their best teachers. However, tuition fees are lower.

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Northwestern University To Host ‘Back To School Jam’

Hundreds upon hundreds of youth and families will be heading for Jones College Prep High School on the 23rd of September, 2017 for a grand example of back to school activities, with the new Back to School Jam, aimed at encouraging students to find their interest and explore ways to their colleges and careers.

Part of the ‘Create Your Path’ program, a joint effort by the Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) organizations, the Back to School jam is an event celebrating summer education, as well as a preview of the educational programs available during the back to school period of fall. The event is set to be held on the 23rd of September, Saturday, at Jones College Prep High School at 700 S. State St, in Chicago, from 12NN to 4PM.

CCOL partners, at least 20 of them, which includes NASA Glenn Research Center, the Argonne National Laboratory and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, will be taking part in the back to school activities, and will be providing visiting students with hands-on activities, as well as displaying the works of the youth that joined them back in summer.

CCOL started as the initiative of the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and is powered by Professor Nichole Pinkard’s Digital Youth Network. Its aim is to remove the divergence between in- and out-of-classroom learning by connecting the youth of Chicago with interest-based learning avenues across the city. The CCOL online platform,, allows interested Chicago access to a repository of the city’s cultural, intellectual and technological resources, allowing for the discovery of new interests, the pursuit of passions, and the education of youth via the chronicling of experiences.

Over 100 institutions across the city contributed to the platform, with CCOL partners being active cooperators with events, allowing the initiative to provide a holistic learning outlet for Chicago residents.

The CCOL is supported with assistance from the Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, with development support coming primarily from the SSEP’s Office of STEM Education Partnerships.

The OSEP itself, handles the creation of research-based STEM educational programs for the learning and development of K-12 students and educators, with additional info available in the OSEP site for public access.

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Online Classes Provided By Tuition Agencies In Singapore

There is a long list of tuition agency in Singapore because of the demand from students who are looking for help in their academic subjects. With the innovation technology has provided, online tuition is now starting to gain popularity in the country. Over 15 tuition agencies as well as private tutors have included online classes in their service. This is a deviation from the traditional sessions where it is done face to face.

According to parents and tutors, the online tutoring services provide more convenience compared to a personal encounter. With online tuition, all they need to have is an application that supports video chat like Google Hangouts or Skype. The worksheets are then shared though online tools such as Dropbox.

Berdine Yeo is a 14 year old student currently enrolled at PayaLebar Methodist Girls’ School in the secondary level. She revealed that she is now having a weekly session online under a math tuition agency in Singapore. Her parents paid $200 annually and she is now two years with the program. This is in preparation for her PSLE or Primary School Leaving Examination.

Despite having face to face tutoring, the online classes served as her supplement. According to her father, Yeo See Kiat, a 48 years old working as a manager, she gets extra help through the online tuition and she is also able to practice more with the subject of Mathematics.

The IB Super Tuition Centre used to offer only face to face sessions up until a year ago when it decided to offer online tutoring. They tutor various subjects and data showed that compared to last year, the number of students enrolled in their online sessions have increased by 500 per cent. The centre started with three online students and now there are 15 enrolled in the service.

According to Jason Tan, a professor at the National Institute of Education, there are students that are able to learn on their own and there are those that needs the assistance of tutors from a tuition agency in Singapore. There are students that require supervision in order to keep their focus or else they will be doing something else.

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Health Insurance In Bangkok Guaranteed For Children

Staying healthy is one of the main top priorities of most humans today. Simply put it this way: you can’t do anything at all if your body isn’t physically in shape to face the daily struggles that we face on a daily basis. And like it or not, getting sick has become more complex and equally more expensive in today’s times. This is due to the fact that technologies that are related to health are evolving and so are the diseases. They have grown deadlier and infect a patient on a much unsuspecting matter. Nowadays, children in particular, have been more prone to getting sick. Fortunately, if you are a citizen or a migrant worker who is working in the Kingdom of Thailand, specifically in the capital city of Bangkok, you will be able to get guaranteed health insurance in Bangkok, exclusively for your children.

According to the health officials in Thailand, the move to provide health insurance in Bangkok that is for children of both local citizens and migrant workers, is primarily due to a conducted study which stated that about 7% of Thai children aged from birth to 6 years old had a lower IQ than the normal and accepted IQ level of children worldwide. This was due to the bitter truth that some parents, especially migrant workers in Thailand, didn’t have access to the appropriate healthcare services for their respective children. In continuing to work to improve healthcare services that can be availed by women and children, more especially the children of overseas workers who are working in the city, the health officials have given away health cards that will enable card holders to gain access to various healthcare services which include the free vaccinations that are needed to strengthen the immune system of children. There will be other services that can be availed if you have the health card from the Bangkok City government which include pregnancy check-ups for mothers-to-be, clinics for children, can be used to enrol children to day care centres and, send an abused child to a centre which helps abused children. Card holders will only need to show the ID to the accredited healthcare service providers to gain access to these services.

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New Hotel To Be Built In The Campus Of The University Of Chicago

Complimentary internet access is an important factor for business travellers when they choose a hotel but for others location matters more. An ideal location will easily allow a hotel guest to be connected to the city’s business and financial district as well as restaurants, bars and entertainment centres.

At a meeting, plans for a 15-story hotel at the University of Chicago’s campus on the corner of 60th Street and Dorchester Avenue were announced. According to DNAinfo, officials from the university have recently mentioned the importance of nearby hotel options because the Rubenstein Forum attracts a large number of academicians to the area for conferences.

The hotel that will be named “The Study at the University of Chicago” will include a 1,500 square feet fitness centre, 2,200 square feet to be used for meeting rooms and an 85-seat restaurant and bar. Slides were presented from a meeting that was hosted by the 20th Ward alderman Willie Cochran to show the development of the hotel that is expected to generate 150 permanent jobs and 250 jobs for the local construction industry.

The new hotel which will be built on a 70,000 square feet of land will replace the vacant colonial Hyde Park Day School Building. However, the hotel is not owned by the University of Chicago but privately developed. Similar to the other buildings on the university campus, the hotel will include amenities for the university and the local community.

In a statement to DNAinfo, Calametta Coleman, University Director of Communications for Civil Engineering, said the University will not be releasing information on when the project will start including the total financial costs. The Study will be the first building on campus that will be a business for profit. The Study will also be the most convenient option for the Obama Presidential Centre.

Even in Thailand, location certainly matters for hotelsand resorts. In Bangkok, hotel near Terminal 21 is ideally located at the heart of the city’s residential, business and shopping centres. It is walking distance to the BTS, Skytrain Station and other points of interest for both the leisure and business traveller.

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New Hospital Launched Safety Week

Despite the fact that the new hospital is not yet finished and a lot of work is still waiting to be done, it has become an ideal location for safety promotion. This week there is a collaboration called Safety Week hosted by Skanska-Closner together with MIOSHA. They will tackle the new training as well as the routines that should be practiced from day to day. This training aims to educate through the workplace health & safety consultants provided by MIOSHA.

As soon as the clock strikes 7 in the morning, the construction workers come together to perform stretching as well as devise a plan before they start with their work for the day.

According to the safety consultant under MIOSHA, Steve Tighe, they perform stretching and flexing as well as making sure that the workers are physically fit in order to decrease the number of muscle injuries in the workplace.

The new hospital’s construction entails a lot of dangers especially a risk of falling from hanging steel. According to statistics, in 2016, there are 43 deaths in construction and 20 of them are due to falling. Tighe added that the hospital site is under construction thus there is a lot of hanging steels but he is commending the crew because they are doing everything by the book to make sure that they are safe. The construction has been going on for 11 months now but they are happy that Marquette was not meet with news of any injury.

Skanska’s senior vice president of operations, Gary Cooper, is proud because of the safety measures that the work crew has exhibited and he wants to use them as an example in the entire industry.

Cooper said that they are planning to change the industry in order for people to be aware that a safe environment can be created and instil in their mind that the industry is not a dangerous one. There might be instances where risks are present but there are always alternatives that could be done especially if you have workplace health & safety consultants that guide the working crew to creating a safer working environment.

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Is Free College In California Possible?

It was only recently when the state of New York announced their Excelsior Scholarship program which is designed to cover the tuition fee of students who are planning to join the State University under the system of New York. It is the first of its type of scholarship program that was launched in the country and viewed by many as a stepping stone in achieving free college education. People are now curious as to the possibility of something like this happening in California especially in the current system of the University of California.

The problem is that the scholarship will come with limitations, as every scholarship does and that is the very reason why scholarships such as the Excelsior Scholarship will not be possible in the state of California. You have to keep in mind the difference between the two states when it comes to size, the square footage alone with the population will show how big the gap is between New York and California. The funding needed for a state as big as California would be humungous as well and it is not feasible in a state that is already burdened with so much debt.

The scholarship will not be accessible to all because it will only be limited to qualified students who are coming from middle class families. The middle class groups are those that do not receive financial aid but also the same group that are not able to afford paying for the full amount in order to go to college. While it may be helpful for those who from low income families, the tuition fee is not the only expense they have to pay since they would need to fund their housing, books as well as daily meals and some may not be able to afford this.

The college system in California is not ideal as well because a student would have to allot five to six years before finishing their education. While this program along with other programs such as Fellowship Offer for People with Glasses is still far from reaching free college tuition for all, this is definitely a good start in the right direction.

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No Traditional School Desks For A Teacher In North Hagerstown High

Visiting one of the classes in North Hagerstown High, you will be able to see that the sophomore student John Hardman is leaning back in his still chair while his iPad is situated on his thighs. His feet can be seen resting on the second shelf of a shelving unit made of metal which serves as the table. This scene is not unusual in the said English class.

Just a seat in front of John is Ashley Cabrera and her seatmate, Alice Poffenberger. Both of them are sitting on crates that are covered with fabric. On top of these crates are seat cushions while their table is a short one that resembles the one used by elementary schools.

Across them is Heather Meyers who is also a sophomore. She is sitting on a grey yoga ball and her back is straight as it could be while her iPad is resting on a round table.

The teacher of the English class in North Hagerstown High School, Lisa Fichthorn-Scumpieru, is the mastermind behind the makeover. She decided to let go of all the traditional desks. She started this practice when the new school year started.

Before the makeover, her classroom has the traditional combo of desk with chairs. The chairs used to have an L-shaped desk that covers the students on their right side. The chairs had a rack located under for storage of books.

Scumpieru shared that she saw how the students were very uncomfortable with the old style of the desks and seats. It is hard for them to turn and students who are taller or larger do not fit well into it. The set up made it difficult for the students to use their iPad along with other learning materials.

She revealed that she got the inspiration from pictures that she saw while browsing Twitter. These images are also from teachers who are starting to makeover their own classrooms. When she got the approval from James Aleshire, the principal of the school, she got rid of the high school chairs and desks and brought in different furniture from her own home.

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New E-Learning Programs Appear Designed For Industrial Workers

Based from a 2015 research conducted by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, there is an expected need for about 2.5 million manufacturing workers in 2025, but almost 2 million will be unfilled due to major skill gaps, and this is only in the United States. Furthermore, the survey indicated that 6 out of 10 of the skilled production jobs are unfilled currently because of talent shortages.

E-learning training programs for industrial workers

LearningSI, a 20-year customized industrial training programs provider, just announced their new e-learning modules which are specifically created to assist the firms increase new hires rapidly to minimize downtime and increase revenues. They consider these three primary factors affecting the industrial training now:

  • The aging out of industrial workers, with new workers that lack basic skills.
  • New processes and equipment which are too complex and the need for an extensive fundamental knowledge.
  • Young workers who embrace learning and also regard it as a benefit, so they respond better to e-learning methods.

In order to meet the industrial workforce’s needs, the company is moving to e-learning modules. They want to make the training easier and also more cost-effective, while having the workers engaged in concepts needed for success. The learning programs currently involved instrumentation diagrams and reading process. In the future, the basics of chemistry, electricity, physics and equipment operations will be included.

Unique learning needs of the industrial workforce

According to Dimitris Kiritsis, Marco Taisch and Christos Emmanouilidis, the authors of the “Advances in Production Management Systems, Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and Services” report, the need for better system quality, productivity, safety, availability and customer satisfaction is influencing industrial training to look for modern solutions.

The training systems need to address the skills needed by floor technicians to be collaborative and agile. Training no longer needs to be in closed classroom environments in an organization.

In sum, organizations now need to be familiar with e-learning methods, such as ways on how to make a training video or creating digital reading materials, so learning is facilitated online making more sense, given the evolving jobs of these industrial workers.

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