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The Importance Of Proper Installation Of Electric Fences

One of the most cost effective methods of managing animals is through the use of electric fences. Since the 1960’s, the electric fence for dogs, cattle, horses and sheep has been widely used because it reduces the risks of injury compared to barbed wire fences. Modern energizers that generate up to 10,000V are relatively inexpensive to run and draw less electricity than the 100W light bulb.

It is very important for the output of the electric fence to comply with the requirements of BS EN 60335-2-76 so that there will be protection against electric shock. The electric fence is very unlikely to cause danger if the current that passes through the body of a person or livestock has lower value. It is also important for the electric fence to be correctly installed so that it can stimulate a response following contact. For example, if dog comes in contact with the fence, it will receive an uncomfortable sensation of electric shock.

The maximum duration of impulse must only be 10 ms while the maximum energy discharged per impact must be limited to 5 Joules so that the energizer would not cause an electric shock that will result into a dangerous psychological effect from the passing of an electric shock.

The use of electric fences has its share of drawbacks. For example, there is a danger of electric shock if a person or animal becomes entangled in the fence and fails to break contact. A succession of impulses can be received which would be very unpleasant. If incorrectly installed there could be a dangerous possibility of voltage from another system like an overhead power line to appear on the electric fence.

Additional protection must also be provided for the wiring system and equipment that is supplying the energizer to withstand the conditions that include water, high humidity and dusts including corrosive substances like animal waste.

Many people have realized the benefits of electric fence for dogs like keeping it safe while it freely runs and plays in a designated area. The electric fence can be installed in almost any type of landscape where a traditional fence can be considered impractical or very difficult to install.