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Luxury Residences Create Unique Experiences For Millennials

The hospitality industry composed of hotels, bed & breakfasts, luxury residences, apartments and guesthouses is going all out to attract the millennial population who love to travel on their own terms.  Members of the millennial generation who are usually in their 20’s and early 30’s have the means to travel and they are looking for unique experiences when they venture out to distant locations like Bangkok.

According to Fraser’s Hospitality Group that recently opened a new property in Berlin, millennials are the fastest growing market of the hospitality industry because they have the purchasing power. However, to appeal to the millennial, the next wave of hotels must offer something different because when the millennials visit, they want to be surprised.

Capri by Fraser Berlin brand ensured that the 143-room accommodation in the city centre of Berlin has a distinctive design and aesthetic inspired by the city itself. The archaeological excavation site that was inadvertently discovered while the hotel was being constructed can be viewed through a glass floor on the hotel’s lobby.

In Singapore, the property’s brand in Changi Business Park has suites that have been designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz. Unique design elements are very important to keep pace with the evolving hotel landscape. While a unique design does not mean an immediate success, it offers the element of surprise to visitors.

Hotels are no longer just commodities that provide visitors with a room to stay in and a dining room to eat their meals; they are expected to be a lifestyle and an experience. Other hotels are revising and improving their brands to cater to the millennial traveller that is looking for a unique experience. For example, a serviced apartment with Instagram-worthy features can offer a more curated experience by allowing a piano to be playedin the room.

Whether the reason for travel is business or leisure, there is luxury residence in Bangkok that will allow you a unique experience. There is a super comfortable and welcoming lobby and a library where you can browse through books and periodicals. On the third floor is a pool where you can unwind and relax after exploring the sights in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Launched Their Own Biennial Event

While biannual events might be common in Bangkok and the reason why accommodations in contemporary hotel in Bangkok are fully booked, the country has never held a biennial event before – until now. The capital city will be launching its first biennial event in 2018, a contemporary art offering spearheaded by the former culture minister of Thailand, ApinanPoshyananda, together with ThapanaSirivadhanabhakdi, the drinks tycoon. The first edition of the contemporary art will be displayed from November 2018 until February 2019.

Poshyananda is also known to be an artist as well as the curator thus, he will serve as the artistic director of the event. He was also appointed as the chief executive. He shared how they attempted to launch a biennial before but it did not happen because of the lack in support from the government and the political unrest that disturb the country for a while. They are now launching the event because of the support they received from various groups such as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thai Tourism Authority, corporate support and Ministry of Tourism. The event will be happening right at the centre of the City of Angels. He referred to it as the right time because guests and tourists will be able to experience not just contemporary arts but heritage of the country as well.

With the increasing number of biennials happening in Asia, the one Bangkok will be offering is a unique because of the interactions to be organized with the energetic street life of the country. The Bangkok Art Biennial 2018 will be a new dimension for tourists from contemporary hotel in Bangkok to experience contemporary spaces, temples, public parks and heritage sites while playing with their creative imagination. There will be over 70 artists, both local and international, that will be coming together and create art works that will centre in the biennial’s theme – Beyond Bliss. Poshyananda said that the theme was chosen because of the broad category and the philosophical nature. We are now living in an age where there are a lot of chaos and confusion and it is up to us to look for our very own bliss.

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4 Tips In Choosing Designer Engagement Rings

One of the things that an engagement ring signifies is commitment. An engaged couple means that they are on the process of preparing their wedding ceremony and having a matching engagement ring signifies that they are already bound for each other. That is how significant designer engagement rings are. Because of its meaning, it is important to pick the right ring. Here are some ideas.

Consider your preferences

Before you search for engagement rings, think about what your preferences are when it comes to rings. You might also want to discuss it with your partner if you are going to have platinum, silver, gold ring or whatever type of ring you would rather have. Try to consider if you would rather have a simple engagement band or one with elaborate design.You might also want to consider if you want your ring in yellow, white or rose. For ideas, check on different shops for rings online.

Determine your available budget

One thing is for sure, designer engagement rings do not cheap. Identify your budget and search for rings that are within your budget. Narrow your choice according to your budget to save time. Engagement rings are preferably worn day in and day out so if you and your partner use more of your hands for work, consider a simple engagement ring or one with less intricate designs.

Search ahead

The downside of doing last minute shopping is you end up buying the wrong thing because you are pressed for time. To ensure that you will have the right pair of rings, allocate time for shopping. Not only will you get the right pair, you have the time to shop around and compare prices.

Look for a reputable supplier

If you have already the designer engagement rings in mind, the next thing to do is to search for a reliable ring or jewellery supplier. Visit online shops for jewelleries or you can even check your local jewellery stores for options. Know your finger measurements in order to get the right size for you and your partner.

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3 Advantages of Clip In Hair Extension

There are different types of hair extension applications. There are those that need to be glued, weaved or braided to the natural hair called wefts. Another type of hair extension application is micro link application where hair strands are glued together in one end to achieve extended hair. There is also fusion application, tape in and of course clip in hair extension. All of these hair extension applications have their own advantages and disadvantages but of all the application methods, clip in method is the most advantageous. Here are some of the reasons why.

Easy installation and convenient

One of the best advantages of clip in hair extension is that it can be installed in a matter of minutes. You practically just have to clip it on and you are done. No more application of adhesives or weaving that could take time. When you want to remove it, you just have to unclasp it and you can sleep or go back to your original hair style and length. Removing clip in hair extension only takes seconds.

Uncomplicated maintenance

Keeping a clip in hair extension is also easy and uncomplicated. You just need to unclasp it from your hair and wash and dry it properly then store it in an air-tight storage box. The only thing you need to observe is proper washing and drying of the hair extension. For instance, you need to use gentle shampoo, conditioner and other hair products on your remy hair extension. You also have to air dry the hair extension instead of exposing it to heat such as ironing or blow drying the hair piece. It is also advisable to use soft brush in combing the hair to prevent damage and breakage.

No commitment

One of the highlights of clip in hair extension is that you can remove it anytime you want or when you want to use another hair style. Unlike weaved or glued hair extension, removing them including maintenance requires professional assistance with special shampoo and hair extension products which can be quite pricey and the process can be complicated.

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New Safety Standards On Stretch Limos In New York

To make the wedding day special, many brides and grooms book for a limousine through Best quality wedding cars hire. There are many wedding-themed limousines that truly provide an elegant transportation where glamour is a must. Wedding couples who arrive in limousines are sure to draw the attention of not only their guests but people on the streets because a limo is always an eye-catching sight.

In New York, Democrat Senator is calling on President Obama’s administration to upgrade the standards of limousines and other motor coaches following the accident that happened in Long Island that killed 4 women. Schumer also sent a letter to Mark Rosekind, the administrator of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue new rules on stretch limos that lack side impact air bags, rollover bars and appropriate exits.

Manufacturers follow all the safety standards during the production of limousines and motor coaches and they ensure that all federal tests have been passed so that the safety of the driver and passengers are protected. However, these limos are stretched and modified in aftermarket shops without giving much thought to safety standards so that the driver and his passengers are placed at risk.

In most cases, stretching a limo is often waiting for a tragedy to occur unless the regulations on limousines are tightened. Schumer asked Rosekind to cooperate with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) so that new requirements can be developed for secondary alterations to limousines and motor couches whose lengths are increased by as much as 120 inches.

Schumer also sent a letter NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart so that accidents involving limos will be investigated. Stretch limos are rented for weddings, proms, birthday parties and other special occasions and people have the right to safety while driving in the luxurious vehicles.

Stretch limos have become rather common but there is very little information on how they perform in case of crash scenarios. Schumer urges for a thorough investigation on the July 19 accident that killed four women with four others injured when the limo they were riding was T-boned by an alleged drunk driver. According to reports, the women were celebrating a bride-to-be and they have just left a vineyard.

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The Common Mistakes To Avoid When Putting Up Your Hair Salon

Many are fearful in opening their hair salons. But you can definitely take heart in the fact that every salon owner who has been successful in their ventures has his own fare share of mistakes while climbing the ladder of success. While you are still contemplating on pushing through with your business plan for a hair salon, it is important to keep in mind some of the mistakes that were committed by those successful entrepreneurs.

Overpaying technicians

Remember not to over pay your technicians from the start. There are some entrepreneurs who begin offering their technicians with outrageously crazy percentages like 70 percent. This very high commission can cause trouble later. You will end up resenting paying the amount. How can you therefore lure expert technicians in your hair salon if you will not give them high commission? You can do this by giving the technician a walk through in your business plan. Convince the technician that your hair salon is exciting, credible and has overly huge growth space. If you can convince the technician that your salon will become a success, he or she will want to be part of it.

Inadequate screening process for prospective technicians

Do not ever fall into the mistake of rushing into hiring technicians for your salon business. You should take the time to double check the education, training, abilities, job history and background of your would-be employee. There are a lot of owners who get into serious trouble when they immediately trust an employee and do not subject her to careful scrutiny.

Hiring over qualified technicians

There are also disadvantages to hiring technicians who are equipped with so much experience. According to an expert strategist, he would opt to hire a technician who has one year of experience and someone with no clientele of his own. If you hire someone who has so much years of experience in the business, it would follow that she has embraced some corporate style of the particular salon that she has worked with. These styles may be in conflict with your new salon. There is also a tendency that she may have had bad habits from the previous company.