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Drug Addiction As A Unique Phenomenon That Requires Rehabilitation

Although there are persons who have extreme control to kick out their habits, rehabilitation is still the best solution for patients who are suffering from substance abuse. It is not probation or jail time that can help the addicts during the recovery process but best rehab centers that provide a private and respectable environment including a unique approach to help a patient overcome his addiction.

Julie Eldred is a 29-year-old addict who has struggled with opioid addiction for nearly a decade. In 2013, after stealing jewelry to support her addiction, Julie was sent to a treatment center to cure her addiction. Upon completion of the program, Julie was released on probation under the condition that she must maintain her sobriety.

Shortly thereafter, Julie suffered from relapse and was sentenced to two years imprisonment in Framingham. Julie is arguing that her sentence is unconstitutional because the conditions of her probation were impossible to comply with. It was physically impossible to stay away from drugs. Early next month, Julie’s case will be heard in the Supreme Judicial Court to determine whether courts could force sobriety on a drug dependent.

Is drug addiction under the control of a person and can they be held responsible for drug use? Addiction is a medical condition with symptoms and treatments. It is a unique phenomenon that is beyond the addict’s control and can only be treated by medical professionals. Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for a person who is suffering from serious drug addiction; however, rehabilitation will not address the person’s problems to help them recover.

Treatment facilities can provide the comprehensive help that drug addicts require; however, rehabilitation does not work like magic. After the initial treatment, there is always the possibility of a relapse. Recovery takes time and jail time is not the answer.

This is the reason why best rehab centers use a different approach when it comes treating patients suffering from substance abuse. The treatment ensures the patient’s physical wellbeing and psychological health. An individualized treatment that is effective and comprehensive is designed by medical professionals. For the betterment of patients, they are treated with healing massages and reflexology exercises for rejuvenation after the hectic treatment process.

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How Body Pain Is Relieved When You Buy Tens Machine Online

For many decades, this is the most popular form of electrotherapy, which simply means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS.

Tens has been a therapeutic staple in the chronic pain and physical therapy clinics for decades. You can even buy tens machines online if you are a huge believer of this machine. The efficiency of the device is based on individual experience, and it does wonders such as feelings of interesting sensations.

How Does It Work and Why Want It Done?

You simply stick electrodes onto your skin and pump electric current into your tissues. It can tickleyour nerves and offer an interesting sensation and few mild muscle contraction, which relievepain. Simply enhance the frequency and intensity to obtain more muscle contractions. The right settings make the difference. It may sound clear enough that Tens does some miracles. It can relax and gently exercise muscles in rehab. It’s why you need to buy tens machines online if you find it useful in your own home.

The Costs and Safety of Tens

The stimulating device can be yours for around or above $100 depending on the model. There are also those offered at bargaining models. The device ensures safety as the mild shock it provides is less harmful. However, do not overdo the self-treatment, as it may result to skin irritation around the electrodes.

How Scientific Studies Show Tens Really Work for Pain

Few scientific evidence show Tens can indeed relieve pain. A few reviews show that it really can ease out the pain. However, there are those observations that it can be an understatement. However, if you buy tens machines online, it can work out with the right intensity and duration for the right type of pain. It’s good medicine that offers analgesia when used with a strong, painless intensity.

Tens for muscle knots

The most common type of musculoskeletal pain is “trigger point” or “muscle knot”. It is a patch of sensitive tissues which remain unresolved on why there is pain. What you need to do is to simply target the trigger points with Tens, which is the safest and cheapest way for relief.

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Things To Consider In Buying Deet Free Mosquito Repellent

If you love going on outdoor adventures or if your home is located in an area with mosquitoes or insects, the best way to protect yourself and your family is to buy a deet free mosquito repellent and use it while around the house. However, with all the mosquito repellents in the market, choosing the right product can be a daunting task. When shopping for mosquito repellent, keep these ideas in mind:

Chose proven safe and effective products

Your family’s safety is of paramount importance. Before you buy a product, check the labels first. Find out what chemicals are included in the product and if there are indications that the product is potentially hazardous. Avoid products that contain deet as it is classified as a type of harsh ingredient that can harm pets and humans due to constant exposure. Choose products that are formulated based on science and proven safe for humans but effective against mosquitos and other types of insects. Aside from lotions, you can find deet free mosquito repellentin the market today.

Eco-friendly repellent

The good thing about buying a deet free mosquito repellent is that it effectively kills mosquitos and insects without harming anyone, not the pets and not even the environment. It does not emit harsh fumes or toxic materials and the production process is conscious enough to ensure that its waste product will not harm the environment when it goes back to the soil or waters.

Affordable product

If you are going to shop for a deet free mosquito repellent, pick one that is easy on your pocket. Avoid unbelievably cheap products because there might be some catch to it. Instead, look for a product in the market that offers the best value for your money or one that is reasonably priced. Check from different suppliers or manufacturers of mosquito repellent on the internet to find out which of the products available is more trusted by consumers. As an alternative, read product reviews and check its ratings to know more about the product. Buy online for the best deal.

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Buy Tens Machines Online May Not Relieve Low Back Pain

Tens machine is a mobile apparatus that invigorates the nerves with small vibrations of electricity. Doctors warn that using these machines will not relieve low back pain. If interested, you can buy tens machines online although it brings no proof that it can heal back pain.

According to a new U.S. guideline, they may be used widely for pain relief, but no scientific evidence shows they actually work.Operated with batteries, the machines are often used for DIY health treatments and by UK pain clinics.

According to Dr. Richard Dubinsky of Kansas University Medical Centre, “A valid proof showed that it brings no benefit for patients using Tens machines for chronic low-back pain.”

For those suffering lowback pain, they may need to approach a physician for proper healing. Doctors too should use their clinical judgment regarding usage of Tens for such discomfort. However, you can buy tens machines online only when advised.

As publicized online in a Neurology journal, it analysed people with unknown causes of back pain, rather than those triggered by obesity, spinal displacement or pinched nerve. Based on the findings, the Tens didn’t help relieve chronic lower back pain.However, evidence show that the Tens machine efficiently treated diabetic nerve pain.

Tens machines have been around for over 30 years, which many Britons use to carry out electrical pulses to the body through anodes placed on the skin.

The machines only cost £20with more pregnant women using it as a drug-free option for pain during labour. It may not be obvious how Tens can provide pain relief, but a theory showed that it stimulates the nerves by confusing the brain and blocking real pain signals from getting through. When you buy tens machines online, it may not be useful if there is no guidance from a physician.

The Tens machine shows no side effects on patients, and therefore, UK pain specialists pursue its usage when medication or other approaches doesn’twork. However, one must avoid using the machine, when the cause of pain hasn’tbeen ruled out.

People with low back pain need to consult doctors first including pregnant women, people with pacemakers, epilepsy or with specific forms of heart disease. They machine is advisable when approved and guided by a doctor. Then you can buy tens machines online if approved.

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Know The Best Spa In Phuket Introduced At The Andaman Hotelier And Tourism Fair

When you are in the process of planning for your next summer outing either with your family, your friends or, you really prefer to travel all by yourself because you find it more practical in terms of the expenses, you have to think about other things aside from how much you are willing to spend during the entire duration of your trip whether it’s a 2-day 3-night stay at a hotel or you’re probably staying there for a long period of time. You see, traveling can definitely burn a really, disgustingly big hole in someone’s savings account so you need to consider certain things that will help you cut down the total amount that you are about to pay. For example, in choosing a place where you will be spending your vacation, make it a habit to conduct various researches. Choose a city where the tourism industry is booming. Why? Chances are, the prices are surprisingly affordable to help resorts and hotels keep up with the strengthening competition which is actually good for the industry. Also, you must determine what you want to do during your vacation. Fortunately, some of the hotels, especially in the town of Patong in the island of Phuket, offer a wide variety of activities and amenities which guests can enjoy. Among those amenities are the spa amenities which guests can use at the best spa in Phuket which can offer various relaxation mechanisms that can make you rejuvenated again at the end of your stay.

Earlier this month, Phuket, led by its provincial government, held the 2017 Andaman Hotelier and Tourism Fair. The said event, which took place last July 5 to 7, 2017 featured a wide range of booths which were selling tourism-related products such as discounts for hotel accommodations, special packages from the best spa in Phuket and even house and kitchenware as well as other food products which you can only find in the island of Phuket. In addition to this, the event also promoted competitions of other non-tourism items such as flower arrangements that are specifically made for weddings, spa bed decorations, cooking using only the local ingredients in Phuket, among others.

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Boys As Young As Seven Can Be Victims Of Eating Disorders

One in five Australians who are struggling with life-threatening eating disorder and psychological illness is a male. Boys in primary schools are currently receiving treatments for anorexia nervosa in Australia and there are warnings that the number of boys suffering from eating disorder may be on the rise.

According to Christine Morgan, from the Butterfly Foundation, the youngest patient to date is a 7-year old boy. If eating disorder is undetected by the parents and health professionals, the young boys face the risk that the eating disorder might develop into a life-threatening illness.

At the Children’s Hospital in Westmead, Sydney, 10% of the patients who are suffering from eating disorders are boys who are focused on their fitness and sporting abilities. At least ¼ of the boys are under 12 years old. In a recent study that was co-authored by Dr. Scott Griffiths, men are 4 times more likely than women to get diagnosed for eating disorder including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa because there is a certain stigma about what men feel about mental health and eating disorder.

One example is George Skoufis who developed anorexia nervosa when he was 19 years old. He started dieting and before long he was already hooked to the idea of perfect athletic appearance. The weighing scales took over his life; it dictated his mood and how he felt about himself. However, after 2 years, George developed bulimia nervosa and then binge eating disorder. His family and friends never realized that George was suffering from eating disorder until he recovered.

Males are least suspected to have eating disorders because it is considered to be an illness associated with females. Eating disorders among males are underrepresented that is why they do not get help. The focus is always on the teenage girls because males feel embarrassed to be associated with the illness.

If you suspect that you are suffering from eating disorder, call eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne to provide the necessary help through specialist skills and knowledge in treating the psychological condition. Positive results can be achieved through evidence-based approach and collaborative work with patients to improve their life and wellbeing.

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Pregnancy Tips From Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Bearing a child is one of the things that would fulfil a woman. It is also a wonderful experience and one of life’s greatest miracles. Some couples would wait several years just for the woman to conceive and when the miracle finally arrives, it would be best to contact Mountain Miracles Midwifery to provide services to you and your upcoming baby. Here are some tips for a successful and safe pregnancy.

  • Get plenty of exercise. Walking a few miles in the morning or in the afternoon promotes easier delivery and natural childbirth. A light walk in the park is ideal for pregnant women and this would also promote better respiratory and breathing. However, you should avoid overdoing it as it may stress yourself physically.
  • Do not stress yourself. Emotional stress can greatly affect the baby’s health. As a matter of fact, some miscarriages are due to emotional stress. To keep your baby healthy while inside the womb, keep away from stressors. Have a clean and healthy environment with plenty of air to ensure you and your baby’s good healthy.
  • Get plenty of rest. In order for your baby to grow healthily, you need to get plenty of sleep especially in the afternoon for naps. You can ask for more guides from Mountain Miracles Midwifery.
  • Get regular check-ups. Your OB or midwife will schedule important check-ups to ensure that your baby is healthy and developing normally. Pre-natal check-ups are important to prevent delivery issues and to determine the exact condition of the baby while inside the womb.
  • Have a proper diet. Whatever food you take will also be consumed by your baby. Thus, eat only fibrous food along with vegetables and fishes. Consult your dietician or family doctor for a suitable diet while you are pregnant and lactating.
  • Hire a qualified midwife.To ensure that you will get optimum care, contact a midwife from Mountain Miracles Midwifery to assist you before, during and after your child delivery. Choose a qualified midwife and one who has ample experience in the field. Ask for license and credentials before you hire one.

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Health Insurance In Bangkok Guaranteed For Children

Staying healthy is one of the main top priorities of most humans today. Simply put it this way: you can’t do anything at all if your body isn’t physically in shape to face the daily struggles that we face on a daily basis. And like it or not, getting sick has become more complex and equally more expensive in today’s times. This is due to the fact that technologies that are related to health are evolving and so are the diseases. They have grown deadlier and infect a patient on a much unsuspecting matter. Nowadays, children in particular, have been more prone to getting sick. Fortunately, if you are a citizen or a migrant worker who is working in the Kingdom of Thailand, specifically in the capital city of Bangkok, you will be able to get guaranteed health insurance in Bangkok, exclusively for your children.

According to the health officials in Thailand, the move to provide health insurance in Bangkok that is for children of both local citizens and migrant workers, is primarily due to a conducted study which stated that about 7% of Thai children aged from birth to 6 years old had a lower IQ than the normal and accepted IQ level of children worldwide. This was due to the bitter truth that some parents, especially migrant workers in Thailand, didn’t have access to the appropriate healthcare services for their respective children. In continuing to work to improve healthcare services that can be availed by women and children, more especially the children of overseas workers who are working in the city, the health officials have given away health cards that will enable card holders to gain access to various healthcare services which include the free vaccinations that are needed to strengthen the immune system of children. There will be other services that can be availed if you have the health card from the Bangkok City government which include pregnancy check-ups for mothers-to-be, clinics for children, can be used to enrol children to day care centres and, send an abused child to a centre which helps abused children. Card holders will only need to show the ID to the accredited healthcare service providers to gain access to these services.

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Does Type 1 Diabetes Candidates Require Yearly Eye Exam?

If you are one of those people who have type 1 diabetes, you are at risk of developing a disease in your body that results to blindness. This is the reason why treatment for type 1 diabetes recommends the patient to book an eye exam in Kirrawee annually.

In a new research conducted, the recommendation was found out to cost a lot and at the same time, ineffective. The reason for this is that the level of risk could be the determining factor. If the person has a low risk then a screening that is less frequent would suffice will people who are high risk should be seen as often.

According to researchers, the disease diabetic retinopathy could lead to damage in the tissues that are light sensitive, which is located at the back of the eye. When this happens, it could result to loss of full vision. Screening is important since the disease can be detected before any damage happens which is majority of the time, irreparable. The good news is that not everyone with diabetes is at the same level of risk.

According to Dr. David Nathan, the author of the study, patients who experienced minimal change or no change at all in terms of their eyes as well as those with good level of blood sugar can go without an examination for four years.

He added that a different case calls for patient who has a developing eye problem and their level of blood sugar is not in the normal range. This means that the patient should have an eye exam as soon as three months after the first one.

The team has made a conclusion that for patients with blood sugar level on average and with no indications of retinopathy, the annual screening is not required but rather the exam should be done once in every four years. For people with mild retinopathy, the screening is recommended to be done every three years.

The authors of the study added that for those patients with retinopathy on the moderate and severe level, they should book an eye exam in Kirrawee and screening should be done once every three to six months.

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New Hospital Launched Safety Week

Despite the fact that the new hospital is not yet finished and a lot of work is still waiting to be done, it has become an ideal location for safety promotion. This week there is a collaboration called Safety Week hosted by Skanska-Closner together with MIOSHA. They will tackle the new training as well as the routines that should be practiced from day to day. This training aims to educate through the workplace health & safety consultants provided by MIOSHA.

As soon as the clock strikes 7 in the morning, the construction workers come together to perform stretching as well as devise a plan before they start with their work for the day.

According to the safety consultant under MIOSHA, Steve Tighe, they perform stretching and flexing as well as making sure that the workers are physically fit in order to decrease the number of muscle injuries in the workplace.

The new hospital’s construction entails a lot of dangers especially a risk of falling from hanging steel. According to statistics, in 2016, there are 43 deaths in construction and 20 of them are due to falling. Tighe added that the hospital site is under construction thus there is a lot of hanging steels but he is commending the crew because they are doing everything by the book to make sure that they are safe. The construction has been going on for 11 months now but they are happy that Marquette was not meet with news of any injury.

Skanska’s senior vice president of operations, Gary Cooper, is proud because of the safety measures that the work crew has exhibited and he wants to use them as an example in the entire industry.

Cooper said that they are planning to change the industry in order for people to be aware that a safe environment can be created and instil in their mind that the industry is not a dangerous one. There might be instances where risks are present but there are always alternatives that could be done especially if you have workplace health & safety consultants that guide the working crew to creating a safer working environment.

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