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Does Type 1 Diabetes Candidates Require Yearly Eye Exam?

If you are one of those people who have type 1 diabetes, you are at risk of developing a disease in your body that results to blindness. This is the reason why treatment for type 1 diabetes recommends the patient to book an eye exam in Kirrawee annually.

In a new research conducted, the recommendation was found out to cost a lot and at the same time, ineffective. The reason for this is that the level of risk could be the determining factor. If the person has a low risk then a screening that is less frequent would suffice will people who are high risk should be seen as often.

According to researchers, the disease diabetic retinopathy could lead to damage in the tissues that are light sensitive, which is located at the back of the eye. When this happens, it could result to loss of full vision. Screening is important since the disease can be detected before any damage happens which is majority of the time, irreparable. The good news is that not everyone with diabetes is at the same level of risk.

According to Dr. David Nathan, the author of the study, patients who experienced minimal change or no change at all in terms of their eyes as well as those with good level of blood sugar can go without an examination for four years.

He added that a different case calls for patient who has a developing eye problem and their level of blood sugar is not in the normal range. This means that the patient should have an eye exam as soon as three months after the first one.

The team has made a conclusion that for patients with blood sugar level on average and with no indications of retinopathy, the annual screening is not required but rather the exam should be done once in every four years. For people with mild retinopathy, the screening is recommended to be done every three years.

The authors of the study added that for those patients with retinopathy on the moderate and severe level, they should book an eye exam in Kirrawee and screening should be done once every three to six months.

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New Hospital Launched Safety Week

Despite the fact that the new hospital is not yet finished and a lot of work is still waiting to be done, it has become an ideal location for safety promotion. This week there is a collaboration called Safety Week hosted by Skanska-Closner together with MIOSHA. They will tackle the new training as well as the routines that should be practiced from day to day. This training aims to educate through the workplace health & safety consultants provided by MIOSHA.

As soon as the clock strikes 7 in the morning, the construction workers come together to perform stretching as well as devise a plan before they start with their work for the day.

According to the safety consultant under MIOSHA, Steve Tighe, they perform stretching and flexing as well as making sure that the workers are physically fit in order to decrease the number of muscle injuries in the workplace.

The new hospital’s construction entails a lot of dangers especially a risk of falling from hanging steel. According to statistics, in 2016, there are 43 deaths in construction and 20 of them are due to falling. Tighe added that the hospital site is under construction thus there is a lot of hanging steels but he is commending the crew because they are doing everything by the book to make sure that they are safe. The construction has been going on for 11 months now but they are happy that Marquette was not meet with news of any injury.

Skanska’s senior vice president of operations, Gary Cooper, is proud because of the safety measures that the work crew has exhibited and he wants to use them as an example in the entire industry.

Cooper said that they are planning to change the industry in order for people to be aware that a safe environment can be created and instil in their mind that the industry is not a dangerous one. There might be instances where risks are present but there are always alternatives that could be done especially if you have workplace health & safety consultants that guide the working crew to creating a safer working environment.

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What To Expect During Termite Inspection In Sydney

Termite Inspection in Sydney is a critical step to successfully eliminate the unwanted presence of termites inside your house. Termites and other pests should be eliminated right away to protect your property and the health of your pets and family. If you are decided that you need an exterminator for termites at home, the first thing you should know is find out how the process of extermination is conducted and what you should expect from it. Here are some ideas.

The first step that technicians will do is conduct a thorough inspection in your premises. Some technicians will make a diagram of the house, while most will take photos of the affected areas. The photos will help the technicians to analyse how they are going to conduct the extermination. They can also show the photographs to the home owner for them to have an idea of the extent and damage of termites in his property. Some of the affected areas are located beneath walls and home owners are usually not aware that their house is slowly eaten by pests.

A Termite Inspection in Sydney provides accurate information to the technician as to where the termites are active. Most termites build their empires on hollow wood, blistered paint, and wooden materials and sometimes on mud tunnels. During the inspection, the technician will note down areas that require drilling or temporarily demolish construction to successfully treat termite infested areas. The technician will also note down environment and factors that make a favourable habitat for termites.

One of the things that the technician will inform you is the method of treatment that he will conduct. Find out the type of chemicals or mixtures to be used and if the technician will be using gel, spray, water base or other forms of treatment specification. This will help you determine how you are going to prepare your things to keep them protected from chemicals. Generally, you would have to keep your food items, medicines, water and pet food in a tightly sealed container. Ask questions from the technician during Termite Inspection in Sydney to make the extermination successful.

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Why Is Health Insurance In Massachusetts So Burdensome?

Small businesses and individuals in Massachusetts can expect their health insurance premiums to rise by double digits over the next six months which is nearly twice the pace of last year. On average, small businesses can expect 8.2% increase in cover that will be renewed on October 1 of this year. The rate increase will affect 106,426 individuals who are from companies that employ less than 50 people. Members who are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield’s HMO Blue Plan can also expect a 4.6% increase by October 1 compared to the 8% a year ago.

Massachusetts Division of Insurance also announced that the Harvard Pilgrim HMO Plan with more or less 30,000 members will increase its rates by 14.2% while the rates of Neighborhood Health Plan coverage are scheduled to be increased by at least 18%. New rates were also announced for individuals who will get cover for 2017. Individual plan rates are set to increase by 6.7% on the average for 16 plans. The increase will affect an estimated 268,000 individuals. Similarly, rates for Harvard Pilgrim and Neighborhood Plan will also increase by 15% and nearly 19% respectively.

Why are premiums so burdensome? The rise in premiums is due to higher drug costs and medical costs. According to Chris Goetcheus of Insurance Division, plans with healthier populations have to make payments in millions of dollars for those less healthy members under the federal Affordable Care Act. In fact Wellesley-based Harvard Pilgrim has announced a net loss of $34.2 million for the first 6 months of 2016 on their revenue of $1.6 billion. The insurance company has cited concerns over the rising costs of pharmaceuticals and the Affordable Care Act. Another company, Aetna has announced that it would drop off insurance exchanges in some states because it has become relatively unprofitable.

If you are planning to move to Thailand, it is suggested to obtain Health Insurance ( ประกันภัยสุขภาพ) for your own protection. The last thing that you would wish on yourself is getting sick but if you have health insurance, you have peace of mind that somebody will be paying for the medicine and hospitalization expenses.

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Why Rio Olympic Swimmers, Sailors And Windsurfers Have To Keep Their Mouths Close

The Olympics is now being held in Rio de Janeiro and health experts are advising marathon swimmers, sailors and windsurfers to keep their mouths closed to avoid the risks of getting sick due to microorganisms in the waters. Based on recent tests made by the government and some independent scientists, a veritable Petri dish of pathogens can be found in the city’s waters from rotaviruses that can cause diarrhea and vomiting to the drug resistant super bacteria that are fatal for people with weak immunity systems.

Research reports from the Federal University of Rio also revealed serious
contamination on the upscale beaches located in Ipanema and Leblon where most of the millions of spectators will be frolicking during the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee itself acknowledges that the city’s waters are dangerously unclean in some places; however, places where the Olympic swimmers will compete like the waters off Copacabana beach meet the safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the Guanabara Bay there are high levels of human waste but it presents limited risks to the sailors and windsurfers because they will not have direct contact with the waters. Most of the sewage and trash produced by the city’s residents flows untreated into the waters and becomes a serious sanitation problem.

Foreign athletes are actually concerned over the waterborne illnesses that can affect their quest for the Olympic Gold. The athletes have to ensure that their mouths are closed to prevent succumbing to gastrointestinal diseases. According to reports from the Associated Press, the disease-carrying viruses are 1.7 million times the level of what will be considered as hazardous on Southern California beaches.

The Rio Olympics is beset with so many problems from the Zika virus epidemic that dampened ticket sales to the environmental and health hazards of the city’s contaminated waterways that yield more trash than fish.

Keeping Water systems clean is usually a multibillion effort that is financed by governments and private donors. If hazardous waste in waters is not treated properly, aquatic life is in jeopardy. However, there are strategies that can be implemented to overcome these water safety issues and ensure ideal habitats for aquatic life.

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Latest Interactive Maps Developed For Zika Virus

Because of the increasing number of people that are affected by the Zika infections all over America, more and more people are getting worried and they are asking if how far the virus is going to spread and if any of them are at risk of contracting the disease.

In the United States alone, around 1,300 people have already been confirmed to have Zika and out of the total number there are 400 pregnant women infected while seven babies have been diagnosed. The Zika virus is known to be brought by foreign mosquitoes and can be transferred from person to person through sexual contact or pregnancy.

Mosquitoes that are found in the United States may now be carrying the virus after it has been discovered that a woman from Miami have been diagnosed with the virus despite the fact that she has not recently travelled anywhere abroad. The health officials are yet to rule out the possibility that she may have sexual contact with someone who is infected with the virus.

Control teams are now already on the works to test various native mosquitoes to make sure whether Zika is already in the country.

In order to have a perspective of the damages and development of Zika virus within a year since its discovery, a new set of interactive maps have been launched. It shows what part of the maps Zika is currently treated and how many patients have already been diagnosed as well as information on which cities are in possible danger of contracting the disease.

The graphics also shows calculations on the range of the mosquitoes that are carrying the Zika virus which are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. The map has since shown that there are states in the country that have zero chance of experiencing an epidemic caused by the virus.

Maps such as these provide very important information especially where the health of the citizens is at risk. For other types of maps such as the illustrated maps, it is geared toward creativity and can be used as a piece to beautify a home.

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Foodbank Receiving 200 Indian Dishes This Christmas

A restaurant owner in Dundee has pledged to give and spread the holiday cheers by giving away 200 turkey meals. The recipient of this generous donation will be the Dundee Foodbank. The notable restaurateur is known to be Ibrar Ibrahim who is currently 51 years old. He decided to do his part by contributing after witnessing how the foodbank in Scotland is always busy and hard at work in helping the less fortunate.

Mr. Ibrahim was a native of Hilltown and is the owner of a restaurant called Goa Indian Restaurant located in the Broughty Ferry. Upon deciding that he is going to contribute to the foodbank, he solicited the management’s cooperation so that he can utilize the kitchen as well as asked some of the staff to help out. Upon hearing the news, the management and the staff were all happy to be of service.

Together with Mr. Ibrahim and the chef of the restaurant, they are going to make 200 Christmas dinners this coming Christmas Eve. Dundee Foodbank will be the one to collect all the meals prepared and then these foods will be given away to the homeless shelters all over Dundee the following day.

Mr. Ibrahim shared how he experienced firsthand the cruelty of poverty and admitted that the cause is very close to his heart. He attended the Dens Road Primary and was raised in the lesser part of town. He also revealed how his schoolmates used to be where the homeless are since they can barely afford to have a proper holiday celebration.

He also admitted that Christmas Eve will present to be quite a lot of work. Aside from preparing the 200 dinners, they will also continue receiving customers. They will start their work earlier than their usual work time. The smile on the recipients’ faces will be enough to make up for the long day. Dundee Foodbank’s manager, Ken Linton, also expressed his gratitude in the generosity of the donation for them to be able to feed the poor during Christmas time.

Indian cuisine is getting more popular and for customers who are local to Perth, they may also visit nearby Indian restaurants for their Christmas celebration.

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Why Mattresses Are Very Important

In order to have a productive day ahead of you, you need to sleep right during the night. Some would need at least seven to nine hours of sleep in order to be in their best shape the next day. However, more and more people are getting less sleep. A thing to factor in would be the kind of mattress that you are sleeping in. A great mattress will go a long way in ensuring that you get your much needed night’s sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep or you do not have quality sleep at night, this will result in a number of health issues. Some of the most common ones are irritability, memory loss, increase in stress and illnesses, slower reflexes. All of these can lead to developing related problems down the road. Buying the right mattress will safeguard you from an uncomfortable sleep and will ensure that you are in peak condition.

How to choose the right mattress

Surely, there is no one mattress that can please everyone. You need to take into consideration some key factors when shopping for a dream bed. Do you want a firm or a soft mattress? Contrary to popular belief, a mattress need not be firm to be considered good for lying. There is a huge difference when it comes to firm feel and a firm support. A firm mattress is one that if you sleep on your tummy, the mattress will be able to keep your spine aligned. A medium mattress feel will provide the best support for your spine every time you sleep on your back. Your neck and back will be likewise comfortable. The soft mattress on the other hand is great when you usually sleep on your side as this will support and contour the curves on your body.

Testing Mattresses

Ensure that the base of the mattress is similar to that you have at your house. If you have a hard surface or a fixed slat, a soft mattress will not feel the same on top of an ensemble base atop in the shop. Try to roll over on the bedroom furniture Perth and feel it is too soft or uncomfortable for you.

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The Importance Of Emergency Responders To Save A Life

Workplace Life Savers training is the duty of every employer to ensure that employees are provided with lifesaving skills and knowledge particularly when there are unforeseen circumstances. Accidents can happen at any time even in workplaces that are presumed to be safe and free from hazards. If there are employees who are properly trained in first aid and CPR, they can manage the first assist in the first few minutes before 911 arrives.

Janis Hazel was one of the participants at John A. Wilson Building who were diligently practicing CPR on plastic mannequins. Hazel’s mind was on a previous incident that happened on her mini-mart in Detroit. That day, Janis rushed to the aid of a man who was shot in a store robbery.

Janis remembered applying direct pressure on the bullet wound at the man’s abdomen while waiting for help to arrive. Janis is the spokeswoman for Serve DC – The Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism that embarked on the mission to train resident “first responders” on first aid and CPR to become part of the city’s ongoing Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

According to Mayor Muriel E. Browser, the free CERT training is very critical for the community so that residents can act fast during emergencies to save a life before 911 arrives. In addition to adult training, the agency also offers training for children in the form of Commander Ready. The objective of this program is to train children in the fourth and fifth grades on emergency preparedness. The four-session program is offered to children after school with elementary school teachers providing the training.

The need for widespread first aid and CPR training was underscored this summer when the city was made accountable for the death of a 77-year old man who suffered a heart attack on the street right across a fire station in Northeast Washington.
The family filed a $7.7 million wrongful death lawsuit against the district. It alleged that the life of Medric Mills Jr. would have been saved if the firefighters had responded to bystanders when they were asked to help. No first aid response was launched until the arrival of 911.

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Abbott Releases New Laser Eye System Developed Using Space Tech

Abbot Medical Optics has recently launched a new device called iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System that would allow a more personalized procedure for laser eye surgery patients during laser surgery and laser eye surgery Glasgow cost may even lessen. The iDesign, which was approved by the USFDA in May, also reduces the minimum age required for laser eye procedure by at least three years.

Head of research and development for Abbot Dr. Leonard Borrman says that this new technology marks a greater leap for the US vision correction industry due to a more personalized treatment depending on the uniqueness of the person’s eye.

The iDesign system creates a 3D map of the eye that enables surgeons and eye doctors to see areas of the eye that they could not normally see prior to the introduction of the iDesign device, which was developed using space-age technology being used for NASA’s telescopes.

The system reads the eye at a right five times more than the WaveScan Wavefront, the current system being used, in only about three seconds. The scanning is able to properly identify the eye’s pupil shape and its curvature.

Using this scan, the 3D map is created and is translated into a plan, which is transferred as a blueprint for the laser’s movements during the operation.

The government has previously partnered with Abbot in other projects in the past especially using the latter’s i-STAT system in evaluating concussions of US soldiers.

The study
334 human eyes were used to conduct a study regarding the effectiveness of the iDesign System. The study lasted for two years.

Dr. Maloney, who participated as a surgeon in the study and who has been actively in practice since the first laser eye surgery in 1991, says that the iDesign shows a great improvement and development in the laser eye procedure. He plans on replacing his machine with the iDesign once he receives his version from Abbott.

Among the 334 eyes, almost all but three patients did not feel any difficulty regarding the clarity of their vision amounting to a 99% success rate. Furthermore, 97% of the patients did not feel any difficulty regarding their daily activities post-operation. The study also shows that there was a significant improvement in night driving for patients as well as glare reduction.

One of the patients, Elizabeth Gaffron, said that she believed the new technology made her confident about the success of the procedure and that, with the previous technology, she could not have had a better vision than she does right now.

The iDesign System is only currently allowed to treat nearsightedness and is reported to correct an eye for a 20/20 vision. However, Borrman believes that significant improvements in the system will make it the mainstream for eye surgeons today for other procedures like astigmatism and farsightedness, pending approval of the USFDA of course.

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