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3 Advantages Of Booking At 4 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit

There are a variety of reasons why people go on vacation. There are those who have shopping on their mind while there are those who are on a business meeting and some for pleasure and relaxation. If you are planning to go to Thailand, choose a hotel where you can easily go to your target spots and be comfortable during your stay. For upscale accommodation right at the heart of Bangkok, look for a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and experience the city for an unforgettable holiday. Here are three advantages of doing just that.

Strategic location

The good thing about booking in a hotel near Sukhumvit is that you can easily go to major shopping destinations by foot. You no longer have to spend on local transportation and you can easily get to your target location within a few minutes. Look for a hotel with positive reputation and high ratings provided by its customers to ensure that you will have a relaxing and hassle-free vacation.

Near major transportation hubs

Another advantage of booking in a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvitis it is located near major transportation hubs in the area. Sukhumvit is easily accessible from and to the airport and a few minutes away to the skytrainstations. Being at the heart of Bangkok, you can easily find other major forms of transportation in the area.Because of this, you can take trips and take a tour anytime because you have means of transportation in the area.

Around major shopping district

Another reason to book in a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit is it conveniently located where major shopping malls are. Sukhumvit is teeming with cafes, restaurants, business centres, entertainment hubs, bars and world class shopping malls. You will never run out of things to do while in Sukhumvit district. Because of its popularity and activity in the area, you can find everything you could possibly need in the district. You can process your business or conduct business meetings with partners in Bangkok. Book in advance to ensure accommodation on your target dates.

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Booking In A Hotel Near In Korean Town

We were heading for Bangkok! There was heavy traffic and we noticed the enclosing area was flooded from recent storm and rain that caused prevalent evacuations just out of the city. The strong winds and heavy rains resulted in deaths of nearly a thousand people and almost all in Thailand were affected by the monsoon. There wasn’t a problem with us, but we knew we would have a crazy adventure here in Bangkok. It’s nice to know that we were in a hotel near in Korean Town, and we were safe.

We were searching for a hotel on the GPS while we still had a bit of battery life left. Just nearby was the Best Western, which is currently the Siam Square, another busy place in Bangkok. Thailand had the largest building, which was calledBiayoke Tower located in Siam Square and we stopped to check the nightly price. People were buzzing around the area near the hotel, and a street market was blocking the road. We travelled our way to the tower and Shelly stayed with the bikes outside while I went up to the 18th floor reception desk just to check how the price of the room would be. Turns out it was pretty expensive for our budget. Price range vary in a hotel near in Korean Town, so we had to search carefully.

We continued our search and found another hotel on the same block. We smelled Indian food in the hotel lobby and it was calling us. In our travel to Laos, we were able to taste Indian food and we really liked it. After thorough scrutiny of the room and the tempting smell of the food, we decided to stay for the night and feed ourselves. The room offered a nice and affordable accommodation and it had lots of amenities to enjoy. A big screen HD TV, air conditioning and mini-fridge. We were lucky we stayed in a hotel near in Korean Town for accommodation.

The next morning was a move to search for a hotel in a less congested part of the city, it was just too busy for us. The Bangkok City Hotel was our next stop and it was few blocks away from the sky train station. We were met by friendly staff and the hotel had free buffet breakfast. The room were immaculately styled with all the benefits.

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More Airlines To Thailand: More To Stay At Sukhumvit 19 Hotel

Nowadays, there are more and more people who can afford to travel by riding the airplane. The sudden surge in the number of air passengers especially this year can be attributed to the continuing strengthening of the airline industry which has been active as ever in attracting passengers by offering a wide variety of packages. And nowadays, there has been an increase in the number of low-cost airlines who are flying passengers to specific with no free meals on-board, less baggage allowance among others. And despite the decrease in the amenities in these kinds of airlines, they remain popular especially to frequent travellers and vacation goers who are usually going to short-distance destinations such as from the Philippines to the Kingdom of Thailand, specifically to Bangkok where you can stay at a Sukhumvit 19 hotel which is a few metres away from Bangkok’s busiest shopping district where the shopping malls and various food stalls can be found and fully enjoyed. You see, when you choose to stay at a hotel within the proximity of Sukhumvit District, you are doing yourself a favour because you don’t need to take out extra cash just to pay for the cab who will take you there.

Earlier this month, it was reported that 5 international airlines are expanding air access to Thailand. This only means that these airlines will have new flights from cities like Beijing, Doha, Istanbul, Maldives and even Singapore.  This latest development in the airline industry in Thailand could furthermore strengthen the status of Thailand as a global aviation hub which in turn could be very much beneficial especially to the tourism industry. You see, if more airlines are able to have flights to Thailand from the mentioned cities, the number of tourist arrivals will increase in a snap and as a result, potential guests at Sukhumvit 19 hotel will equally increase as well. In addition to this, this development can offer better convenience and more choice for an entry point when they are planning to travel to or from Thailand. This could also help the aviation industry in Thailand which is continuing to expand both the flight frequency and the international getaway destinations to be able to meet the demand of travellers.