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How Illustrated Maps Can Pursue Colourful Traditions Of The American Dream

The pictorial map indicated here represent American visual art that is underappreciated. They are intended to attract and sell something like enjoying a tropical vacation or a brand of whiskey.It’s like selling the illustrated maps to pursue an American dream.

According to a professor of geography from the University of Maine, Stephen Hornsby, pictorial maps long started in the country since 1920 uptill 1960. He also authors a book, Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps, where he says, “It’s an indication of tremendous vitality of American pop culture.”

Some of the maps indicated in his book were used by companies to advertise what they had. Other maps were designedfor the local chambers of commerce and state tourist boards to attract commerce and tourists to their area. Others were drawn to attract schoolchildren and spark their interest in places and people.

The illustrated maps are geographically correct; while others make a point or to show simplicity. A 1947 map squeezes in the central and eastern America, and adds it inside the Los Angeles bounds. A bold yellow arrow links the Golden State to New York City, claiming 200 enjoyable miles.

A giant “Kissing sun” and an angelic forecaster lookon California, which has attractions from other areas, including Mount Everest, Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls.

Pictorial maps weren’t really a serious topic of study for the degree holder in geography. Hornsby collected few illustrated maps here and there while focusing on his career. A 2013 sabbatical provided him a possibility to return and do research for his book.

Pictorial mapping pursued to prosper during World War II and the Depression. But in the 1960s, photography boomed the American advertising, and several illustrators were displaced in their careers. Although there are few artists and cartographers still drawingnowadays, the genre never regained back its prior popularity.

As featured in the gallery, you can visualize small illustrations of more than 150 maps found in the book Hornsby authored. Small samples of hundreds of pictorial maps are now kept in the Library of Congress. According to Hornsby, “The book is a large mass of illustrated maps.”

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How To Plan A Landscape That Is Fire-Proof

If you live in a place where there is a high risk of fire, it is important to make sure that the landscaping you have is fire-proof. It is vital to consult a professional such as Greenside Landscaping to know the ideal landscape design, the plants to choose as well as the maintenance required.

One of the first things you can do is to remove all debris and dead leaves that are littering around the house. Around 30 feet from your property should be clear while 150 feet is required if your house is located on a hill. If there is dry grass, mowing is necessary up to 100 feet from the house.

For a landscape to be fire-proof, it does not have to be all bare dirt that is surrounding the house. As early as the planning stage, the trees should be placed far from the property while shrubs can be positioned closer. Near the house is where lawns and bedding plants can be placed.

Your landscaping plan should include plats that are fire resistant and these should be placed in strategic locations to make sure that the fire does not spread to the structures. Around 30 feet from the house, there should be greeneries that are well-watered surrounding it. For better protection, opt for lawns or groundcovers that are growing low only. If you want more colour for your lawn, add flowering plants that are both perennials and annuals. The area should be maintained regularly with proper irrigation, clean-up as well as pruning.

The middle zone of the lawn, which is between 30 and 70 feet from the property, should have only plants that are resistant to fire and low-growing. Shrubs should be planted in group with spaces in between to make sure there is ample fuel breaks. The landscape should be always clean and free from dead and dried leaves and wood and litters.

Regular inspection from professional landscapers such Greenside Landscaping should be scheduled to make the lawn not only beautiful but resistant to fire as well. Do not forget to install irrigation line and a sprinkler system outside the lawn.

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Samui Land Issues Shakes Up

Anyone who’s staying in their three bedroom villa in Samui no doubt took an airplane to the island. Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island, and is a popular vacation destination. Its airport is well-suited to handling the strain of being located in such a place. However, it would seem there’s a bit of a hiccup.

Surat Thani’s governor has issued an order; a probe into claims made against Samui airport. The claims state that the airport is encroaching on public land. Specifically, a plot of land that has a canal running through, which implies it might be a part of a nearby swampy forest which acts as a water retention area, which would designate the land as public land, not state property. This means that the land in question could not be sold, at least, not through proper legal channels.

The land in question, which covers 16 rai, or 25,600 m2, is not actually part of the airport’s runway strip, but rather, it is an area reserved as sort of an “air safety zone”, wherein any construction or planting is strictly regulated so as to ensure that air navigation doesn’t suffer from obstructions, as per following aviation safety laws.

A National Legislative Assembly had already investigated the issue prior, with the discovery of the canal being part of its initial findings, which the current probe, ordered by Governor Uaychai Innak, will refer to. The provincial probe panel will investigate further to assure that the land was purchased legally, using information acquired from residents, and other local institutions. According to the governor, the probe is to be finished sometime the following week.

Bangkok Airways, the owner of Samui airport stated that they’ve rented the land from the Thailand Treasury Deparment since 1999. It follows up that it leaves the decision of whether the land is public or state property up to local state agencies, and that they are willing to share what information they have.

For those staying in their three bedroom villa in Samui or looking to visit, rest assured the airport will remain functional, though what Bangkok Airways will do regarding the land, should its status be changed remains a mystery.

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Landscaping Project In Lewes Library Cost More Than The Allotted Budget

The newly built Lewes Public Library was set to have its landscaping project. It was back in 2014 when the budget was set at $4,500 for the estimated cost of the landscape. This year, the original figure was said to be insufficient as the budget needed is over five times the original estimated cost.

The chairman of Parks and Recreation, Alison Kirk, showed the city council the estimated cost for the library section which is referred to as Thompson property. She surveyed from two landscaping companies and the cost is expected to be between $20,000 and $25,000. The figure was unexpected for the officials because they have already approved a budget previously and it was for only $10,000. The figure was already a total estimate for the while parcel which covers 5.9 acres. The previously estimated budget already includes the newly build trailhead together with the open space which is located at the back of the library.

The new budget is only estimated for the library section, not including the whole plot. Lewes in Bloom has already presented a plan to develop a garden designed for all ages which is to be built at the back of the library and they have already assumes the costs of the future maintenance.

According to Kirk, Distinctive Landscaping which is the landscaper of the city has already pledged to maintain the property surrounding the library while staying within the budget which is $10,000. The rest will be up to the city in order to not go over budget thus they have to perform at least one mulching and weeding.

If they are willing to pay the full budget at $25,000, the landscaping company will be in charge of everything including pruning, mulching, cleaning up of the debris and leaves after as well as fertilizing. The chairman for the library design committee, Ned Butera, expressed that the previous estimate of the landscape architect is obviously not enough since the maintenance is expected to be quite expensive. This is why it is important to get an estimate from a trusted landscaper such as Spring landscaping design, in order to stay within the budget.