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Bosh Introduces Innovative And Cost Effective Technologies At Frankfurt Trade Fair

At the ISH Energy 2017 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Bosh presented the largest boiler in its portfolio – a double-flame tube boiler with an impressive height of 6 meters, an output that reaches up to 55,000 kilograms of steam per hour and a weight of nearly 120 tons. The large boiler can be effectively and efficiently used by energy providers and big industrial companies.

Aside from their largest boiler, Bosh also presented several innovations like the compressed air and heat system (CA) for smaller output ranges.  Conventional compressors are usually driven through electric motors. CA generates compressed air through the use of biogas or natural gas motor that is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than electricity. In addition, the heating circuit will benefit from the free waste heat generated by the motor and compressor.

Another topic at the Bosch trade fair was the new high-tech controls that can be used as professional solutions in industrial boilers and combined heat and power plants (CHP). Control 8000 is an innovative control device for heating boilers with an intuitive touch control and large color display. Through the control device, advanced technology from the industrial sector will enter the market for heat technology at a very appealing price-performance ratio.

A wide range of components can be integrated in a modular way through the latest standards of connectivity. Available for Control 8000 and other Bosh boilers and CHP controls is remote maintenance system MEC Remote that provides safe and efficient access through internet connected devices. Instead of limiting access to Bosh service experts only, MEC Remote allows operators to be automatically informed about important status reports through text or email messages.

Bosh also highlighted the importance of saving energy costs through interactive multimedia simulators that will help operators configure their own plant. Through the use of specific load profile and energy prices, operators can precisely calculate which technical measures are profitable and which are not.

Boiler engineers of APH Heating LTD regularly attend trainings and seminars in renewable and innovative technologies to keep them up-to-date and fully qualified. Trainings received make them more qualified to undertake solar, biomass, under-floor heating, ground source and air source heat pumps installations.

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New Hotel To Be Built In The Campus Of The University Of Chicago

Complimentary internet access is an important factor for business travellers when they choose a hotel but for others location matters more. An ideal location will easily allow a hotel guest to be connected to the city’s business and financial district as well as restaurants, bars and entertainment centres.

At a meeting, plans for a 15-story hotel at the University of Chicago’s campus on the corner of 60th Street and Dorchester Avenue were announced. According to DNAinfo, officials from the university have recently mentioned the importance of nearby hotel options because the Rubenstein Forum attracts a large number of academicians to the area for conferences.

The hotel that will be named “The Study at the University of Chicago” will include a 1,500 square feet fitness centre, 2,200 square feet to be used for meeting rooms and an 85-seat restaurant and bar. Slides were presented from a meeting that was hosted by the 20th Ward alderman Willie Cochran to show the development of the hotel that is expected to generate 150 permanent jobs and 250 jobs for the local construction industry.

The new hotel which will be built on a 70,000 square feet of land will replace the vacant colonial Hyde Park Day School Building. However, the hotel is not owned by the University of Chicago but privately developed. Similar to the other buildings on the university campus, the hotel will include amenities for the university and the local community.

In a statement to DNAinfo, Calametta Coleman, University Director of Communications for Civil Engineering, said the University will not be releasing information on when the project will start including the total financial costs. The Study will be the first building on campus that will be a business for profit. The Study will also be the most convenient option for the Obama Presidential Centre.

Even in Thailand, location certainly matters for hotelsand resorts. In Bangkok, hotel near Terminal 21 is ideally located at the heart of the city’s residential, business and shopping centres. It is walking distance to the BTS, Skytrain Station and other points of interest for both the leisure and business traveller.

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How To Choose Chartered Accountant Insurance Provider

There are several tax investigation insurance firms in New Zealand. All of these insurance companies do their best to encourage more clients. If you are looking for an insurance provider for chartered accountant insurance, you can find numerous companies on the internet but you need to be more prudent in order to find a reliable firm that you can depend on if the government conducts an investigation on your tax submission. To hire the right insurance provider, take a look at these qualities.

Large following and insurance clients

Ask your prospective insurance provider of the number of clients that are currently ensured under their company. If the insurance company has a long list of ensured clientele, it only means that they are trusted in the industry and this can be positive indication. Aside from the number of ensured individuals and businesses, it would also be wise to choose a company that operates not just locally but in other countries such as in Australia and Canada. With more branches and offices in other countries, the insurance company can be taken as established and reputable.

Years of service in the industry

Choose a chartered accountant insurance company that has been in the industry for a considerable number of years. As much as possible, choose a company that has been providing accounting related services such as tax audit insurance for over 10 years.

More positive testimonials from clients

Lastly, choose a tax audit insurance provider that is trusted by individual tax payers as well as companies, big or small. You can find these feedbacks from the insurance company’s website or in review sites found on the internet. There are review sites that also provide ratings to chartered accountant insurance providers. Higher ratings mean the insurance provider is more trusted by more clients. If you want direct interaction from those who have gone through tax enquiry, join the discussions in forums found on the internet. Find out where they obtained their insurance and if they were happy with the service. Conduct a good research to find a reputable service provider.

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Some Military-Issued Rolex Watches Can Be Valuable Collectible Items

In 2015, a British man and his wife were watching BBC’s The Antiques Roadshow series on TV. The particular episode was about a plain-looking watch that was valued for thousands of pounds. The man remembered that he owns a similar watch but his wife said that it is not worth a cent.

The British bloke’s watch was a military issue that he bought at an army surplus for £1,000. After a few months, The Antiques Roadshow came to town and the man brought along his watch. Surprisingly, the watch was identified as a “rare double reference version” of the Rolex Military Submariner that was issued to the British Navy in the early part of 1970. In December 2016, the watch was sold for £120,100 (€139, 028) at Bonhams.

The watch was part of a series of Rolex watches that was ordered by the British Navy for their specialist personnel. While the watch does not exactly look like those used in James Bond films, it has the same technology. The watch hands are shaped as swords to make them legible even at low light conditions. The dials have the marking of an international symbol for tritium, a treatment placed on the watch so that the wearer can see the hands in the dark. The back of the case is engraved with a serial number and issue number from the Ministry of Defense.

The British military-issued watches usually turn up during auctions in Ireland particularly in the north of the border. Martin Bernon of O’Reilly’s auctioneers believe that the watches are pretty standard and do not necessarily fetch a high sum. It is made from gunmetal color without any shine to avoid catching the attention of a sniper. If you come across a military watch, it is worth the time to have it checked because it might be a highly collectible Rolex watch.

Fashion is changing and men’s black watches are becoming the trend. The Danish design for the black watches is classic, sophisticated and beautiful to easily complement a man’s wardrobe. It fits any occasion whether held in the day or evening and it certainly communicates your personality.

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When Renovations Must Focus On Function Instead Of Aesthetics

Perkins Hall and Barbour Hall was renovated last summer and next in line will be the renovation of first-year residence halls at Emery, Woolley, Morris and Champlin including the upper year halls of Young Orchard #2, #4 and #10. The office of Residential Life will be in charge of the renovations.

For the past 6 years, Residential Life has focused on the renovations of the first-year and upper-year housing with some projects in Keeney Quadrangle, Miller Hall, Metcalf Hall, Andrews Hall, Wayland House, Wriston Quadrangle, Perkins Hall and Barbour Hall. The last three summers have been focused exclusively on the upper year’s housing but Residential Life will be refreshing the buildings of the first year this coming summer.

According to Richard Hilton, assistant director of Residential Life, halls will be repainted, old carpets will be replaced, new beds will be installed and a big lounge will be built the ground floor of Morris and Emery. Expenses for the improvements that are scheduled for summer will run to about $5 million.

On the other hand, James Feinberg who resides in Emery does not believe that the dorms require renovations. While renovations will improve the aesthetics of dorms, he prefers other types of improvements. According to Feinberg, the showers in the bathrooms are too low.

However, Malwina Showron thinks that her dorm needs refreshing. Once the heat is on, the radiator starts to make clanging noises which is definitely strange. The thermostat has been out of control which requires her to open a window on warm days during winter. Furniture and walls are in good condition but there is a problem with ants entering through the cracks in the caulking of the kitchen and bathtub. A more useful change will be the vents in the bathroom that fails to remove heat and steam so that the bathroom becomes soaked when somebody else uses the shower.

One of the most practical, useful and functional elements that you can add to the bathroom is basin vanity units. Even if you are simply refurnishing the bathroom to give it a new life or you are remodeling to create a spa-like ambiance, vanity units are perfect for any design.

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The Best Time Management Examples

Time is precious. Time is everything. Time is something that you shouldn’t waste. Why? Once you waste time on whatever that, no amount of money can bring you back to that time unless you are someone like Barry Allen who has the ability to travel back through time on a desired time. You see, managing your time can be a headache especially if you are a busy person who has a demanding job and has a family to feed. Now, how do you manage your time if you are a working person who works from 8AM to 5PM in the big city and need to take care of your family upon getting home? Let’s face it. Managing time is harder than choosing which pair of shoes you will wear for the day. The best thing a frequently busy person can do is to employ the best time management examples which can be very beneficial because you won’t be compromising anything at all. To begin with, time management requires one’s utmost commitment and focus because if you are really committed and focused at something, it will make the job so much easier. To help you, below are time management examples you should employ if you want to clean up your life without wasting even a single second in it:

  • Set your goals- One of the best time management examples one should employ is setting goals. Why? Setting your goals for the day allows you to have a clearer mind on what you want to achieve for the day. This will also lessen your tendency to procrastinate.
  • Set which goal you will prioritize first- This will be useful for scheduling. This will allow you to decide which will be achieved first.
  • Determine the amount of time you will a lot for tasks- This is also useful for scheduling purposes. This will allow you to determine how much time you will spend on completing a specific task.
  • Flexibility to change- The ability to adapt to changes as they happen save you from wasting time forcing things to happen according to how you planned it.
  • Revisiting goals and priorities every now and then- Checking if your goals have been achieved.
  • Observing results- Assessing the results of the goals you’ve achieved.
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Comfortable Rooms At Ad Lib Bangkok: Worth The Money

Whenever you are choosing for a hotel where you will stay during a trip abroad whether it’s for your vacation escapade or a business trip at work, you should always choose the hotel that gives the best value for whatever amount that you are paying for. Why? You wouldn’t want to pay for an accommodation at a hotel that offers a low standard quality of service. Or worse, you decide to go for a budget-friendly hotel which is relatively cheaper but at what cost? You are compromising your own comfort. You see, how comfortable you are inside a hotel room, regardless if you decide to go for a suite or the 2-bed standard room, should be the deciding factor for one to proclaim that a hotel is indeed, a nice hotel to stay in for various purposes. It’s never the rate that you are paying for should decide if you chose a good hotel. Now, let’s say you have decided to stay at one of those comfortable rooms at Ad Lib Bangkok because you are visiting Thailand’s capital as your next Asian vacation. You will not regret making that decision especially if you don’t mind paying an expensive rate for a more comfortable good night sleep at night.

One of the comfortable rooms at Ad Lib Bangkok which you can choose is the room type which they refer to as “Extra Plush”. The rate for “Extra Plush” room, one which is located at the 4th floor of the hotel, the highest floor of the hotel, is 4,500 THB per night. But again, you won’t mind the rate because of the tremendous perks you will enjoy. You have access to unlimited coffee or tea that is professionally prepared by a barista in the hotel. You can get free drinks at their mini-bar and, vouchers for the cocktails. You can also choose to stay at higher floors. The room isn’t that big but everything is placed properly. There is a king-size bed waiting for you at night and the shower will make you feel like bathing in the rain.  You will also get a relaxing view of Bangkok at night.

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How To Choose A Company For RYA Sailing Holidays

If you fancy a luxurious holiday on the sea along the Canary Islands, the first thing that you should look for is a service provider of chartered high quality luxury yachts such as RYA sailing holidays. Find a company that offers a wide variety of yachts for you to choose from. Here are some ideas that would help you find the right service provider for chartered yachts.

Know more about the company’s background

Before you place your reservations for a yacht, find time to check the company’s background. Since Canary Islands is famous for its pristine waters and year-round perfect weather, you can find numerous companies that offer yachting services. However, choose one that has more positive testimonials from its customers based on reviews and ratings. It would also be a good thing to check if there were sea accidents or safety-related incidents involving the sailing company. Another thing to check is the company’s license and its crew. Sailing companies will claim that they duly licensed and registered but to validate the information, check from the Tourism Authority of the area. Find out how long has the company, such as RYA sailing holidays, has been operating in the industry.

Yacht safety features 

You should also the facilities of the yachts owned by the company. Modern yachts have reliable life- saving equipment and better communication features and with these, you can be sure that your trip and sailing escapades will be comfortable and secure. Visit the company’s website to read customer feedback and the services the company offers.

Affordable rates

You can enjoy an exciting yachting experience with RYA sailing holidays at the Canary Islands without going over your budget. Sailing with yachts can be pricey but there are ways to get an enjoyable experience. You just have to do a little research to find a budget-friendly offer that suits your budget. You can find sailing packages that include comfortable accommodation with local cuisines served onboard and there are also offers in more luxurious packages. Choose a package that is within your budget and one that suits your sailing fancy.

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Art In Fabric Exhibit

Art is a form of expression of a person’s creativity. It may come in different forms and in different kinds. People have their own ways of expressing their art. They can create their music, their poetry, and even their designs. A simple drawing can be a form of one’s art, it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, it’s crooked, as long as it shows the creator’s personality and emotions.

Clothes are in fact part of the art. It is being designed by people showing their creativity through their designs where one important thing to check is the fabric. Fabric is not just used in clothes though. They can be used in so much more like decorations and furniture upholstery. People who design and create these fabrics put their heart and soul into each piece taking it as their important personalized art. It showcases the depth of how creative and intricate they can. Each piece of woven or knitted cloth expresses their personality and shows their own brand.

India is full of natural resources to create fabrics thus it is not surprising that beautiful fabrics can be seen and touched in most of India. It is one of the most popular items in the country as also around the world. They are able to give great fabric quality and designs from India which is why it is not a surprise that they are not ashamed to show off their own personalised art via the fabrics in exhibits and fairs.

Just last 13th of April, 2017, an exhibit showcasing 64 exhibitors famous for their personalized collection of fabric was inaugurated, the BRAND IN STYLE Season 2 exhibit. The opening was done by Mrs. India International 2017, Sharon Fernandes, and the founder of Bina Singh Foundation, Bina Singh herself. The exhibit’s location is at Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Sri Nagar Colony. This is an economical exhibit and it supports social causes thus it also caught the interest of other designers from countries such as Malaysia. It’s the designer’s version of personalised art in the form of fabrics. It might not hurt to check it out to see beauty in the pieces displayed.

The fabric used in the clothes worn, the upholstery at home, it can show off who a person is. Make it count and ensure that it really is the person inside.

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Basic Information About Luxury Rehab

Before you get into a luxury rehab, take some time to think about the different aspects that may affect your decision. A rehabilitation program is important especially if your source of addiction is already getting in the way of your normal functions and if it is already creating a dent on your personal relationships. However, while treatment and rehabilitation is important, you need to know that going through the process is never a walk in the park. Here are some things that you need to check on.

The costs

Although you can get into a standard treatment center, you will find more value if you would admit to luxurious rehab where you will enjoy better accommodation and gourmet food, among others. However, a luxury rehab can be costly. An exclusive rehabilitation center can cost from $10,000 to $20,000 a month and this could go up to $180,000 per month for rehab facilities that are designed for celebrities. Although there are more affordable and even free rehabilitation centers, the comfort and quality of care that you will get from a luxury rehab center is way much better.

Duration of the treatment          

The duration of treatment can vary from 30 days to 60 days, 90 or even longer, depending on the substance and the degree of addiction. Your therapist will assess you and will recommend the most suitable rehabilitation program suited to your condition.

Treatment methods

The treatment method varies depending on the type of addiction you have and the degree on its effect on you. However, all treatments involve detoxification and with this, withdrawal syndrome will be experienced by the patient and this can be a very difficult part. Treatment and rehabilitation methods differ from one center to another and it would be best to check on this to find out if the method they use is amenable to you.

License and accreditation

Although most of the time, a luxury rehab comes with license and accreditation, you can never be sure so take time to verify the information found on the treatment’s website to ensure that you are getting into a qualified facility.

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