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Haven’t Met Hotel Silom to launch with urban hospitality concept

The new, Haven’t Met Hotel Silom Bangkok is set to open its doors to the public sometime in August this year, and is set to offer those looking for 5 star accommodation in Bangkok a new, hip option with its two new room types, the Awesome Room and the Sensational Room, both options giving its customers the comfort of extra-large double beds and ensuite bathrooms.

The new hotel is set to be lead by its Executive Director, Patrick Pratummanee, who will also handle the company’s pre-opening preparations before full operations later in August. The Filipino-Thai hospitality expert already has quite a bit of experience in the Thai hospitality business in the 2 decades he has stayed in the country, having managed some of the country’s most successful hotels and venues.

Included in Mr. Pratummanee’s storied resume is acting as Group General Manager of all of the Absolute Resorts, before moving on and taking the helm as General Manager at Phuket’s Catch Beach Club, which he later continued to work for under a different post, as Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing. Since moving on to other managerial posts, he has since found his way to the role of Group General Manager for Salil Hotels.

According to Mr. Pratummanee, he has teamed up with the young, up-and-coming Haven’t Met Hotel brand because he believes that the new brand is offering a modern, cutting-edge approach to 5 star accommodation in Bangkok, aimed more at being a travel partner and helping visitors experience the most out of the local scene during their stay.

The new Haven’t Met Hotel Silom is located at a brisk walking distance from the Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station, meaning that it is close to Bangkok’s famous nightlife hotspots, as well as the iconic Chao Phraya River, and the more peaceful environs of the Lumpini Park.

The 72-room contemporary hotel offers 24-hour High Lounge services, a rooftop bar dubbed ‘The Moment’, and the aforementioned two room choices. On top of all of that, each room is fitted with a 40″ Samsung Smart TV, plus complimentary Wi-Fi and LAN connections. Every room also has a fully stocked mini-bar for guests to enjoy.

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Big Durians: Find Out Why it’s an Attraction

With the ever-stressful and hectic lifestyle that most of the human population are living right now, it’s no surprise that some of us have been neglecting their overall health. You see, with the latest technology that aims to make our lives easier and more comfortable, we are almost forgetting one thing that not even the most powerful smartphone can ever provide to us: a decent health especially for those who now in the advanced years of their lives. Fortunately, some of the traditional ways to stay healthy have managed to stay alive even during these continuously changing times. Among these ways which even younger individuals are keen on employing is the regular intake of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Fruits to be more specific, are considered as among the healthiest food one cannot survive with. They contain the highest percentage of Vitamin C which is helpful in maintaining a strong immune system that will help the human body fight various sickness on a daily basis. In the tourism industry, fruits have been playing a small but meaningful role in continuously luring more and more tourists into vising the place where the fruits are being grown. Find out here what the fruit that is making a tremendous amount of noise in the tourism industry of Thailand.


Earlier this week, news about the massive sizes of a couple of Durians that have been farmed in the farmlands of the district of Wang Nam Khieo. According to the owner of the said orchard, the pair of durians weighed 12 kilograms and 13 kilograms respectively. Aside from the hotels and parks in the urbanized areas like Bangkok, the tourism industry in Thailand is more than just luxurious style of taking a vacation. In fact, it’s in the Wang Nam Khieo district where tourists find out here that fruits can be a  reason for a huge number of tourists to visit the said district of Thailand because let’s face it, it’s not every day that you see durians of those weights. You see, the couple of Durians is heavier than the average-sized ones which weigh only around 5 kilograms to 6 kilograms. In fact, people are now ling-up to take pictures of the big and heavy Durians.

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New Products For Brisbane Tyres Released

A car is an essential to man’s life. It enables him to go to whatever place his heart desires to reach on his own time and manner. You see, nothing beats having and driving your own car because you don’t need to worry about missing the schedule of the bus that is driving around the city or, you don’t need to push yourself furthermore into the river of commuters who are lining up at the train stations. Like it or not, you will still get yourself stuck during the rush hour madness especially in the morning but the big difference between relying on public transport and driving your own car is this: when you are driving your own car, you are comfortable. You are cool because of your car’s air-conditioning unit. Now, when you own a car, there are many things you need to manage to ensure that your car is road-worthy and is ready to take the road at any given time. One of the most parts of a car that requires your utmost attention is the set of rubber tyres which serve as your car’s shoes. You see, when you are in Brisbane, you can buy a nice set of Brisbane tyres that are affordable and yet, reliable in terms of quality because they always meet international safety standards for tyres.


Just recently, during the annually-held Brisbane Truck Show, a tyre company just released a new set of products which could be helpful in ensuring that Brisbane tyres are continuously maintained. One of the said products that were unveiled during the said event is the product which the company called, the ContiPressure Check Monitor. Basically, this product is a sensor that is needed to be installed inside the tyres. It allows the driver of the vehicle where the monitor is installed to continuously monitor the temperature and pressure of the tyres when the vehicle is rolling on any given road. This product is essentially beneficial not just because it allows fuel savings but also, using this specific monitoring sensor on tyres will relatively reduce the risk vehicle downtime could result from breaking down of tyres due to various reasons.

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New Courses For Property Owners On Pest Control In Newcastle

Continuous learning is considerably essential to one’s life. In fact, you shouldn’t stop learning new things just because you have completed your college decree or even your PHD course. There are many ways in which you can learn new things or, you can learn new things about certain things in life that you thought you’ve known everything. You see, there are new things that are popping out in the world and as one of the main inhabitants of this planet, it’s our responsibility as human beings to learn about these new things in hopes that we can understand how they work and how they can benefit us in this busy lifestyle that we live in right now. Now, when you are facing a terrible problem with those little, pesky pests that are infesting your walls, it’s recommended that you have them dealt by an accredited company whose specialty is pest control in Newcastle and other major cities in the world. Why? These licensed pest exterminators can handle every pest problem you may have and they can even deal with such problem without relying too much on using dangerous chemicals just to get rid of those little but durable pests.

Just last February of this year, Central West Local Land Services in Australia, held a 4-hour training course which aimed to arm property owners across the region the proper knowledge on how to properly use 1080 and Pindone baits when they are having pest problems in their respective home or office. You see, using baits to attract pests and eliminate them subsequently requires the right amount of knowledge because if you rely on your do-it-yourself skills and handle things on your own, you might cause more harm than good. You might attract more pests such as rodents and bugs to infest your home. Using the said baits should be done under the supervision who has experience in doing pest control in Newcastle and in other cities in Down Under Australia. Participants of the said 4-hour training course were given certificates stating that yes, they are certified to use such baits and have an understanding as to what their legal obligations are when they are using such products.

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How Emergency Plumbers Rescued Sweetie From The Sewer Pipes

There have been various reports of strange objects that have been pulled out by emergency plumbers from sewer pipes. In most cases, these objects result into a blockage that affects the efficiency of the plumbing system. However, this time it is different because emergency plumbers managed to save a seven-week old puppy when it got stuck 48 meters down the sewer pipe.

Sweetie the Kununurra canine got stuck in the internal plumbing on her owner’s home. First to arrive on the scene were Simon Hayes, Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberly senior ranger and Trent Mettam, another ranger. Plumbers Sam Bodycoat and Jesse Shaw from IBAC Plumbing followed after receiving a call at about six in the afternoon.

Sweetie made her way from the internal plumbing to the wastewater system. Someone from the Water Corporation had to open an access point so that the puppy can be rescued. The emergency plumbers made use of a specialized camera with a light at one end that they use for pipe inspections. They found out that the puppy had travelled 48 meters from where she started.

From the access point, the plumbers used their specialized plumbing equipment. It was inserted through the first access point so that Sweetie can be guided to freedom in the form of a ranger’s dog noose. Four hours after Sweetie’s ordeal inside the sewer pipe, she was finally brought out. According to Bodycoat, the puppy’s heartbeat was going a million miles a minute and was in a smelly situation.

Ben Hay, the owner of IBAC said that it was a good thing that plumbers Bodycoat and Shaw made the effort to donate their time to the rescue. Even RinoTrolio, the regional manager of Water Corporation praised the efforts of the agencies involved. Without the timely rescue made by the group, the emergency situationwould have easily ended into a tragedy.

No job is too large for Plum b4 You emergency plumbers. They have the expertise and specialized equipment to fix any plumbing issues in your home or business. Aside from fast and effective service, the emergency plumbers are always happy to provide free quotes and advise. Customer satisfaction is always their main priority.

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Nightmarish Emergency Plumbing Experiences

Former presidents of the United States from John Quincy Adams to Barack Obama have enjoyed indoor plumbing in the White House. The White House first received indoor plumbing during the term of John Quincy Adams through a garden pump with nine spout holes that was attached to a well. President Franklin Pierce made significant improvements to plumbing as well as toilet facilities. Today, White House plumbing is luxurious with both hot and cold water piped in. Does the White House experience plumbing emergencies? Probably not.

Some plumbers have shared their nightmarish experiences during plumbing emergencies. Steve Ferguson of Mr. Rooter Plumbing responded to a call for emergency plumbing services due to toilet stoppage. He checked the pipes and found the source of the stoppage – upper and lower dentures of a customer who had one drink too many the night before and got sick.

One night, Tim and Robyn Roth received a call from a casino that they often work with. The complaint was a backed up sewer line. When the plumbers arrived on the scene, a foreign object has been pushed into the main sewer line. The plumbers had to undertake a combination of digging, sawing and jetting to reach the culprit. Children in the casino’s daycare have flushed their toys into the toilet. If they did not act fast, the whole casino would have been flooded with raw sewage.

Emergency plumbers often find different items in their customer’s plumbing system from a soup bone, eyeglasses, hypodermic needles and condoms. Steve Ferguson tells a story of an upstairs toilet clog which required them to pull back a dead raccoon from the drain. In another pipe clearing job, they found wheat that was dumped by the homeowner into the toilet. They had to shovel and vacuum to remove the wheat from the pipes.

Residents within and around Welling have so much to be thankful for because they can easily call P4U Emergency Plumbers during plumbing emergencies. Reliable and friendly service is provided at the most reasonable cost. Aside from immediate assistance during plumbing emergencies, service like bathroom and boiler installations as well full bathroom refurbishments are also provided.

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Heavy Flooding in Hong Kong due to Blocked Drain Systems

Everything went on a standstill in Hong Kong when the black rainstorm warning was issued for the first time this year. The downpour flooded streets and submerged cars. Shopkeepers scrambled for sandbags to keep out the flood waters from their stores. According to the Drainage Services Department, drains were blocked with rubbish and tree branches.

A surreal scene was caught by the camera outside Shau Kei Wan Market where a taxi was submerged up to its windshield by the floodwaters. There were also pictures of waters reaching a height of 1 meter in a car park at a residential area in Quarry Bay. There were 17 reports of flooding, 18 of trees falling and 3 regarding landslides.

The hardest hit area was Shau Kei Wan where the flooding problem became severe in the last few years. The Drainage Services Department said that it is planning to replace the system with something better that could cope with strong downpours. Flooding was already serious last year but it has grown worse this year because it was knee-high along the tram line.

District Councilor Lam Sum-Lim said that the drainage department told the district council last year that the drainage could handle heavy rain but it seems like the department is not living up to its promise. Lam urged the drainage department to hurry in unblocking and replacing the drains if necessary. Another district council suspected that the drainage systems have aged and the department must consider investigating them.

Hong Kong Observatory issued a black rainstorm signal, the highest in a three-tier system at 11:30 AM on a Wednesday when almost all workers have reported to their work but was downgraded to amber after an hour. At 3 PM, all signals were cancelled. Workers were stuck in their offices because the black rainstorm warning was in effect.

Budget Drains offer unblocking and unclogging services for drains using the latest equipment. There is an emergency response team that will provide the necessary maintenance services so that the drain system will operate efficiently. All work and services provides are guaranteed and insured for your peace of mind.

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How To Get Rid Of Insecticide-Resistant Bugs With Carpet Cleaning In Perth

For some, carpet cleaning in Perth can be an easy task. Using high quality vacuum cleaner and tough solutions for insecticides, one can easily say that he was able to get rid of dust, mites, bed bugs and home pollutants. However, based on the studies conducted by expert entomologists of Ohio State University, bed bugs can adapt to strong formulation found in the market. If bed bugs and other pollutants are already resistant to commercial products in the market, how then can carpet users ensure that the carpet they are using is safe and healthy?

Having all these in mind, the only solution to successfully clean carpets isto look for stronger products that can effectively combat insecticide-resistant bed bugs. The downside of this is that, while you are killing insecticide-resistant pests on your carpets, you may also be putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of toxic chemicals exposure. If you are not sure how to administer harsh and toxic chemicals, you are not just putting yourself in danger; you also run the risk of damaging your carpet such as discolouring it or damaging its fabrics.

One way to make the process safer and more effective is to leave the task to a reliable company that specialize carpet cleaning in Perth. Carpet cleaners are trained and knowledgeable on how to effectively solve carpet issues without damaging the material. They are equipped with the latest carpet cleaning solutions and equipment and know how to administer the tools in a safe manner.

You can find professional carpet cleaners in the industry today. You just have to make some search on the internet and even on the classified ads on your local papers. Check the reviews and customer feedback to be sure. Visit the website of your target carpet cleaning in Perth to know more about the company and the services they offer. Aside from that, find out about the type of equipment and cleaning materials they use including their carpet cleaning methods. Find out if the company uses eco-friendly products.

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Bloc Blinds Awarded With Innovation Recognition

Homeowners might be familiar with roller blinds in Auckland but in Ireland, the product took centre stage after an awarding. If you have bought and installed roller blinds before, you might be aware that the product could be a challenge as it ages. It is not possible to uninstall the entire thing in order to be washed. If you have roller blinds that are either discoloured or worn then the only solution would be to replace the entire unit.

It would not make sense to replace just one window blinds, as it will not look the same as the entire house. This means replacement demands that the entire room should be replaced with new roller blinds and this is worth a huge expense.

Replacing only the blinds will not be possible because every blind comes with its own mechanical assembly in order to work properly thus the entire thing must be replaced.

Thanks to Bloc Blinds, a company that is based in Belfast, a new innovation will now present homeowners with a simple and yet more cost-effective answer to this problem. Ever since their introduction into the market of window blinds, the company has already patented a number of products and many of their new products are still waiting for its patent. The latest and most innovative of all its products is the roller blind that can undergo fabric change.

This smart design will make it possible for homeowners to change the fabric of their roller blinds as often as they please. The process does not require replacement of the entire system and the mechanism does not have to be removed from the window either.

Everything in the system will remain as it is – the fittings of the blind, the fixtures as well as the barrel. The only thing that needs changing is the fabric.

According to the marketing manager of Bloc Blinds, Kiera Scullion, the solution is cost-effective and offers a number of advantages. This means that homeowners don’t have to settle for neutral colours since blinds are considered as a fixed part of the house. With the latest innovation, homeowners can change the colour according to the theme of their house. If this type of blinds is not your thing, you can check for other styles of roller blinds in Auckland.

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Bosh Introduces Innovative And Cost Effective Technologies At Frankfurt Trade Fair

At the ISH Energy 2017 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Bosh presented the largest boiler in its portfolio – a double-flame tube boiler with an impressive height of 6 meters, an output that reaches up to 55,000 kilograms of steam per hour and a weight of nearly 120 tons. The large boiler can be effectively and efficiently used by energy providers and big industrial companies.

Aside from their largest boiler, Bosh also presented several innovations like the compressed air and heat system (CA) for smaller output ranges.  Conventional compressors are usually driven through electric motors. CA generates compressed air through the use of biogas or natural gas motor that is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than electricity. In addition, the heating circuit will benefit from the free waste heat generated by the motor and compressor.

Another topic at the Bosch trade fair was the new high-tech controls that can be used as professional solutions in industrial boilers and combined heat and power plants (CHP). Control 8000 is an innovative control device for heating boilers with an intuitive touch control and large color display. Through the control device, advanced technology from the industrial sector will enter the market for heat technology at a very appealing price-performance ratio.

A wide range of components can be integrated in a modular way through the latest standards of connectivity. Available for Control 8000 and other Bosh boilers and CHP controls is remote maintenance system MEC Remote that provides safe and efficient access through internet connected devices. Instead of limiting access to Bosh service experts only, MEC Remote allows operators to be automatically informed about important status reports through text or email messages.

Bosh also highlighted the importance of saving energy costs through interactive multimedia simulators that will help operators configure their own plant. Through the use of specific load profile and energy prices, operators can precisely calculate which technical measures are profitable and which are not.

Boiler engineers of APH Heating LTD regularly attend trainings and seminars in renewable and innovative technologies to keep them up-to-date and fully qualified. Trainings received make them more qualified to undertake solar, biomass, under-floor heating, ground source and air source heat pumps installations.

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