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Venerating The Past By Wearing Traditional Thai Costume

If your sewing or embroidery project is urgent, your best option is prewound bobbin in Thailand in polyester, spun polyester and nylon threads. The polyester bobbins are usually used for embroidery and sewing lightweight garments. There is also heavyweight thread that can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of traditional dresses.

Siri Seatea is the owner of a booming traditional dress shop in Bangkok. While stitching a sarong for a customer, Siri told Reuters that the shop is already 30 years old. Her shop has never been as busy as now when a growing number of Thai women started to wear the traditional dress. The phenomenon is being encouraged by the junta and the palace to revive the Thai culture and venerate the past history.

Some of the popular Thai costumes include those that were worn during former King Chulalongkorn’s reign. Television also played an important role. Love Destiny, a soap opera that was set during the 1656 to 1688 reign of King Narai , the Great, took Thailand by storm. The ancient capital city of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok where most of the scenes of Love Destiny took place is now a popular destination for Thais. They wear the traditional costume and take selfies using the ruins as the backdrop

The Prime Minister of Thailand has praised the television show because it is an example of the government’s policy towards the promotion of “Thai-ness.”In order to further encourage the wearing of the Thai costume, the country’s Major Cineplex Group promised a special discount like buy-one-get-one free to those who will wear the traditional garb.

Flight attendants of the national carrier Thai Airways have also started to dress up in the national costume used during King Rama V’s reign. During the Songkran Festival, the public was also encouraged to wear traditional Thai clothing.

Because of the popularity of the traditional Thai costume, sewers and embroiders have to hurry up to produce as many of the attires as possible. In order to save time, the best option is the prewound bobbin in Thailand instead of the thread in spool. The bobbins can be used on small sewing machines or mid-size commercial sewing machines.