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How A Foreigner Can Buy A Townhome In Rangsit?

Rangsit is a metropolitan city in the PathumThani province of Thailand, which supports the expansion of Bangkok in the north. Here you find many foreigners wanting to obtain a mortgage from local Thai banks to finance the buying of a Thailand property investment. However, this is not possible as most financial institutions in the country only provide loans to support the buying of real estate properties to Thai nationals and Thai companies only. Therefore, they need to marry or negotiate with a Thai national to have rights on buying a ทาวน์โฮมรังสิตas their residence in Thailand.

In recent years, a Bangkok Bank (Singapore) offered a loan programme for foreigners with qualifications similar to those in the west. There is a need to accomplish an application and submit proof of income, tax returns and other documents. In this program, a buyer can finance up to 70% of the purchase price of a desired ทาวน์โฮมรังสิต. However, the programmeis not consistently offered, and as of this writing, the program had been suspended.

In few resort areas like Pattaya, local banks have started to design a loan programme for foreigners who reside and work in Thailand. Kasikorn Bank, for instance, allows expatriates who possess a work permit for two or more years to acquire a mortgage financing of up to 50% of the value of the subject property. The programme had been launched early 2010.

With the current global financial situation, a foreigner may need to explore his or her options directly with the Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank and other lending institutions to identify their current status of any loan programmes which are best suited for foreigners.

The foreigner may be obliged to engage in an investment with a Thai company and get rights to own properties in Rangsit; or they can marry a Thai national and together decide to buy a property like a ทาวน์โฮมรังสิตto serve as their residence. They just need to inform the Thai government that they have purchased a property here and will coordinate with their Thai spouse or business partners regarding documentations.

Other options are still available for you to obtain a Thai mortgage just to buy your dream ทาวน์โฮมรังสิต, so you need not worry.

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Prices Stabilize: Good For Navigation Estates

Let’s face it. Everything nowadays has gotten more expensive than it used to be a decade ago. Various aspects can be attributed to the continuously jumping of prices especially of basic commodities. Among these aspects is the abnormalities that have been affecting the world market prices of oil especially in oil-producing countries in the Middle East. You see, liquefied fuel is considered as liquefied gold that’s why most of the oil-producing countries in the said region are relatively rich. And when things don’t go towards their way, some countries will hold onto their stocks of oil so the rest of the world would have lesser supply. We all know how things work. Lower supply plus high demands means higher prices. When this scenario happens, it creates a rippling effect to almost everything else. Most of the time, whenever the prices of the oil in the world market jump up, the prices of everything else follow through. The same thing can be said for real estate properties especially in the United Kingdom where the inflation rate is at 2.3% based on the latest number released last February of 2017. When you are in need of a real estate property to either buy or rent for a short period of time, there’s no better way to do so than to do it with the professional assistance from licensed real estate agents of Navigation Estates. Regardless of what the inflation rate in UK, prices of properties in the country would go up and down at any given time depending on the economic and political situation in the country.


According to the National Building Society in the United Kingdom, the prices of houses that are sold in the country have rebounded during the month of June, ending the worst streak in the market which lasted for 8 years. This means that the prices of homes and other properties have been stably increasing after experiencing a freefall during the previous three months of the year. According to verified statistics, the value of houses recorded a 1.1% increase from the previous value back in May of this year. For those who are planning to buy properties, they are advised to consult with their trusted real estate agent from Navigation Estates so they can offer you better insights.

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Restoration Of An Abandoned Inn To A 4 Star Hotel

In Ramsgate, planning permission was granted to a former historic pub that will be turned into a 4 star hotel. The proposed hotel will be called The Eagle Inn that will feature 6 en-suite bedrooms with 2 accessible for the disabled. The project will hopefully restore the abandoned site into its former glory after a thorough makeover.

The former historic inn is believed to be one of the oldest surviving inns in Ramsgate. It was originally comprised of two – three properties from 1763. The main building fronting High Street was constructed in 1776 making it one of the town’s earliest Tomson and Wotton public houses. Tomson and Wooton is believed to be the oldest breweries in Britain.

The buildings were damaged by a catastrophic fire in 1990. Permission was finally granted by Thanet District Council on May 11 for the renovation project on the old inn. According to Architect Pier-Luigi del Renzio of delRenzio and del Renzio, the 4 star hotel will include a restaurant, bar and parlour for the guests. The eagle statue and sign will be reinstated but the interior still has to be designed. However, the reinstatement is planned to include the missing period features and the complimentary finishes to create a 4 star hotel.

The renovation is in line with Thanet’s local plans for the promotion of leisure and tourism in the centre of the town. The architects are working closely with a local planning and conservation officer that is very supportive of the proposed scheme.

The renovation project will employ local workforce for full time and part time jobs depending on the inn’s final operational requirements. Local trade people are also supportive of the proposed scheme because they believe on the unique potentials that it will eventually offer for Ramsgate. As of this writing, the budget for the renovation remains confidential.

Speaking of 4 star hotels, in Thailand, there is a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit that caters to both business and leisure travellers. Its close proximity to dining and nightlife options allows a businessman the opportunity to enjoy a little leisure time. A unique experience awaits hotel guests with modern room designs and luxurious furnishings.

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Bloc Blinds Awarded With Innovation Recognition

Homeowners might be familiar with roller blinds in Auckland but in Ireland, the product took centre stage after an awarding. If you have bought and installed roller blinds before, you might be aware that the product could be a challenge as it ages. It is not possible to uninstall the entire thing in order to be washed. If you have roller blinds that are either discoloured or worn then the only solution would be to replace the entire unit.

It would not make sense to replace just one window blinds, as it will not look the same as the entire house. This means replacement demands that the entire room should be replaced with new roller blinds and this is worth a huge expense.

Replacing only the blinds will not be possible because every blind comes with its own mechanical assembly in order to work properly thus the entire thing must be replaced.

Thanks to Bloc Blinds, a company that is based in Belfast, a new innovation will now present homeowners with a simple and yet more cost-effective answer to this problem. Ever since their introduction into the market of window blinds, the company has already patented a number of products and many of their new products are still waiting for its patent. The latest and most innovative of all its products is the roller blind that can undergo fabric change.

This smart design will make it possible for homeowners to change the fabric of their roller blinds as often as they please. The process does not require replacement of the entire system and the mechanism does not have to be removed from the window either.

Everything in the system will remain as it is – the fittings of the blind, the fixtures as well as the barrel. The only thing that needs changing is the fabric.

According to the marketing manager of Bloc Blinds, Kiera Scullion, the solution is cost-effective and offers a number of advantages. This means that homeowners don’t have to settle for neutral colours since blinds are considered as a fixed part of the house. With the latest innovation, homeowners can change the colour according to the theme of their house. If this type of blinds is not your thing, you can check for other styles of roller blinds in Auckland.

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Pattaya – Making Your Experience Of Thailand Worthwhile

Are you planning to go to Thailand for the holidays? Do you already have a place to stay? With its wonderful landscapes and rich cultures, many properties are available if you want to have a place to stay while enjoying the most out of what the country has to offer. You might even be tempted to buy your own Pattaya property just to prolong your experiences of the country for a long time if not for a lifetime.

Like most countries around the world, Thailand has a very rich culture with very beautiful landscapes which tourists from all over the world find alluring. People are naturally hospitable and fun-loving so if you are the type of person who likes talking with other people, your experience of the country will become even more worthwhile. Their beaches are also worth returning to. With phenomenal white sand and blue waters, visitors just can’t help coming back to experience the wonders that the country has to offer.

One of its booming cities, Pattaya, is gradually making its name known all over the country. It is a place that should be included in your itinerary whenever you visit the country. With wonderful beaches and beguiling attractions, Pattaya now becomes a tourist destination in Thailand. Different resorts, hotels, cabaret bars and 24-hour clubs are now being established around the area. These are evidences that Pattaya is not just the quiet fishing village that it was before but a city of booming businesses today. Some of its tourist attractions are its floating market, Coral Island, and the different Buddha temples that would leave you awed with the exuding culture of the country. If you are looking for properties in Thailand, try searching in Pattaya. You might just find the place you are looking for.

In order to help you more with what properties you can avail, you can seek the help of Pattaya’s real estate agents. They are reliable and trained professionals who can give you accurate information about properties such as houses and condominiums that you might wish to buy or rent. Check out their websites now and find the perfect deals for you.

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House For Rent: Is It For You?

Not all houses are for you. No matter how attractive it may be, it will just break your heart when you find out that you do not have the budget for it or it doesn’t have the facility that you are looking for. You can find that perfect house for rent Pattaya and all it takes is a little research and patience. To get the right house for rent for you, consider the following ideas.

Is it within your budget?

No matter how beautiful the house is, it is not just for you because practically speaking, you cannot afford it. To avoid the heartbreak, indicate your budget on real estate property websites to narrow your search. There are several factors that would determine the rental amount of a house. Its location, amenities, accessibility and type of property are only some of the factors for price consideration. If you have a limited budget for your monthly rental, choose a property with basic amenities.

Is it close to key locations?

You can also tell if the house for rent Pattaya is for you if it is close to key locations such as your office, the school of your children (if you have any), commercial areas, hospital and other important social amenities. Houses or properties in key locations or those that are located right in the middle of commercial areas are commonly more expensive than those in remote areas. Houses that are located in suburban areas are also pricier than areas accessible by public.

Does it have ideal amenities?

As mentioned earlier, houses with more amenities such as a swimming pool, large car park area, a good sea view, a balcony or terrace and others are definitely more expensive than houses that only have the basic facilities such as rooms, living room, dining area and kitchen, etc. If budget is not a problem to you, you may want to have a house for rent Pattaya that is more comfortable and posh. However, if you are working on a budget and you have other expenses to think about, go for the basic.


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Residential Supply For New Properties Is Declining

The supply of new residential properties in the greater Bangkok is expected to decrease by 10 per cent for this year compared to last year. The decline will result to less than 100,000 available units and it is the lowest decline it has even seen since the worst flooding that happened in 2011. This is because of the fact that many real estate developers are planning to launch next year instead of the end of this year.

According to the Real Estate Information Center’s director general, Samma Kitsin, this year there will be less than 100,000 new residential units available and this is the lowest since 2011 for the Greater Bangkok area when it comes to supply of new residential properties.

Kitsin said that final quarter of this year will be softer for the property market. They are expecting that mane of the developers will postponed their launch for next year instead of this year.

Back in 2011, the total available units coming from new residential properties have declined by 31 per cent. There were 82,600 units left from the previous number of 2010 which is at 120,200 units. In between 2012 and 2015, the number increased to more than 100,000 units every year. There are 102,600 units in 2012, 130,200 units for 2013, 118,280 units back in 2014 while 2015 showed that there are 104,870 units.

For the first three quarters of 2016, the total number of new residential units that are available in Greater Bangkok is only 70,200 units coming from 313 projects that were launched. This has declined by 8.7 per cent compared to the 76,900 units provided by 318 projects of the same period in 2015.

Of the total number, 37,200 of which are condo units which experienced a decrease of 17 per cent from the previous 44,900 units while the other 33,000 are low-rise properties that also experienced a decline though very slight at 3 per cent.

Despite the decline of the number of new residential properties available in Bangkok, many are still able to easily find condo in Bangkok that is for rent.

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House Spaces That Sell

Spring signals the beginning of another season – the house hunting season which Melburnians treat as a sport.


Kitchens and bathrooms


There is nothing more like a wonderfully designed kitchen or a bathroom with plenty of wow elements that slow a person down.


According to Steven Whiting who is a principal of Whiting Architects, kitchens as well as bathrooms are where house sellers make a statement.


Real estate agents agree on this point that these spaces make the biggest difference for buyers and that walk-in wardrobes and storage spaces are also up there on the list.


Tom Roberts from Nelson Alexander also agree that these spaces get the price of a home higher.


Kitchens are more than dining areas


Kitchens, in particular, have changed to become the focal point of a house. It is no longer a place to just prepare for meals. The space is now embracing the active, open, well-trafficked living or dining area.


The kitchen is now where family as well as friends gather and chat, usually around an island bench. It is where kids do homework, where parents go online to catch up on the day’s events or to shop, or where they relax with a bottle of wine.


The boundary of the kitchen is starting to become blurred according to Whiting.


There is also an element of lifestyle in kitchens. This is where people play at Masterchef and entertain. These are pleasures which gave rise to high end appliances and coffee stations.


Bathrooms are more than washing or bathing areas


Bathrooms also have changed to become more than just washrooms. In many cases, bathrooms take on comforts like what five star hotels have. Similar with kitchens, bathrooms are already integrated with spaces like wardrobes or bedrooms.


Personal spaces


Whiting mentions that kitchens and bathrooms are personal spaces. They are designed functionally and aesthetically from an occupant’s habits or behaviors.


Consequently, newly renovated spaces for kitchens and bathrooms have quality materials and great design. They also have great fixtures and fittings like oak and stone top vanity units (for example, a Single or a Double Basin Vanity Unit) or storage cabinets and spaces which are plus points for vendors.

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Burglaries In Queensland Takes Place While Homeowners Are Inside

Almost four out of every 10 burglaries take place while people are inside the house which shows that criminals are now more brazen than ever.

According to the latest research conducted by RACQ Insurance surveys, homeowners are inside the property while 37 per cent of the burglaries are committed including attempted ones.

30 per cent of these cases revealed that either doors or windows are left open or were not locked by the homeowners.

A statement from the spokeswoman of RACQ revealed that during burglaries where there are people inside the property while the crime is being committed, the ordeal can be a cause of great trauma since the properties are not the only ones that may be lost but the personal safety of the people are also compromised.

The spokeswoman also added that it is a despicable act of violation and it is now a known fact that many of the burglars are more brazen as the years pass. There are the simplest security measures that should be done by the homeowners every time such as shutting all the doors and windows and making sure that they are all properly locked.

Based on the survey, men are in higher risks of leaving the windows and doors open compared to women.

The burglars are targeting items that can be grabbed easily and these are on the top of the list of items that are taken along with cash and jewelry. There other popular items being stolen such as laptops and cameras. They are also targeting the car keys, house keys, sports gear, smartphones and personal IDs such as passports and licenses.

The spokeswoman cautioned that homeowners should not leave their cash and wallets where it can be easily taken and it is important to have a safe where the valuables can be stored. Do not feel secured with having high walls and windows because thieves can have a way through that too.

Many doors are forced open during 38.5 per cent of the incidents thus security screens in Perth for doors and windows are important for extra security.

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Here Are The Things You Would Need To Consider Before Getting An En Suite Bathroom

Having an en suite bathroom can be a good investment for you since it can greatly increase the value of your home but aside from that, they also play well for a person who places a great value on privacy. It can be very difficult having to share one bathroom in a household. You can avoid the stress and the hassle by having your own bathroom in your room.

During the recession, getting an en suite bathroom seemed like an impractical option but now that the economy has improved a little, some people are now able to get the en suite bathroom that they so desired. If you’re one of these people, there are some things that you would need to consider first before getting an en suite bathroom.

  1. Go for wall-mounted furniture. If you want to make your furniture appear larger, go for wall-mounted ones because they are, in fact, built larger than floor standing furniture. For vanity units, whether you go for double basin vanity units or not, you should choose one that is mounted to a wall. Also, they make for better cleaning as it would be easier to clean the bathroom without having to move furniture.
  2. It’s all about the mirror. Mirrors can effectively magnify the size of the room and it would be a wise decision for you to make the most of your mirror. Try to avoid placing too many items in front of the mirror. Also, to give a more dramatic and relaxing feel, you can go for mirrors with built in lights.
  3. Portable Storage is the key to small bathrooms. If your en suite bathroom is not that big, you could go for a mobile trolley with built in baskets where you can place different toiletries and other items. When not in use, you can place them inside a closet.
  4. Hide the pipe works. Pipes can make the bathroom appear cluttered so it would be best that you conceal them. This is especially relevant when the pipe work is ugly. You can build a cabinet to hide the pipe work.
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