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Well Organized And Planned Work spaces Increase Employee Motivation

Working for long hours can be tiring and draining for the work force but through commercial fitouts in Sydney, the working environment will help them stay motivated and positive. Sometimes, all it takes for a company to reinvigorate the work force is to update office space with areas for recreation and relaxation during breaks. A fit out is an investment that is worth the money spent because of the boost in productivity.

Lend lease, a property and infrastructure development firm recently relocated its Chicago office to 30 S. Wacker Drive, the new space that was the first to receive 3Star Fitwel Rating in Chicago. It was also the first commercial interior space that was the recipient of the highest rating under Illinois certification system. Lendlease Chicago Office also received LEED Silver under USGBC’sLEEDv4.

According to Bert Brandt, general manager of Lendlease Chicago’s construction business, employees were overwhelmingly happy about the new workplace because there is natural light. They appreciated the flexibility and convenience provided by technology. They felt more at ease and happier.

The office fitout made used of several key sustainability and health strategies like balancing light output from LED fixtures with natural light coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Lighting fixtures were designed not only for the purpose of energy conservation but to reduce disruptions to the human eye. Alertness is enhanced throughout the day and disruptions to employee sleep/awake cycles were mitigated.

Different types of workstations were built to increase flexibility. There were sit-stand desks for comfort and to reduce the time that employees are sedentary. Individual retreat areas were provided for mothers and individuals who require time to reflect and recharge. An internal staircase that connects two floors has facilitated communication, connections and dynamism. Lendlease has proven that its leadership should be an example on how companies can make use of office fitouts to promote health in the workplace.

It is proven that well planned and organized commercial fit outs in Sydney can increase productivity and positivity among employees. When their work space is attractive and functional, employees feel motivated and enthusiastic throughout the working day. When there is job satisfaction, employees become more productive and efficient.

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The Big Industry Of Sports Merchandise

Sports merchandise is a very big industry in the world of sports that brings in revenues for teams. Sports merchandise ranges from jerseys, hats, shirts and giftware emblazoned by the team’s logo. Once an entrepreneur gets an idea on what the fans want, it is produced and sold in stores. One example is NRL clothing online store that offers quality merchandise for enthusiastic fans.

Sports merchandise is also one of the tools used by sports clothing manufacturers in marketing and promotions. The most popular examples are Nike and Adidas. More than 2 years after NBA announced that its global merchandising and marketing partnership with Nike to provide the leagues official uniforms starting 2017-18 seasons, the logistics are finally falling in place.

Retailers are waiting for the switch from Adidas to Nike for quite some time so that there will be a seamless transition. The whole process of product development has started last year. Teams have been working with Nike on how their updated uniforms will look like when the Adidas template will be switched to the Nike template. And then, Nike will go into retail with the new product.

According to Fox sports, they have seen the new Cavaliers logo which was in the works for a quite a while. Will the teams have new secondary logos like the Cavs? According to Lisa Piken Koper, NBA’s VP for global partnerships, the new identity is not for the entire league but the decision of the teams. Some of the team’s uniforms may look similar while others might have some drastic changes in design and logos.

The world of retail is aware of the transition and it can be assumed that they have already made steps to manage their inventory and be prepared for the new uniforms next season. While retail strategies are different, they will all be able to adjust to changes.

Meanwhile, if you are enthusiastic fan of NRL, your best source for sports clothing and merchandise is NRL clothing online store. A unique shopping experience is guaranteed with the highest quality and the very latest NRL merchandise. Deliver is very fast with full tracking to be updated with the order.

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125-Year Old Storm Damaged Tree Turned Into 16Ft Cricket Bat

Cricket bats have become a great part of every cricketer’s life, often searching for quality cricket bat sale online and from traditional stores. Now, every cricketer would be pleased to know that a pine tree, which was set to be cut down, was instead carved into a huge 16ft cricket bat. The said pine tree has been standing near the boundary of a cricket club for about 125 years now and after a storm from 2 years ago had left it heavily damaged, two cricketers decided to carve a huge bat out of it.

It was first planted on the eastern border of the Shobrooke Park Cricket Club, located in Crediton, Devon, back in 1890. The storms, or the gales, that damaged it had torn the upper boughs and had only left a 30 ft trunk. Because of this, Steve Jones and Bruce Kerry, both cricketers, had thought about how the pine shouldn’t go to waste that is why they decided that the best thing to do was to come up with a plan to save it. And that they did. Soon after, they began working on the damaged tree. It took about 18 months to carve the entirety of the 16 ft. luckily; Bruce Kerry himself was a tree surgeon while Steve Jones was skilled in woodworks.

They used chainsaws and electric planers to transform the trunk into the desired proportions of the cricket bat.

Normally, a cricket bat is made up of willow wood but it didn’t stop the people from admiring the marvelous carving.

According to Jones, it was such a shame to have such a historic tree turn into firewood that is why they had come up with the idea to turn into a cricket bat. He says that they used an old Duncan Fearnley bat so that they could get the proportions right.

The bat currently stands at 16 ft high and about 2 ft wide. In order to prevent the wood from rotting, they applied a wood preservative while the handle had been wrapped with polypropylene rope.

The carving had become very popular and people from all around are coming just to see it.