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Bosh Introduces Innovative And Cost Effective Technologies At Frankfurt Trade Fair

At the ISH Energy 2017 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Bosh presented the largest boiler in its portfolio – a double-flame tube boiler with an impressive height of 6 meters, an output that reaches up to 55,000 kilograms of steam per hour and a weight of nearly 120 tons. The large boiler can be effectively and efficiently used by energy providers and big industrial companies.

Aside from their largest boiler, Bosh also presented several innovations like the compressed air and heat system (CA) for smaller output ranges.  Conventional compressors are usually driven through electric motors. CA generates compressed air through the use of biogas or natural gas motor that is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than electricity. In addition, the heating circuit will benefit from the free waste heat generated by the motor and compressor.

Another topic at the Bosch trade fair was the new high-tech controls that can be used as professional solutions in industrial boilers and combined heat and power plants (CHP). Control 8000 is an innovative control device for heating boilers with an intuitive touch control and large color display. Through the control device, advanced technology from the industrial sector will enter the market for heat technology at a very appealing price-performance ratio.

A wide range of components can be integrated in a modular way through the latest standards of connectivity. Available for Control 8000 and other Bosh boilers and CHP controls is remote maintenance system MEC Remote that provides safe and efficient access through internet connected devices. Instead of limiting access to Bosh service experts only, MEC Remote allows operators to be automatically informed about important status reports through text or email messages.

Bosh also highlighted the importance of saving energy costs through interactive multimedia simulators that will help operators configure their own plant. Through the use of specific load profile and energy prices, operators can precisely calculate which technical measures are profitable and which are not.

Boiler engineers of APH Heating LTD regularly attend trainings and seminars in renewable and innovative technologies to keep them up-to-date and fully qualified. Trainings received make them more qualified to undertake solar, biomass, under-floor heating, ground source and air source heat pumps installations.

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Something New –  Uber Inspired Courier Service

Australia Post is encountering bad reviews and customers are continuously raising concerns on the quality of service that this courier company provides. It has been raised that the services Australia Post’s are slow, unreliable, and expensive. There are many cases that the parcels were not delivered and the clients to pick them up in the offices. In line with all the complaints and concerns, there are a lot of other courier services that could be alternatives to Australia Post.

Startups are now getting emboldened and have started to think up ideas on how to answer the questions bothering the people regarding the delivery of their parcels.  Alternative courier services in Melbourne and other parts of Australia are now being considered. One particular startup decided to make use of the “sharing economy” that is rapidly growing and with a strategy like this, the company and the app is very similar to Uber – a taxi service. This time, this app handles parcels and other items to be delivered.

People Post is an app that connects users to available runners near the where the user is to be able to hire them for delivery. The price of each delivery is subject to the distance of the delivery and the urgency of the delivery. The calculations and algorithms for the app and the pricing to work efficiently are continuously being studied for efficiency and cheaper rates. The basic is that the shorter the distance and to that it should be delivered with less sense of urgency, the cheaper it will be. Currently, they also have a plan to create a merchant structure that will give big discounts to businesses when they start using this app.

Inspired by Uber, similar features to Uber can also be found in this app. A user can like and favourite a runner for future reference. The user can also rate the runner too.  The services are available all day, every day.

The current places where this service is being offered is in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Brisbane. The company also has plans to go global in 2017 if the venture proves to be successful. If this venture is successful, surely alternative courier services in Melbourne and other places will be the option of most people when sending their items.

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Tires On Fire For Three!

Fires are dangerous however much we need fire to do some of the things we need in life. If it is big enough, it can spread quickly, it can destroy properties, and it can destroy lives, literally and figuratively. This is the reason why we have brave people who work to help out in case there are fires happening, we have the firefighters.

The fires can be stopped quickly but there are some that can run for a long time, eating more of the properties along the way, destruction of life and property in its wake. For the Sturgis Fire Department, three hours of firefighting is also hard work. The brave firefighters from this fire department spent three hours on the scene of a fire in a tire recycling and manufacturing facility. The facility’s crew started seeing smoke come out from the north end of the building and thought that a piece of equipment was on fire. Upon entering the building, the firefighters noticed that black smoke was coming from a tire granulator and the fire source are rubber or nylon pieces at the bottom of the machine. Thankfully after the hours, the fire was extinguished and it was declared to be fire-out.

Cobalt Holdings, LLC are processing at least 10,000 tonnes of tire scraps every year as stated by the company’s website and a tire granulator is there to grind and shred them to pieces in preparation for recycling. Thankfully, there are no injuries were reported as the workers and employees were evacuated as soon as the fire department was called into action. The possible source of the fire is known but the cause of the fire is yet to be determined. Estimated cost of the affected properties and damages was not yet determined at the time of writing.

There was a lot of support provided in putting out the fire coming from the Sturgis Police Department, Lifecare Ambulance, and Sturgis Electric. Tri-Township Fire Department was also placed on standby during the situation. This happened March 8, 2017. This is a lesson learned for businesses, especially those that deal with materials and machines that can cause fires, so much like a tire granulator and even simple shredders. Accidents do happen. Fire happens.

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How To Prevent Sydney Roof Repairs

Sydney roof repairs can be costly especially when you decide to have it fixed when damage is already massive and your roofing problem has already affected your structure. In order to avoid spending more than you should and to avoid getting inconvenienced by massive repairs, do some simple prevention techniques. Here are some of those.

Trim your trees

Tree branches and leaves that extend to your roof can eventually damage your shingles or tiles especially when they are already weighty. Insects and animals that inhabit trees can migrate to your roof and cause damages with their waste or droppings. Hire a tree lopper to do the job. By the way, lopping trees is cheaper compared to roof repairs.

Clean your gutters

Dead animals or stuck leaves and branches can also damage your roof. A decomposing animal attracts microorganisms that consumes carcass. When these microorganisms are done with the carcass, they will transfer to your room and consume it too. Stuck leaves will prevent free flow of water on your gutter and when water is stuck, it will eventually leak into your roof, down to your ceiling. To avoid costly Sydney roof repairs have your roof gutters checked during summer or during fine weather.

Keep your attics well ventilated

Another usual cause of damaged roof is cluttered and poorly ventilated attic. Musty and hot attic softens the ceiling and the roof making it susceptible to decay and damage. Organize your items in the attic and keep it well-lit with ample air flowing freely within.

Repair damaged tiles right away

The moment you see loose shingles or tiles on your roof or when you noticed signs of leakages, look for a roof specialist right away. Stalling repair may incur greater damage and greater bills. Aside from that, massive repair on your roof can be an inconvenient for your family. To reduce the costs, ask for cost estimates from different companies that specialize in Sydney roof repairs. Aside from the costs, read reviews and notice how efficient the company is in terms of responding to your quote request.

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3 Moneysaving Tips When You Buy Bikini Online

Beach bums and surfers alike are constantly in need of good supply of swimwear and sports bikini to wear for their hobby. They need high quality sportswear or bikini that can deliver quality with the tough demands of swimming and other water sports. If you are a water enthusiast, then it would not be surprising for you to buy bikini online for the next summer season. But the truth is, not all swimwear and bikini in the market are of excellent quality and those that are made to last for long can be costly. However, there are ways for you to reduce the costs. Here are some tips:

Buy off season

Everyone wants to hit the beach during summertime thereby increasing the demand for summer wear. As a result of increased demand, manufacturers and suppliers can afford to demand for higher price. To save money on high quality swimwear, shop for bikini and swimsuit when they are not in demand in the market such as winter or wet season. You can also buy bikini online when the summer season is almost ending to get hold of end of season sale. You’d be surprised at how prices of swim wear are ultra-low during off season.

Find online deals

One of the best ways to find high quality swimwear is to look for online deals. Look for discount items on promos and deals tab found at the online shop’s website. Check for clearance sale or end of season sale and other similar strategies of online sellers to dispose their stocks in the market. If a water sport is your hobby, it would be wise for you to buy wholesale or buy in bulk to lower the costs. There are online sellers that offer discounts and free shipping to those who buy items in higher quantities.

Shop around

To find a good deal, do not buy on an impulse. Take some time to visit different online shops before you buy bikini online. This will broaden your choice and also increase your chance of buying bikini that is easy on the pocket.

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CanvasPop A New Trend In Canvas Prints

There is good news for those who love taking photographs in their smartphone while making sure it will be appreciated by anyone other than themselves. There is a venture called CanvasPop wherein users will have the options to make any picture a work of art by transforming it into a canvas. It can either be a photo from Instagram or Prisma or just any picture that you want to use.

CanvasPop is not a new comer in the industry because it has been making display worthy canvases from photos on Facebook as well Instagram for a number of years already. The only difference now is that the company recently started a discussion with Prisma – a new application used because of the art filters which are now the hype among online users.

According to the co-founder of CanvasPop, Adrian Salamunovic, they were flooded with orders after the launch of Prisma and many of those orders are photographs that have been improved using the effects from Prisma. CanvasPop then decided to discuss with Prisma a possible integration of the company’s API in the current applications of Prisma in both Android and iOS.

The details of the new partnership are still under work. For the meantime, users will be able to enhance their photographs using Prisma and then submit them to the website of CanvasPop where they have created a new section especially for Prisma.

As of writing, CanvasPop has already created over 450,000 canvas prints with a lifetime guarantee. This is better than just storing all your memories and vacation snaps inside your smartphone or storage devices. Every canvas made is handcrafted in their headquarters in North America. According to CanvasPop, it is their mission to surprise and give delight to their customers. Contact a local artist in your area if you want to have custom canvas prints without paying for shipping.

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How To Reduce My Electric Bill Through Using Natural Ways

During the past years, the use of solar power as the main source of energy has been widely debated upon by electric companies all over the world. Many countries are now encouraging their citizens to use this kind of energy source I order to help reduce electricity consumption and even help in the issue of environmental concerns. They even impose a feed-in tariff in order to promote the use of solar energy panels in their country.

For every country, using solar energy can be beneficial especially in the economic perspective. Each year, countries all over the world need to pay billions of dollars to electric companies who supply the primary energy source of the country. If solar energy is used, which, by the way, is free seeing as the energy came from the sun, the country can save more funds that can be used for other projects such as infrastructure and other government projects for the betterment of the country.

Australia is one of the countries nowadays who encourages its citizens to use solar power. It is now rapidly becoming a trend. In Queensland, specifically in Gold Coast (one of the sunniest cities in the country), many citizens are now relying on the sun on as their main source of energy. Since they are receiving an average of 4.2 hours of full sun every day, the solar in Gold Coast is one of the best avenues for collecting sun energy. In fact, about 30% of the homes in the city are now using solar energy and has installed solar panels on their roofs already.

Australia, which is one of the leading countries in terms of the solar power market, has some of the lowest cost of installation services. It also has a free solar energy brokering and advice service called Solar Choice that can help you identify the best deals of the solar system that would best suit you and your budget. Solar choice connects customers with the solar system installers within their area. Help the environment from destruction while enjoying a low-cost energy source. No more power interruptions or major blackouts at a low price.

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Tips In Choosing Pest Control In Perth

When looking for a company that specializes in Pest Control in Perth, the first thing that you should check is the company’s ability to perform safe extermination job. After all, safety comes first and your family’s health should never be compromised. There are numerous pest control companies around Perth but not all of them can deliver what you have been looking for and what you deserve as a customer.

You can start your search on the internet. There are several companies around but when you check their website, find out if they utilize safe and environment-friendly products. While pest control products should be effective, it should be safe for humans. To ensure that you will not compromise your family, especially your little ones and pets, you can move them from your house during the schedule of extermination.

Another tip when looking for a Pest Control in Perth is to find professionals that customizes their services. Although pests are truly unwelcome in our premises, they should not be treated like equals. There should be different solutions for every pest problem especially when the pests are totally different from one another. For instance, rodents and termites cannot be treated with the same solution. Thus, choose a company that specializes or tailor fits their service based on your needs.

Also, hire exterminators who are licensed to perform the job to ensure that they are reliable. Another point to check is the technician’s insurance. This way, you can have that peace of mind that if anything untoward happens during the performance of their job or if there’s any damage incurred in your property, you will be properly compensated.

Lastly, do not wait for the situation to get worse. The minute you notice that termites are starting to share their habitat with you, call for professionals to do Pest Control in Perth right away in your premises. The earlier you resolve the issue, the less damage will be incurred in your property and the less expense would be incurred for the solution. Choose trusted exterminators in the industry for a satisfying result.

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How To Prepare For Wedding Photography In Sydney

Photographers do not become an expert overnight. It takes experience on wedding photography in Sydney, hard work, dedication and time to be able to achieve what renowned photographers have achieved. If you are just starting to get a name for yourself in the world of photography, you can start doing the following things for you to find your place in the industry. Here are some of those ideas.

Do some research

There are a lot of resource materials that you can refer to in order to gain more perspective in wedding photography. If you are a photography student or you have some professional background in photography, starting up would not be a problem to you since you already have some books, magazines or resource materials to start with. However, if you are starting from scratch, you can make use of the internet to research on the information that you need.

Do some practice works

Before you engage in big projects, you can start as an apprentice for big wedding photography in Sydney. You can also offer your job at low rate just to hone your photography skills. Definitely, there are couples who want to have their memorable day captured but do not have the budget for an illustrious wedding photography session. Take advantage of this and offer your services to such couples. You can also do voluntary or free wedding photography projects to loved ones and close family friends just to enhance your skills and career.

Talk to the couple

Before you do the photo shoot and also before the wedding, talk with the couples on how they want the photos to look like. Find out their style. Do they want a traditional type of photos or contemporary perhaps? You should also consider the wedding’s theme so for your photography to wedding photography in Sydney to be in sync with the overall feel of the wedding. Some couples may want specific results and you should always take into consideration the couple’s requests to get positive feedback and also for you to increase chances of getting referred to other potential clients.

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Winterizing A Home To Prevent Huge Plumbing Bills

Winter is definitely in Saltillo with a lot of people already warming up their homes. However, several plumbers are also about to get very busy.

According to Sam Scott from Sam’s Plumbing, as soon as there is at least 3 days of having cold weather, they usually get around eight calls per day.

He said that this is due to many homeowners not winterizing their homes prior to the cold weather.

He added that when preventative maintenance is done, then people can forestall calling for help. Otherwise, they will have to contact a plumber.

Tips for winterizing a home

And in order to avoid making that call, Scott shared several tips to WTVA regarding ways to begin winterizing a home.

Scott indicated that for those who will take their vacation or when it is the night, where it will get very cold because of the lack of sunlight, the thing to do is for a single lever faucet to be changed in the middle so as to get both hot and cold, as well as to allow it to have a minimal stream.

He mentioned that this will have the pipes warm. He also added that the cabinet doors found under kitchen or bathroom sinks need to be left open in order to get the pipes exposed to the heat.

He said that the pipes have to be exposed because of the heating used in the house that doesn’t get through the cabinets unless doors are opened.

An alternative way to protect the pipes is to have them insulated. Homeowners can have the armor flex prefab Styrofoam which goes around the pipes, according to Scott.

He left a tip for homeowners and realtors, who have properties up for sale. This is something that is not too obvious. He mentioned that water that is sitting in a toilet bowl may freeze or bust. He suggested to get antifreeze from a local store which sells RV stuff or from an automotive store. He said to pour this to the tank or bowl so as to prevent the water from freezing.

Scott mentioned that homeowners must never leave water hoses hooked up to hydrants since this can result to water damage. He suggested to unhook water hoses and to cover it.


When these simple suggestions are followed, may be a plumber in a local area – or a plumber in Northampton, for those in the UK – will not need to be called.

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