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New Contingency Program Launched By Kawasaki

The United States Kawasaki Motors Corp has been in the industry for almost four decades specializing in off-road racing as well as motocross. Recently, the company decided to let the public know more about its new contingency program called 2019 Team Green. The program will be available only for riders using the KX motorcycles during the motocross or events for off-road racing all over the country. Riders from the United Kingdom as well as Kawasaki UK dealers are quite sad to not be able to participate.

The announcement was made at the same time that Kawasaki decided to launch its new models for the 2019 KX which includes the latest KX450. Kawasaki is known for its trackside support unlike no other brands and the top in the industry. The contingency program proves that the company sets their riders at the top of their priority including the professionals and the amateurs. The program aims to increase their payout by more than seven million dollars which is welcome to those who will join. There is also a big offer from any of the leading people when it comes to AMA Pro Motocross.

There are currently many offers coming from Kawasaki such as the increased support for the Grand National Cross Country, the Road to Mammoth Motocross, a contingency program for the off-road racing which is hosted by the Oregon Motorcycle Racing Association, tour at the Nitro Arenacross and rewards will be given to those moving on to the next stage during the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

For those who are joining the competition who wants to be included in the payout of the contingency program, filling up an online enrollment form at the Kawasaki sales reward website will be easier. After the enrollment, the racers will get a Kawasaki Sales Reward MasterCard which they can use at any dealers of Kawasaki or any branches where MasterCard is received as a form of payment. Many are jealous because they are not able to join including Kawasaki UK dealers but they recognize the fact that the racers need the contingency program more than anyone else.