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A Hundred Years Of Artists’ Maps Of New York City

Many artists and designers created their visions of the present and future of New York through the years.

Earliest map of New York

It was in 1660 that the first known map of New Amsterdam – now called New York City – was created. It was made by a Dutch surveyor named Jacques Cortelyou, and the map was named as the Castello Plan. After 3 years, the British captured New Amsterdam from the Dutch. An unknown mapper tore the plan and made a better rendering of this city given to James Duke of York, later known as King James I.

From then on, centuries’ worth of imaginative renderings of the city kicked off. Many artists have already created their own New York City Illustrated Map, with the use of things ranging from honeycomb to those scratch-and-sniff stickers.

1911: “Greatest New York”

In 1911, Henry Wellge made a color lithograph that pictures an overview of ‘Greatest’ (not just ‘Greater’) New York prior to it taken over by skyscrapers.

1928: “A Map of New York in the Air” or “Super-Man-Hattan”

This map called “Super-Man-Hattan,” created by Mélanie Elisabeth Leonard, came a decade prior to Marvel Comics’ Superman. In this vision, a pterodactyl in purple color looks down at the cityscape.

1933: “A Night Club Map of Harlem”

Cartoonist Elmer Simms Campbell showcases the Jazz Age New York.

1953-1955: “Wonders of New York”

This pictorial map, created by Nils Hansell, contains 301 city sites into just 6 square feet.

1969: “Plan for an underground nuclear shelter”

This design was created by Oscar Newman, a NY architect and city planner. It proposed a “sci-fi” solution to making more space in the Manhattan area. He recommended for developers to make use of nuclear explosions in order to make spaces under New York.

1977: “49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs”

John Cage was commissioned by Rolling Stone. He presented a map with 49 triangles which were drawn on a Hagstrom map.

1988: “Inside Tompkins Square Park”

This parodies the borough of Manhattan during the crack epidemic and created by cartoonist Stan Mack.

1999: “Ground Zero”

Made by Jeff Woodbury, it is a map that has a Columbus Circle by its center that radiates out in several rings for every 15 miles.

2008: “The Metropolis 2108”

There are several details in this Rick Meyerowitz vision that are foreboding now, such as the ‘Trump Sump’ being adjacent to the ‘Monument to the Last Liberal.’

2014: “Type City”

Hong Seon Jang turned letters that came from a letterpress to buildings in this tiny Manhattan.

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Montage Beverly Hills As The Pinnacle Of Decadence

Different luxury hotel awards are available these days from best rooftop pool bars, best pet concierge services, best in-room dining and so forth. The list is long but hotel award-giving bodies overlooked luxury hotel participation award. Conde Nast Traveler’s “Reader’s Choice Awards: The Best in the World” is one of the most coveted awards because it is based on real guest reviews based a broad range of criteria that includes rooms, service, food, activities, design, location and value.

The Montage Beverly Hills was awarded with Five Stars by Forbes Travel Guide because the hotel is the pinnacle of decadence. The hotel was also ranked number one hotel in Los Angeles by Conde Nast Traveler for 2016. This is the second time in a row that Montage Beverly Hills was awarded the Reader’s Choice Awards.

It is indeed impressive for Montage Beverly Hills to stay on top of the game in America’s most luxury-obsessed city considering the presence of The Peninsula Beverly Hills, the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles, the Four Seasons Los Angeles and Hotel Bel Air.

According to Frank Bowling, hotel ambassador of Montage Beverly Hills, the reason is based on simple geography. The hotel’s zip code 90210 belongs to one of America’s most prestigious places. The hotel is located at the heart of the famous Golden Triangle and one block away from world renowned luxury retailers, restaurants and Rodeo Drive where you can easily rub shoulders with celebrities.

Beverly Hills is the ideal destination of today’s luxury travellers because it is centrally located. The Montage hotel was also designed for guests who do not want to leave their rooms and prefer total privacy. The guest can enjoy the beautiful gardens or relax in the spa and rooftop pool that was created to resemble a resort on top of Beverly Hills.

There are few places in the world where you will find luxury hotels where high standard service is the priority. At fashionable hotel in Bangkok, you will experience personalized attention even if you are not a celebrity. The rooms are fashionably designed with floor to ceiling windows that will allow you a panoramic view of Bangkok’s metropolis.


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New Safety Standards On Stretch Limos In New York

To make the wedding day special, many brides and grooms book for a limousine through Best quality wedding cars hire. There are many wedding-themed limousines that truly provide an elegant transportation where glamour is a must. Wedding couples who arrive in limousines are sure to draw the attention of not only their guests but people on the streets because a limo is always an eye-catching sight.

In New York, Democrat Senator is calling on President Obama’s administration to upgrade the standards of limousines and other motor coaches following the accident that happened in Long Island that killed 4 women. Schumer also sent a letter to Mark Rosekind, the administrator of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue new rules on stretch limos that lack side impact air bags, rollover bars and appropriate exits.

Manufacturers follow all the safety standards during the production of limousines and motor coaches and they ensure that all federal tests have been passed so that the safety of the driver and passengers are protected. However, these limos are stretched and modified in aftermarket shops without giving much thought to safety standards so that the driver and his passengers are placed at risk.

In most cases, stretching a limo is often waiting for a tragedy to occur unless the regulations on limousines are tightened. Schumer asked Rosekind to cooperate with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) so that new requirements can be developed for secondary alterations to limousines and motor couches whose lengths are increased by as much as 120 inches.

Schumer also sent a letter NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart so that accidents involving limos will be investigated. Stretch limos are rented for weddings, proms, birthday parties and other special occasions and people have the right to safety while driving in the luxurious vehicles.

Stretch limos have become rather common but there is very little information on how they perform in case of crash scenarios. Schumer urges for a thorough investigation on the July 19 accident that killed four women with four others injured when the limo they were riding was T-boned by an alleged drunk driver. According to reports, the women were celebrating a bride-to-be and they have just left a vineyard.

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Utah Limousine And The Technology Of Green Fleet

Bellagio Limousines offers chauffeured limousines so that you can arrive in style for an event. Limousines are the best option if you are preparing a special surprise package for a love one. For example, if you are planning on a romantic getaway, there is no better transport that you could hire than a limousine.

Sam Levin owns a taxi service named Utah Limousines and he outfitted his fleet of Cadillac Escalades and Chevrolet Suburban with technology that runs on natural gas instead of the typical gas from the pumps. Sam got sick because of driving through smog in winter and sucking in hazardous fumes every time an inversion settled in Salt Lake Valley.

According to Sam, air quality is a struggle particularly during winter that many people complain about it. Sam thought that he could lure customers through green fleet. Project Green Fleet is a voluntary program that provides pollution control equipment for diesel vehicles at low or no costs to the fleet. The technology reduces emissions by decreasing vehicle idling, by treating exhaust or by replacing entire engines with modern and cleaner substitutes.

However, several years later, Sam found out that going green for the sake of the environment is not increasing his profits. He expected that there will be more customers once they know about the eco-friendly limousines. Reception was lackluster. Business however has been particularly solid during winter but it seems that people are not thinking about the environment when they take transportation.

Sam really had the desire to help the environment although it was not the reason why he is in the transportation industry. He was a former IT worker but when he moved to Salt Lake he can’t find equivalent work but a few odd jobs. He later discovered that he can make a living with driving so he build a website and the rest is history. He was however disappointed when his efforts at going green was unappreciated.

He has one client who shares his passion to keep the skies smog-free. Sam once drove for Daryl Hannah who is a vocal supporter to save the environment and she is definitely pleased that Sam is doing his share.

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Minor League Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters In July

Have you ever had the luck or is it misfortune to receive an unappealing but iconic sweater from To most people, ugly Christmas sweaters do not appeal and it is very unlikely that they will wear a sweater that has blinking Christmas lights. However, has literally become an iconic brand name because the sweaters are unusual and definitely ugly; something you will never include in your Christmas wish list.

However, in Tennessee the minor league players decided to wear ugly Christmas sweater jerseys as part of a promotional gimmick. The Christmas-themed jerseys won’t be setting a fashion trend from the looks of it and it is very odd thinking of Christmas when it is still July. But the Tennessee Smokies are wearing the outrageous ugly Christmas sweater-themed jerseys for a good cause.

The Tennessee Smokies is known for its talented players across all levels and the minors have become rather popular for being creative with the promotions that run over the course of the season. Their objective with the unique promotional gimmicks is to increase attendance and to provide the fans with an extra incentive for coming to the ballpark.

Their promotions range from discounting items over the course of the season or have the players do something special. This July, the theme of their promotion is Christmas in July and the ugly Christmas sweater is only part of a promotion.
The interesting part of the Christmas in July promotion is that the jerseys worn during the games will be auctioned off for the benefit of the Remote Area Medical. Another interesting aspect of the promotion is for the first 1,000 fans of the game to receive a snow globe. It is not every day that a sports team will be thinking of promotions for a good cause but Tennessee Smokies are doing something special.

This type of promotions that the Tennessee Smokies have been doing can only happen in the minor league and it is very difficult to envision an MLB team wearing ugly Christmas jerseys. There are clubs that would opt for alternate jerseys for special occasions during the regular season but nothing similar to what the minor league has worn today.

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International Singer To Open Online Store The Same Time As The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The internationally known singer who had popularized a number of chart-topping songs will not only be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she is also planning to open an online retail store at the same time so that the viewers will be able to purchase merchandise while watching.

Katy Perry, alongside the Universal Music Group and the beverage giant, Pepsi, has partnered themselves with a technological company that is known for providing interactive commerce services called DeliveryAgent. Together with said company, they will be able to offer merchandise to Perry’s fans while they are watching her perform in the big game.

DeliveryAgent is also known for another commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Last year, H&M hired the company for an interactive commercial starring the retired international football superstar, David Beckham, allowing the viewers who own Samsung TVs to buy the underwear that Beckham is modeling through the use of their remote controls.

This year, however, Samsung TVs will not be the only medium that allows the viewers to make purchases. Viewers will also be able to purchase items through YouTube, music application Shazam, Twitter and Roku streaming devices.

Visa, a known digital payments company, has also partnered with the venture so that they could display the future of payments. Viewers will be allowed to make payments through Visa.

Four special accessories and clothing will be featured on the online retail store. They will be revealed the same time the store opens when Katy Perry begins the Halftime show. Many advertisers such as Pepsi would advertise the store through TV ads or tweets until the start of the mid-game. The merchandise being sold in the online store will remain on sale until 8 pm of Tuesday.

The Super Bowl is expected to have 184 million American viewers and what better way to sell merchandise than by opening up an online store. Online retail stores have become popular for many individuals in the past years. Its popularity still continues to rise with more people opting for online shopping than the traditional malls. There are lots of online stores who have gained popularity in selling certain types of products. A good example is TV Store Online which sells TV and movie costumes and accessories.

Online stores have become such a hit and it is expected that the online store Katy Perry is opening will also be a success.

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Historic Storm Hits The US

A historic storm is set to hit the Northeast region of United States according to the National weather Service.

Snow is slowly hitting the areas that are in direct path of the storm. The temperatures are almost freezing and the wind gusts are reportedly getting stronger by the hour.

The mayor of New York City warns the inhabitants of the city to prepare for the worst.

Storm Warnings

The National Weather Service cautioned the Americans living in the Northeast coast to that the storm can be life threatening. The weather agency also described the storm to be historic. The worst of the storm will be experienced Monday night to Tuesday.

It is expected that the storm will bring about 3 feet deep of snow. It will also carry strong gusts of wind possibly reaching to 70mph along with freezing rain.

Economic impact of the storm

The blizzard expected to hit the US will leave economic damages to the states affected by it. Retail businesses will take a very big blow of the destructive natural occurrence. It is estimated that retailers will lose at least 85 percent of their business in the worst case scenario. This is a devastating $1 billion impact in the Northeast region.

Stores will have to close down as well as offices in the private and public sectors. The working population will lose their hourly pay. Slippery and snow covered roads will also increase accidents.

On the other hand, the storm could potentially bring bigger revenue for some business establishments. People are expected to hit the grocery stores to buy food and necessary provisions during the storm. Supermarket sales are expected to increase as well as sales in gasoline stations and hardware stores. Shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers and gas to run this item are expected to be in demand. Snow removal services will also be cashing in big in the aftermath of the storm.

Political impact of the storm

The historic storm is also set to test the leadership skills and ingenuity of the governors in New Jersey and New York. After experiencing the brunt of hurricane Sandy in 2012, these leaders are about to face another nightmare with this life threatening storm.

Both governors have already declared state of emergency for their respective states as the storm approaches.