Chinese Investors Looking To Thailand

Many investors coming from China are setting their eyes on Thailand because of the many opportunities when it comes to property investments, there are many options for affordable vacation homes and it also presents a good place to retire in. According to a top developer, this is all due to the fact that the properties there have higher rental yields and the prices are competitive.

Sansiri PLC, which is the only fully integrated real estate developer in Thailand, is positive that the real estate market of Thailand will outdo itself once the charter referendum of Thailand has been approved. This will prove as an affirmation to an already recorded constitution.

According to a report coming from TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, the largest group of tourists that visited the country last year is coming from China either for travel or leisure. Around 2.2 million tourists came from the Southeast while 3.2 million visitors are from East Asia.

The revenue of Sansiri was mostly due to the investors coming from SouthEast Asia since it comprised the 80 per cent of the major global buyers for 2015. Hong Kong contributed 24 per cent. Singapore is at 20 per cent and 12 per cent came from Mainland China.

Sansiri recorded that for the year 2015, they were able to get a total sales volume of THB 3.5 billion from foreign investors. It has increased by 135 per cent and the company is expecting to reach THB 5 billion for the year 2016.

According to the head of international business under Sansiri PLC, Cobby Leathers, the real estate market of Thailand continues to be an eye catcher from foreign investors because of the high returns in yield but still maintaining a price range that is many times cheaper than other properties located in Mainland China. Middle class investors coming from China are attracted to the fact that high-end units in Thailand have lower sales price compared to the ones they have locally. This is especially attractive to those who are looking for a property investment and some who are planning to retire and looking for east coast real estate at a bargain price.