Cloud Computing, Blockchain And Big Data To Be Expected In 2018

Evolution is evident in healthcare IT companies because of the advances in technology and the demand for a higher security. This is the priority of most technology professionals and hospital executives in order to improve the current status of the health industry. With that in mind, here are the expected trends for 2018 in terms of healthcare IT.

For the last few years, there have been measured done in order for health records to be accessed easily by anyone within the network but this has also met some criticism because of security risks such as personal data information leaks. Furthermore, the recent breaches of cybersecurity and ransomware that have been reported have added to the worries of the public regarding their health data being exposed. The latest solution for this is by utilizing blockchain technology when recording and transferring information regarding patients. With blockchain, interoperability is still possible but security regarding data exchange is addressed.

Security for 2018 will be mainly about compromise in order to reduce the possible risk. Service Now’s security chief technology officer, Brendan O’Connor, said that this year will be a time for the healthcare industry to witness infosec leaders as they perform additional measures to introduce their security concepts as well as programs for businesses.

Service providers are more aware that cloud-based systems have higher security and more advanced compared to on-site technologies. In other words, healthcare organizations found that cloud-based systems are going to be the future of the industry. According to the CEO of Verato, Mark LaRow, cloud-based systems have higher security compared to the usual on-site solutions. For instance, the Amazon Web Services have a secure environment compared to healthcare organization since they have limited IT staff and their security experience is not as extensive.

Lastly, everyone including the healthcare IT companies knows that information security is not as important as physical security. They can steal important and personal information but this year it is important to secure physical security. It is possible for hackers to breach medical wearable or devices which can risk a person’s life.