Comcast’s ‘Xfinity Home’ Now Has Philips Hue Intergration

Comcast and Philips recently announced their new partnership, last May 19. The partnership program was dubbed the Friends of Hue.

The partnership program started to ensure that Philips Hue products and their ecosystem are able to properly and efficiently interact with their partnered devices, systems and application. To facilitate integration, Philips Hue provides the complete API, whilst handling the testing of related products and auxiliaries as quality control.

The Friends of Hue program is also looking for, and is open to, luminaries manufacturers, if they are interested in creating and selling products that have Philips Hue tech integration. The first Friends of Hue, are Modular Lighting Instruments and Luceplan.

They introduced a new update for the Xfinity Home, Comcast’s home security system. The new update introduced built-in integration in Xfinity Home for Philips Hue allowing users to control Hue bulbs from the convenience of the Xfinitiy Home app, as welling setting rules that allows synchronizing Hue bulbs with the Xfinity security system.

The integration will allow users to have Hue bulbs to turn off when the security is turned on whenever they leave the home, or have the lights turn on whenever the alarm is deactivated. There is also plans for allowing customers who have both Xfinity Home and Xfinity’s X1 TV service to utilize the voice control remote to interact with the Philips Hue lights.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Xfinity Home, Daniel Herscovici released a statement, saying that this new partnership with Philips Lighting was born out of the company’s commitment to ensuring the best services for their customer. The integration of Philips Hue lights into the Xfinity Home platform, he said, will allow homeowners to easily manage their devices in the platform for their convenience.

He elaborates, saying that the integration will allow customers to customize their homes’ lightings to suite their specific needs and routines, as well as allowing for the set up of automated commands for further convenience; such as activating lighting when the home security system has been properly disarmed.

Mark Cieri, vice president and general manager for Philips Lighting US, has expressed the company’s approval of this partnership and its new product, stating that it helps their aim in ensuring customers are as comfortable in their homes as possible.