Comfortable Rooms At Ad Lib Bangkok: Worth The Money

Whenever you are choosing for a hotel where you will stay during a trip abroad whether it’s for your vacation escapade or a business trip at work, you should always choose the hotel that gives the best value for whatever amount that you are paying for. Why? You wouldn’t want to pay for an accommodation at a hotel that offers a low standard quality of service. Or worse, you decide to go for a budget-friendly hotel which is relatively cheaper but at what cost? You are compromising your own comfort. You see, how comfortable you are inside a hotel room, regardless if you decide to go for a suite or the 2-bed standard room, should be the deciding factor for one to proclaim that a hotel is indeed, a nice hotel to stay in for various purposes. It’s never the rate that you are paying for should decide if you chose a good hotel. Now, let’s say you have decided to stay at one of those comfortable rooms at Ad Lib Bangkok because you are visiting Thailand’s capital as your next Asian vacation. You will not regret making that decision especially if you don’t mind paying an expensive rate for a more comfortable good night sleep at night.

One of the comfortable rooms at Ad Lib Bangkok which you can choose is the room type which they refer to as “Extra Plush”. The rate for “Extra Plush” room, one which is located at the 4th floor of the hotel, the highest floor of the hotel, is 4,500 THB per night. But again, you won’t mind the rate because of the tremendous perks you will enjoy. You have access to unlimited coffee or tea that is professionally prepared by a barista in the hotel. You can get free drinks at their mini-bar and, vouchers for the cocktails. You can also choose to stay at higher floors. The room isn’t that big but everything is placed properly. There is a king-size bed waiting for you at night and the shower will make you feel like bathing in the rain.  You will also get a relaxing view of Bangkok at night.