Couples In The Philippines Can’t Afford To Wed Because Of High Cost

The reason why many middle class and poor citizens are not able to get married is because of the high cost that comes with getting married. Many couples are either postponing the celebration or decide to not do it at all.

The son of Helen Mantuhac has been living together with live in partner for three years already in their place at Liloan town located in Cebu province. The couple has a child who is now three years but they still don’t have a plan to get married anytime soon.

In a statement made by Mantuhac, the plan of getting married cannot push through because they don’t have enough money to throw a big wedding feast which is expected of the family. They only earn a living through raising pigs and they are pressured to throw a lavish wedding nonetheless.

She related how it is part of the Filipino culture and tradition to invite everyone in the family and extended relatives. They are living in a small community where everyone knows everybody and they are so tightly knit that throwing a wedding party means everyone in the barangay should be invited.

Despite the fact that there are free mass weddings provided by the Church and the community, they still have to pay a lot for the number of guests that will be attending. These free mass weddings are sponsored by the Church but it only covers the couple and parents as well as their needs during the ceremony. They will have to pay for the number of friends and families who will be attending.

According to Mary Racelis who is a professor at Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines under the sociology and anthropology department, there is an option for a civil wedding but majority of the couples are not willing to commit with their savings for the celebration while some can’t even afford even this type of wedding.

Many couples are still blessed to be able to wed and get their dream wedding complete with decorations and marquee hire in Melbourne while there are those that are still dreaming for the day to experience such event.