Darwin Attacked By Fake Removalist

It is common to see furniture removalists in Sydney but there have been scary news circulating in the past few months in the northern part of Darwin that created fear on the residents. It is that an organized gang composed of thieves is pretending to be removalists.

In the most recent incident, the gang targeted a property located in Nightcliff white it is servicing for open home. The group returned to steal the items inside the empty house. They were posing removalists and were able to take away $15,000 worth of belongings in the house. They were able to clear a number of household items such as paintings and pot for the plants.

They positioned a removal truck outside of the property and they loaded all the heavy furniture such as lounges. They also took with them the fridges and television sets.

The homeowner decided to remain anonymous for the interview. He shared that his friendly neighbor might have alerted the gang while they were doing their operation on broad daylight.

His neighbor contacted him the following day when he saw that his electronic main gate as well as the front door of the house was left opened.

The owner said that he arrived to the open house and half of the property was ransacked while the other half is already organized to be moved away. All the belongings are already arranged for the fake removalist. The job was done professionally and not a single window was damaged during the heist.

He shared that the police discovered his locks were drilled out but there was no fingerprint or DNA traces left inside the house.

The neighbor talked to him and admitted that he saw a group of people working as removalists. He even talked to them briefly as they appeared to be doing a legitimate operation.

The gang seemed to be eyeing furnished properties and look for their floor plans as well as open homes schedule online. This is why residents are warned and make sure to ask if the people working are legitimate furniture removalists in Sydney.