Different Types Of Cleanse And Detox Programs

Before you get into a Phuket Cleanse program, you need to inform the therapist your level in terms of detoxification process. This way, the therapist would know what type of program he will design for you. Here are three basic types of detox programs for interested individuals who want o cleanse their system.

Intro Detox Program

Intro detox is ideal for those who have not yet undergone any detoxification program. This involves basic consultation and the creation of cleansing regimen involving activities and meal plan. The detoxification process involves cuisine that is lighter compared to comprehensive and more intensive detoxification program. You will also be given beverages and drinks that would prepare your system to a cleansing process. An intro to detox involves daily session with the therapist at the resort for fitness retreat.

Basic Cleansing and Detox

A basic Phuket Cleanse program is a combination of medical science and holistic therapy for enhanced results. The program is interplay of nutritional and herbal support to reduce side effects. It also involves fitness activities to achieve balance in physical and physiological wellness. The program can run from 7 to 14 days depending on your preference. The cleansing process involves provision of a healthy meal plan to speed up detoxification without depriving you of nutrients to support your mind and body during the process. There are hotels that offer these types of cleansing programs with room accommodations and other activities that you can enjoy and engage in during your stay.

Comprehensive Detox

A comprehensive detox and Phuket Cleanse program is for experienced detoxifiers who want to enhance their previous detox programs. This is also for those who have undergone previous detoxification processes and wants to experience it in a tropical country like Thailand. The program involves complete daily therapies designed to the specific requirement of guests like you. The program includes a meal plan that focuses on cleansing the colon and beverages that promotes natural hydrotheraphy. The program can also last for up to 14 days. Talk to the therapist of your preferred resort before booking for a reservation.