Drug Addiction As A Unique Phenomenon That Requires Rehabilitation

Although there are persons who have extreme control to kick out their habits, rehabilitation is still the best solution for patients who are suffering from substance abuse. It is not probation or jail time that can help the addicts during the recovery process but best rehab centers that provide a private and respectable environment including a unique approach to help a patient overcome his addiction.

Julie Eldred is a 29-year-old addict who has struggled with opioid addiction for nearly a decade. In 2013, after stealing jewelry to support her addiction, Julie was sent to a treatment center to cure her addiction. Upon completion of the program, Julie was released on probation under the condition that she must maintain her sobriety.

Shortly thereafter, Julie suffered from relapse and was sentenced to two years imprisonment in Framingham. Julie is arguing that her sentence is unconstitutional because the conditions of her probation were impossible to comply with. It was physically impossible to stay away from drugs. Early next month, Julie’s case will be heard in the Supreme Judicial Court to determine whether courts could force sobriety on a drug dependent.

Is drug addiction under the control of a person and can they be held responsible for drug use? Addiction is a medical condition with symptoms and treatments. It is a unique phenomenon that is beyond the addict’s control and can only be treated by medical professionals. Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for a person who is suffering from serious drug addiction; however, rehabilitation will not address the person’s problems to help them recover.

Treatment facilities can provide the comprehensive help that drug addicts require; however, rehabilitation does not work like magic. After the initial treatment, there is always the possibility of a relapse. Recovery takes time and jail time is not the answer.

This is the reason why best rehab centers use a different approach when it comes treating patients suffering from substance abuse. The treatment ensures the patient’s physical wellbeing and psychological health. An individualized treatment that is effective and comprehensive is designed by medical professionals. For the betterment of patients, they are treated with healing massages and reflexology exercises for rejuvenation after the hectic treatment process.