Enjoy A More Relaxing Lifestyle In Hua Hin

The white sand beaches of Thailand are too irresistible to tourists from all over the world. The beauty of the expansive coast with a backdrop of jungle-topped mountains from a distance makes this tropical paradise an ideal retirement home. The cost of living is surprisingly inexpensive meaning that you will get more from your retirement dollars.

The largest island of Thailand is Phuket which is almost the same size as Singapore. Phuket is widely known for its intense blue skies, white sands, coconut palms, superb seafood and soothing spas. Aside from visitors who are looking for adventure, Phuket has also become a home for many expats. Expats are spread from one end of Phuket to another because there is always something available for every budget. Small studio-sized condos with amazing views of the sea can be rented near Bangtao Beach in Laguna for as low as $500 a month. Spacious two-bedroom apartments that are minutes away from the white sand beaches will likely be offered for $800 a month. If you put in the word to local residents, it is very likely that you will find the best deals.

If you are tired with an easygoing lifestyle, Hua Hin offers a more relaxed and quieter environment with a more genteel night life. Hua Hin is a small seaside city of Thailand that is considered as one of the best places to settle in because it allows an escape from the traffic and congestion of Bangkok. Expats find the 50,000 population of Hua Hin more to their liking particularly since it is a safer place to reside in. the Kind and Queen of Thailand are more or less permanent residents of the city that offers the perfect recipe for a great lifestyle. Beachfront rentals in Hua Hin are similar to those found elsewhere in Thailand.

Renting in Hua Hin allows you to live in a studio condo for a few hundred dollars or a one or two-bedroom apartment that is just a short walk from the beach. However, as you move back away from the beach, rental prices drop. It is also possible to find low-budget homes that are perfect for your budget.