Experts Reveal Why Web Designers Should Refrain From Using Fake Text

The importance of web design is determined by how it can successfully build a website and makes it easily accessible and usable to consumers and viewers. The entire web design must go hand in hand with each other so that they could provide a worthwhile experience not only for those who view the website, but to those who made the website itself.

Just recently, we had met up with the experts at PWD or During our brief meeting, they shared with us a valuable tip in web design and now, we want to share it with you.

According to the experts of PWD, web designers should refrain from using fake text, or the so-called ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text.

They explained to us how content should be prioritized in the early stages of web design because it is the backbone and the foundation of the website that should be compatible with the visuals.

The lorem ipsum text is sure convenient especially when you need to fill a space but using it would only give you the impression that content is only secondary when it should have come first. By using fake text, you are giving away an opportunity to further enhance your website and its content.
Although the idea may be insignificant to some, avoiding fake text could greatly benefit ones website.

You should know that a website that is simple but with great content can perform much better than one that is visually attractive but lacking in important information. Remember, your content is the one you use to communicate with the viewers. It is the foundation of all interaction in the online world.

The design is considered as the packaging of the content. Now, if you do not have a proper and organized content, it is difficult to create a design that would fit the content of the website. This is probably why many people use fake text, so that they would be able to focus on the design and the templates first.

According to PWD, it is better to modify the design around the content than the other way around.