Experts Share Tips On How To Prevent Dry And Flaky Skin

Dry air and freezing temperature can wreck havoc on skins. The skin’s natural mechanism that maintains a healthy barrier for function and hydration can be put to test during severe winter. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a New York-based dermatologist, seasonal stressors challenge the ability of the skin to maintain a good state of health that is why people often suffer from dry, tight and flaky skin with an itchy feeling.

Once spring arrives, it means that relief is in sight and people can once again flaunt bare legs and shirtless bodies. For those who have dry and flaky skin, here are some simple tips from the top dermatologists:

  • Dry and dead flakes on the skin will be the barrier against moisturizer. Before buying moisturizer, make sure that the skin is exfoliated so that there is no impediment. Dr. Neal Schultz suggests a chemical exfoliator instead of a physical one. For dry skin the best chemical exfoliator is a cream or lotion that works double duty in exfoliating and moisturizing.
  • Sometimes, what the skin needs is water and not oil. Moisturizers have different ingredients: humectants that attract additional water, emollients that seal cracks between cells and occlusive’s that lock moisture. Moisturizers must include hydrating humectants to replace water content.
  • Ideally, moisturizers must be used before bedtime because the skin’s hydration level dips when you are sleeping. Keep moisturizer near your bedside so that moisturizing can be a daily bedtime habit. It is much more relaxing and beneficial.
  • Moisture immediately after a shower of bath when the moisture content of the body is at its highest. Put moisturizer within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower or bath then apply lotion generously.
  • Exposure to hot water can strip the skin of what it needs to stay healthy. During winter, keep the hot showers short; 10 minutes or less and use lukewarm water.

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