Experts Weighed In On What Wedding Caterers Should Know

Choosing a wedding caterer is one of the most difficult thing to do during the wedding preparation which is different from attending tastings here and there because then all you have to do is decide among the choices which usually consists the three – fish, chicken or beef. There are many details that should be shared with the wedding caterer in order for the menu to cater to your preference. There is also the task of choosing the type of service you want to be done by the catering as well as the experience you want your guests to have. Your first official meal as husband and wife should be unforgettable not only to you but for the guests as well. This is why experts weighed in on what should be done to create a successful wedding menu.

According to the COO of Patrick Properties Hospitality Group based in Charleston, South Carolina, Jennifer Goldman, food is what unites men together. Every social event, family holiday and every celebration of some sort is not complete without food. A wedding is a momentous event for the couple and this is why the menu should be able to tell a personal story. The wedding caterer should know about family recipes, signature cocktails, favourite meal of the couple, top restaurants on their lists and what they usually prepare and have at home.

Kristen Campbell is Forklift Catering’s director of event sales and planning. She shared how they value the priorities of their client local to Somerville, Massachusetts. Knowing what the couple value the most will make it easier for them to fulfil it – either creating a personalized menu or making sure that the new in laws are always served first.

Goldman gave emphasis to the budget because it is the major factor that could affect the menu planning. One half of the entire budget for the wedding will most likely go to food. While not everyone is comfortable with sharing their budget, a wedding catering in Sydney explained that they can easily work around and get creative as long as they know what budget to work with and not burden the couple financially.