False Bank Account Information Led To Salary Suspension

The Department of Controller and Accountant General has temporarily stopped the issuance of the salaries of some of the government employees for the month of August. These workers are under the mechanized payroll management system of the government.

Based on a statement released by the Controller, those who have been included in the suspension are workers in the public sector who did not follow the validation process required for their payroll with the use of the ESPV system or Electronic Salary Payment Voucher. Some did not receive their salary because they have not provided their bank account information or the information given is irregular while others do not have the correct SSNIT numbers. If the employee is not recorded by the biometric registration system that is located at the Ministry of Finance, they will be affected by the salary suspension as well.

The decision that was made by the Controller follows the written Regulation 297 under the Financial Administration Regulation published in 2004 which states that the payroll system should be cleaned out in order for the process to be efficient which is beneficial to the payroll management of the government of Ghana.

An announcement was made by CAGD regarding suspension of the salaries and the affected workers through the Daily Graphic newspaper. Those who are affected should follow the requirement that is needed to verify their salaries every month.

CAGD also said that those who did not receive their salary because of non-validation should expect it to be given to them before the month of September ends. This is possible if they validate their account on the ESPV system through their department heads. This should be done within the month of September.

Those workers that have been considered unknown but is present in their different work areas should secure a reactivation letter and have it signed by their department heads before sending to the department of Contoller and Accountant General.

The salary suspension that occurred is one good example of how efficient the payroll management system nowadays which is the very reason why companies and organizations should employ the platform.